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(FreedomWire.org) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson tore into Vice President Kamala Harris over her many failures and even speculated on what her next move will be.

Carlson said that the disaster in Ukraine is still spinning out of control, claiming it is “shocking to see Europe just lost a huge percentage of its energy supply, which is not a small thing. We’ve been taken by surprise by the whole thing. We’re not the only ones who were, but we’re willing to admit it.”

Carlson blamed Harris, who he said is not a “serious person” or someone who is capable of handling the situation in Ukraine.

“So, why didn’t we see this coming, this total loss of control? Well, because we assumed that if things were dire, serious people would be involved in fixing them, but we looked up and we saw Kamala Harris involved, and that reassured us,” Carlson said.

“Harris had just come back, where she’d been conducting diplomacy with our allies, and that appeared to be proof this could not really be a big deal. The situation in Ukraine had been legitimately serious. If the future of Europe and the world hung in the balance as now so obviously it does, of course, the Biden administration would not have sent Kamala Harris to fix it because that’s not her job. Kamala Harris’s job is to trot down to the Blue Room periodically to greet delegations of TikTok influencers or to cut occasional PSAs for the Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month, which is in February. So, we assumed she’d be working on that right now,” Carlson said.

“But averting war with Russia? Saving the civilized world? C’mon. That is absolutely not Kamala Harris’s job. That was our assumption, but as noted, we were wrong. Why were we wrong? Well, we spend a lot of time watching Kamala Harris. You probably don’t. Unless you are a junior producer at MSNBC, you’re probably not that familiar with Kamala Harris. We should say, by the way, we didn’t underestimate Vladimir Putin. We overestimated Joe Biden, but we knew that once Kamala Harris was involved, it couldn’t really be that serious and we knew that because this is what she’s like,” he added.

Former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich offered similar comments about Harris, saying her speaking blunders are a reason to pray for President Joe Biden’s health.

“Let’s be clear. Kamala Harris might be the dumbest person ever elected vice president in American history. And that’s why people keep resigning. If you are a national security advisor and you were competent and you worked hard and you knew what you are doing, and you watched her in Poland come up to break up laughing when she’s asked about Ukrainian refugees? You’d have a sense of total humiliation. So I’m not surprised that the particular advisor resigned. Because it’s very clear that Kamala Harris should never, ever, be allowed to leave the country,” he added.

He continued, “And I have a hunch that she is on a very, very short fuse right now because I think most Americans realize that the prospect of her being president is genuinely terrifying. I mean, it’s bad enough to think about Biden being president when he is clearly not totally in touch with reality, but the idea of being replaced by Kamala, I think, is astonishingly frightening.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Hollywood has officially turned on Vice President Kamala Harris and there’s no going back. Bill Maher came out and called her a bad politician before telling President Biden to remove her from the ticket in 2024.

Now the clever and ultra-liberal folks at The Daily Show ended her political career with one video. You cannot unsee the video once you have seen it. The video absolutely ruins her political viability in the future.

The Daily Show mocked Harris to her confused core by comparing Harris to fictional Vice President Selina Meyer from HBO’s ‘VEEP’ comedy. VEEP is a show about an inept politician and her inept staff.

During a panel discussion on Friday’s edition of Maher’s HBO show “Real Time,” the host and panelist Caitlin Flanagan agreed the veep would be holding down the ticket.

“What I could see is replacing the vice president,” Maher said, to vigorous applause from the audience.

“I just think she’s a bad politician.

“I think she’s a very bright person, but I don’t know- I can see them doing that because a lot of the problem with ‘Biden being old’ is- oh, if he dies, then you’re going to get this person.”

RealClearPolitics has Harris approval rating, as of last week, with a 37.8 percent approval rating, and 51.8 percent disapproving — a 14-point negative spread to Biden’s 11.

Why might she be unpopular? Maybe it’s that she can’t blame her gaffes on age — and there are certainly plenty of them, like last week’s accidental praise of our “alliance with the Republic of North Korea” during a speech in the Demilitarized Zone between our ally South Korea and their sworn enemies to the north.

