mario kart


Almost 3,000 Americans died of COVID-19 on Friday — an estimated nearly-9,000 over the weekend. Though Joe Biden has promised to do something about the pandemic, which is currently killing more a day on average than when Donald Trump was in office. So far, Americans have not seen the results they were promised. But they have seen Joe Biden “barely” win a game of Mario Kart against a child.

According to the White House schedule, Joe Biden has had nothing on his schedule for the entire weekend. Americans continue to die, so he must have kept a clear schedule for a good reason, right? Wrong. Biden jetted off to Camp David on Friday to attend to the very urgent business of…chucking turtle shells at people.

“Secret service made an exception and allowed him to drive himself,” Biden’s granddaughter Naomi posted to Instagram regarding the super-important Mario Kart gaming session. “A little rusty, but he still won (barely).” She offered no evidence that he did not cheat to win, as 75% of Republicans agree he did to “win” the election.

As predicted, COVID-19 ceased to be a priority the moment Biden took office. Not much work has been done to quell the pandemic despite Biden’s pre-election rhetoric. On a weekend during which he should be tirelessly working to serve the American people, he has decided to take his family on vacation to play video games and lounge around.

During Biden’s vacation, Americans have witnessed his spokesman resigning after he was busted threatening a female reporter and the acquittal of Donald Trump, which ended an unconstitutional attempt to destroy a private citizen after he has left office. It’s clear already that Joe Biden does not intend to take his job seriously. But you won’t see Democrats demanding that he be removed from office for playing Mario Kart and enjoying a nice vacation as nearly 9,000 Americans died.