(FreedomWire.org) – Elon Musk offered to purchase Twitter, which is accused of widespread liberal bias and censorship against conservative users on the platform.

Musk’s offer of $44 billion to buy the platform hinged on Twitter’s SEC filings being accurate. The company has claimed that fewer than 5 percent of users on the platform are spam or bots, instead of real people. This claim is facing serious doubt and scrutiny.

It was discovered that almost half of President Joe Biden’s 22.2 million followers on Twitter are fake, according to a recent audit.

“Elon may have uncovered FRAUD at Twitter,” one person responded. It’s widely speculated that Twitter is rushing in a panic to try deleting bots as quickly as possible to make sure its data is accurate.

It appears that censoring and shadow-banning conservatives may not be the only scandal unfolding at the company behind closed doors.

If the company lied in its SEC filings by providing false information, this could have misled investors into believing the company is doing better than it really is. It’s possible that the company could face a lawsuit over this issue.

“My offer was based on Twitter’s SEC filings being accurate,” Musk explained.

The number of spam and fake accounts on Twitter prompted Musk to put his deal to purchase Twitter on hold last week. 

(FreedomWire.org) – Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert along with other conservatives destroy Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot after she issued a “call to arms” after the leaked Supreme Court draft that purports to end Roe v. Wade.

As protests have raged outside of the homes of some of the conservative members of the Suprem Court, and as Catholic churches have been vandalized, the embattled Chicago mayor issued her “call to arms.”

“To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community—the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms,” she said in a tweet.

“We will not surrender our rights without a fight—a fight to victory!” she said.

That was when Rep. Boebert responded to her by simply calling her an “Insurrectionist.”

“Excuse me. Insurrection is your thing. Not ours,” the Chicago mayor said in a tweet.

That tweet triggered Rep. Boebert into hitting the Chicago mayor with a truth bomb.

“6 killed and 18 wounded in your city this past weekend. Nearly 200 murders this year so far. Go fix your city, hack,” she said.

And she was not the only conservative who was furious with Mayor Lightfoot.

“You hate the Second Amendment and firearms. How you gonna fight?” Beth Baumann said.

Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have taken unprecedented steps lately to silence conservatives — up to and including banning the President of the United States for his attempts to calm protesters at the Capitol who became a little bit too rowdy in expressing their displeasure with lawmakers certifying Joe Biden’s “win.” But one internet provider is fighting back, turning the tables on overreaching social media platforms.

The First Amendment is under assault. Facebook, Twitter, and even Twitch (and others) have killed Donald Trump’s accounts. Even Parler, a free speech social network, found itself in liberals’ gallows until it was finally executed by Amazon. With Democrats in control of the House, Senate, and presidency, it’s unlikely that things will get better soon. Fortunately, not everyone is taking this abuse lying down.

YourT1Wifi, an Idaho-based internet provider that provides coverage in the Gem State and parts of Washington, announced last week that its customers could no longer visit Facebook or Twitter. The company says it has been “fielding calls” related to the platforms’ censorship of conservatives.

‘We have the past couple of days been fielding calls from customers voicing the concern that they do not want these sites allowed to be displayed on their internet feed to them and that they do not want their children to go to these sites,’ the company says. “There are too many people that have called for us to do one at a time so we will be blocking these 2 and any other website that may also be censoring whether it be through their algorithm they use for their site or any other means.”

“Our company does not believe a website or social networking site has the authority to censor what you see and post and hide information from you, stop you from seeing what your friends and family are posting,” the email reads.

The owner of the company is taking risks. While Idaho doesn’t have any New Neutrality laws preventing an internet provider from blocking access to problematic websites, the state of Washington does. the Washington Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division is “taking a look at” whether to sanction YourT1Wifi for allegedly manipulating internet access.

With Twitter actively stifling the President’s tweets, slapping “warning” labels on them and even “inadvertently” prevented Americans from interacting with Donald Trump’s tweets, many are wondering what happens after he leaves office. These blatant attacks began to appear leading up to the election as Twitter attempted to, and likely did, interfere with the election results by painting the President in a false and negative light. It’s clear that the President is barely welcome on the platform, but is Twitter banning President Trump after the election?

President Trump has spoken out many times about Twitter and other platforms’ ability to interfere in the election, encouraging lawmakers to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which shields them from legal responsibility for falsities their users post on various platforms like Twitter.