Replacing a running mate isn’t unprecedented, but it is unusual. The last time it happened was in 1976, when then-President Gerald Ford swapped out the moderate Vice President Nelson Rockefeller for the more conservative Kansas Sen. Robert Dole.

To find the last time a sitting president shanked a running mate he’d been elected with, you’d have to go back 78 years to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s final campaign in 1944, in which he replaced somewhat-kooky, hard-left veep Henry Wallace with Missouri Sen. Harry Truman.

Vice presidents can have consequences, and the United States can’t run the risk of Kamala Harris being forced to step into Joe Biden’s shoes, not with the precarious situations in Ukraine and Taiwan and the economy in tatters.

(FreedomWire.org) – Former President Barack Obama’s annoyance with Joe Biden went so far that he actually said he would prefer someone shoot him than have to continue listening to him talk.

The excerpt came from New York magazine national correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti’s book “The Long Alliance: The Imperfect Union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama.”

It came during the confirmation hearings for former President George W. Bush’s secretary of state nominee Condoleezza Rice.

Biden and Obama were senators then and Obama sent a note to a staffer that read “Shoot. Me. Now.”

“Joe Biden is a decent guy, but man, that guy can just talk and talk. It’s an incredible thing to see,” he said to his advisor David Axelrod.

The Long Alliance, by New York magazine national correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti, claims that Biden refused to grovel to the Commander in Chief, saying: “My manhood is not negotiable.”

The lack of faith in Biden went so far that Obama thought about replacing him with Hillary Clinton as his running mate in 2012 because he thought it would boost his chances of reelection.

And in 2020, Obama reluctantly supported his former Vice President in his own run for the Presidency after overcoming fears his candidacy could be “unthinkably painful.”

There were other moments between the two men that were awkward.

In 2007, Biden said of Obama, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Obama one time mocked Biden in an interview when he said, “I don’t remember what Joe was referring to – not surprisingly.”

And he reportedly said to him on one occasion, “You know Joe, it’d be fun to let you be president for just five minutes to see how you’d handle it.”

After saying marriage was between a man and a woman, Obama had planned to announce his support for gay marriage, but Biden got ahead of him in his own interview, causing the staffers of the president to be furious.

“We can’t trust him to say his lines and he’s out of practice anyway,” “He’s ruined what should have been Obama’s historic moment because he can’t control his loud mouth,” and “What the f***?” the book said.

It also said that Obama was “p*****” that his plans had “gone up in smoke” and said that he “couldn’t believe the VP had put himself in the front of their joint project.”

And former FBI Director Jim Comey said that “Obama would have a series of exchanges heading a conversation very clearly and crisply in Direction A. Then, at some point, Biden would jump in with, ‘Can I ask something, Mr. President?’”

“Obama would politely agree, but something in his expression suggested he knew full well that for the next five or 10 minutes we would all be heading in Direction Z,” he said.

Obama was also concerned about Biden as a presidential candidate, the book said, and Biden showed signs of why this week.

Biden apologized after “taking control” during a press conference when he said he “shouldn’t have.”

He is the President of the United States so it is curious to wonder who should have taken control.

It occurred during a White House event on Friday, Women’s Equality Day, when the president was talking about abortion rights and he appeared to call on the incorrect reporter, Fox News reported.

He finished answering a question and then pointed to another reporter to take another question when it appeared that a staffer attempted to stop the question and end the Q&A.

“Thank you so much, Mr. President for –” the staffer said off screen.

“Oh I’m sorry, I …” he said. “I took control. I shouldn’t do that.”

The staffer said it was “no problem” but the president again said, “I’m not allowed to do that.”

He then seemed to cede authority to his handlers, prompting them by saying, “Go ahead, you tell me.” Without skipping a beat, the unknown staffer took control of the situation, stating, “I think we’re gonna go ahead and have the rest of the conversation [barely audible] closed to press. Thank you all so much.”

Biden sat there awkwardly as journalists exited the room, still shouting questions at the president as they left. 

Seeming slights from Obama have persisted after his presidency and during Biden’s.

In April, Obama referred to Biden as the vice president during a White House visit. The comment was ostensibly played for laughs but nevertheless made headlines.

“The Long Alliance” is set to come out on Sept. 13.