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(FreedomWire.org) – There was a horrible shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in which five people were killed and 18 people were wounded.

The shooter had previously been arrested for felony menacing in 2021 but was somehow out free to allegedly commit this crime.

Right away the left were already trying to blame it – somehow – on people on the right.

Meanwhile, we don’t even know what was going on with the shooter yet; the police stated the “motive is not clear.”

That hasn’t stopped Joe Biden. He jumped in, ascribing the motive of “hate” and using the case to support his political agenda against guns.

President Biden on Sunday said the country “cannot and must not tolerate hate” and called for action on “the public health epidemic of gun violence” after a gunman killed five people and wounded 18 others at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colo.

“Places that are supposed to be safe spaces of acceptance and celebration should never be turned into places of terror and violence. Yet it happens far too often. We must drive out the inequities that contribute to violence against LGBTQI+ people. We cannot and must not tolerate hate,” Biden said in a statement. [….]

“We continue to see it in the epidemic of violence and murder against transgender women – especially transgender women of color. And tragically, we saw it last night in this devastating attack by a gunman wielding a long rifle at an LGBTQI+ nightclub in Colorado Springs,” Biden added.

It may turn out to be a “hate crime” but when you claim it is before the motive has been announced, then you are spreading misinformation–and quite frankly, lying–because you don’t know that to be the case.

Additionally, Biden likened the Colorado Springs shooting to the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, “the deadliest attack affecting the LGBTQI+ community in American history.” Except that shooting wasn’t because the club was a gay club. It was because the shooter was looking for clubs to shoot up as revenge against the United States for actions in the Middle East; he was a radical Islamic terrorist.

Biden also used the shooting to try to push his anti-gun agenda. “We need to enact an assault weapons ban to get weapons of war off America’s streets,” Biden said. It’s also vile to seize upon the crime to automatically go into a reflexive anti-gun rant like this.

How about instead of blaming the gun, we blame the people who actually commit the crimes and make sure that violent people are locked up–rather than let out? That just might be too logical.

(FreedomWire.org) – Kamala Harris on Friday delivered remarks at the 90th Annual Meeting of the US Conference of Mayors in Reno, Nevada. In true Harris fashion, she awkwardly cackles and speaks in a bizarre way.

Harris told the mayors it’s time to push for stricter gun laws as she rattled off the usual Democrat-Marxist talking points.

“We need to take action. And we know it is even more clear this day, just after the massacre of those 19 babies in Uvalde, after the killing just two days ago in Tulsa of 4 people, and after the countless lives lost to gun violence every day on streets across America,” Harris said at the Peppermill Resort.

“So, it’s clear that we must renew the assault weapons ban. We must expand background checks. We must repeal the liability shield that protects gun manufacturers. And we must pass red-flag laws to prevent people from possessing firearms if they are a danger to themselves or others,” she said to applause.

“Let us not allow those who are motivated by hate to separate us or to make us feel fear. Let us not allow that. We all have so much more in common than what separates us,” Harris said.

Then she had these inspiring words for the nation’s mayors: “And I know that each of you is up to this challenge because – you – are- the mayor,” she said cackling.

Sky News host Rita Panahi says, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to a room full of mayors at a recent conference “as if they’re in the second grade.”

“She seems to talk to everybody on that level,” Panahi said.