Section 230 allows liberals to lie about the President and limits his recourse against Twitter, which allows them to run rampant. In fact, the platform encourages the behavior by “disputing” seemingly everything the President says.

Twitter has not indicated if it will go so far as to ban the President — though the platform has done pretty much everything else imaginable to attack him. The tech company says that he will lose world leader starus exemptions from Twitter policies on January 20. This means he can be banned. The company seems to be leaning in that direction, warning that he can be removed from the platform if he pushes “conspiracy theories.”

At this point, it is clear that Twitter is dedicated to censoring conservatives. Whether they are banning the New York Post for exposing Hunter Biden or banning conservatives for expressing non-liberal viewpoints, Twitter’s actions indicate that come noon on January 20, Trump’s time on the platform will soon be over. It’s no wonder conservatives are flocking to alternative social media sites.

Twitter is now censoring the @TeamTrump Twitter account — one primary tool used in campaigning for the President’s re-election — in retaliation for tweets that are true, but are unfavorable to Joe Biden. This latest in Democrat dirty tricks occurs just before an election, when voters need to receive information the most. But according to Twitter, information is bad when it’s unfavorable to Joe Biden.

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to defeat President Trump this election year. From pushing fraud-laden mail-in-voting to censorship of conservative ideas, the Left wants to ensure that your vote doesn’t count.

Tim Murtaugh, President Trump’s Director of Communications, announced the latest Democrat scheme on Twitter after the account was locked — for posting video of Joe Biden’s lies to the American people related to new revelations about his drug-addicted son. The New York Post recently revealed Hunter Biden to be a major player in setting up unethical meetings between Ukrainians and his father. There are even emails to prove it, as well as videos. But when Team Trump began dispelling the Left’s lies about the allegations, which Joe Biden to date has not even tried to dispute, Twitter suspended the account for “posting private information” about Biden, a public figure running for office.

Recently, Twitter (as well as Facebook) began attacking the President, tossing disclaimers on seemingly every tweet that would lead readers to believe the information might be fake. But we see through all the games playing. It has become clear that liberals are terrified of President Trump’s success. They want to stop him at all costs. They’ve always had the media with which to bludgeon him. Now, they have taken social media with the goal of leaving no safe place to express conservative ideals or tell the truth.

With the election nearing, we can expect to see more of this garbage.

Twitter has taken a hard stance against liberals who are publicly saying Donald Trump should die of COVID-19. Ever since the President was rushed to Walter Reed hospital after contracting the virus, the Left has done what it does best: spew hatred aimed at someone they hate. But Twitter has said “enough!” Now, liberals who publicly say Trump should die of COVID-19 (or for any reason) will find themselves with a suspension from the platform.

Though Twitter is typically lenient when enforcing this little-known rule, the social media platform does specifically outlaw language that wishes serious harm on anyone — whether it’s an individual like President Trump or a group of people like his supporters.

Wishing or hoping serious harm on a person or group of people

We do not tolerate content that wishes, hopes or expresses a desire for death, serious bodily harm or fatal disease against an individual or group of people. This includes, but is not limited to:

Hoping that someone dies as a result of a serious disease e.g., “I hope you get cancer and die.”

Wishing for someone to fall victim to a serious accident e.g., “I wish that you would get run over by a car next time you run your mouth.”

Saying that a group of individuals deserves serious physical injury e.g., “If this group of protesters don’t shut up, they deserve to be shot.”

Twitter clarified that any comments that meet that criteria — most comments liberals direct toward the President and his supporters — will “need to be removed” and could lead to suspension if the remark is serious enough.

Similarly, Facebook will be handling hateful remarks directed at the President. The company’s comms director, Liz Bourgeois, says that Facebook will remove death threats or comments wishing death on the President

Chinese-owned Tik Tok also made a surprising move in announcing that hateful remarks toward the President will not be tolerated. A spokesperson for Tik Tok told CBS that  “content that wishes the death of any person, including the president, violates our community guidelines, and we remove such content as we become aware of it.”

President Trump’s health has been steadily improving since his diagnosis. While he was on supplemental oxygen for a brief time, his fever disappeared by Saturday. He no longer has shortness of breath and is able to walk without issues following two doses of Remdisivir. It’s unclear when he will be released from the hospital, but unlike the Left we will keep him in our thoughts and prayers.