(FreedomWire.org) – On Wednesday, Joe Biden’s Department of Interior (DOI) announced that it would be canceling three significant oil and gas lease sales that would have greatly boosted American energy output.

Axios reports that the move all but confirms that the federal government will not be selling any new oil and gas leases for the remainder of 2022, a sharp reversal from the energy dominant policies of the Trump Administration that saw the United States become energy independent for the first time ever, as well as a major exporter of energy.

The DOI released a statement claiming that the cancelation of the sales was due to “lack of industry interest in leasing in the area,” declaring that it “will not move forward with the proposed Cook Inlet OCS oil and gas lease sale 258,” which would have been off the coast of Alaska. The department also confirmed that “it will not move forward with lease sales 259 and 261 in the Gulf of Mexico region, as a result of delays due to factors including conflicting court rulings that impacted work on these proposed lease sales.”

The alarming move from the DOI comes even as gas prices continue to soar to record highs, primarily as a result of Biden’s “green energy” push to cancel numerous other oil and gas leases across the country. Immediately upon coming to power, one of Biden’s first moves was to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada that would have created tens of thousands of jobs, as well as build a stronger energy-based partnership with Canada.

Gas prices have risen even higher following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, although Biden has tried unsuccessfully to blame the entirety of the energy crisis on the war. Biden has also previously voiced his support for lending more oil and gas to European countries so that they are less dependent on Russian energy, although the DOI’s latest decision further reduces the United States’ ability to even produce energy for itself, let alone export energy to other countries.

Far-left environmental activists celebrated the Biden Administration’s decision, with Earthjustice spokesman Drew Caputo claiming, without evidence, that the lease cancelation was “good for the climate, which can’t handle new oil and gas development.” Conversely, Frank Macchiarola of the American Petroleum Institute pointed out that “unfortunately, this is becoming a pattern. The administration talks about the need for more supply and acts to restrict it.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner Tony Bobulinski told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will be “compromised” as president because of his family’s business dealings with China.

“I think Joe Biden and the Biden family are compromised,” Bobulinski said.

“I just don’t see, given the history here in the facts, how Joe can’t be influenced in some manner based on the history that they have,” Bobulinski said. “So as a citizen and an American taxpayer, I’m very, very concerned.”

Bobulinski explained how he met with Joe Biden in Los Angeles on May 2, 2017, at the request of Hunter and his uncle, Jim Biden, to discuss the Biden family dealings at a high level.

“They were sort of wining and dining me and presenting the strength of the Biden family to get me more engaged and want to take on the CEO role” of the joint business venture between the Chinese energy firm CEFC China Energy Co. and Oneida Holdings, a Delaware-based LLC.

Bobulinksi said it was “crystal clear” that Hunter Biden had brought his father up to speed on the status of a joint venture deal with the before he met with the former vice president. 

“They were putting their entire family legacy on the line. They knew exactly what they were doing. They were dealing with a Chinese owned enterprise … that had strong financial support and political support from the Chinese Communist Party. That’s how it was presented to me. That’s not my own words. That’s how they presented it to me and read me in on it,” Bobulinski said.

Bobulinski recalled bringing up his concerns with Jim Biden the following day after his meeting with the former vice president that their business dealings with the Chinese could impact his brother’s 2020 presidential aspirations.

“I know Joe decided not to run in 2016, but what if he ran in the future? Aren’t they taking political risk or headline risk? And I remember looking at Jim Biden and saying, ‘How are you guys getting away with this? Like, aren’t you concerned?’”

“And he certainly looked at me and he laughed a little bit and said, ‘plausible deniability.’” Bobulinski said.

Later that day, Bobulinski described a second meeting he had with Joe Biden in a parking lot in which the former vice president told him to “keep an eye on his son and brother.”

Joe Biden is not named in any corporate documents for Oneida, despite a much-publicized May 13, 2017, email Bobulinski received from Hunter Biden associate James Gilliar saying that 10% of the firm would be “held by H for the big guy.”

Bobulinski said the “big guy” in the email is a reference to Joe Biden.

Jim Biden was granted a 20% stake in Oneida when the deal was finalized on May 22, 2017, up from his proposed 10% stake in Gilliar’s May 13 email, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation and other media outlets.

Bobulinski said he did not know why Jim Biden’s ownership in the firm went from 10% as proposed in Gilliar’s email to 20% when the deal was ultimately finalized.

“I’m sure there were discussions within the Biden family. I wasn’t privy to that discussion. But this is Jim Biden, the brother of the potential future president of the United States. It’s not a distant cousin. It’s not an employee. It’s his brother who in  documents defines himself as a political advisor to his brother.”

During negotiations over the structure of Oneida, Hunter Biden texted Bobulinski stating: “both James’ and my Chairman gave an emphatic NO.”

Bobulinski said Hunter Biden was referring to his father when he said, “my Chairman,” in the May 19, 2017, text.

“What Hunter’s referencing there is he spoke with his father and his father is giving an emphatic no to the ask that I had, which was putting proper governance in place around Oneida Holdings,” Bobulinski said.

To the Chinese involved in the deal, Bobulinski said, “it was always the Biden family… who is obviously led and operated by Joe Biden.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Kamala Harris appeared on the Willie Moore show over the weekend to discuss soaring gas prices and the Biden Admin’s infrastructure package.

Harris was asked about soaring gas prices and she delivered a word salad.

“How do we get to a solution for gas prices?” the host asked Kamala Harris.

Gas prices are at record highs because of Joe Biden’s war on American energy production.

“Well first of all we’ve been, um, you know, understanding that it is a real issue, um, what we have done is we’ve actually released some of the reserves, the petroleum reserves to bring down the cost of gas prices. And we are also dealing with – the cost of gas is just part of the issue of the cost of living, right?” Harris said. “It’s too expensive for too many people.”

Kamala Harris was also asked for some words of encouragement to Americans who are struggling.

“I would say first of all thank you for being a fighter, for knowing that we have reason to have faith in what is possible but we have to work to make it achievable and that includes what folks did to get out and vote in 2020 because that led to – I think of it like this – people put in their order and said this is what I want.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Gas prices continue to rise, and ordinary Americans are suffering the consequences. Unfortunately, the Biden administration doesn’t seem to be taking the crisis seriously. In fact, the energy secretary seems to think it’s funny.

On March 6, the average price of a gallon of gas broke through $4 for the first time since 2008. The increase was kick-started by President Biden’s radical green agenda, but has been given a huge boost by the war in Ukraine. It’s now a major factor in the cost of living crisis that’s piling the pressure on millions of American workers – and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s attitude to the soaring prices is starting to make people angry.

In May 2021, a smiling Granholm dismissed early worries about expensive gas by saying “If you drive an electric car this would not be affecting you.” On March 9, political commentator Benny Johnson posted a clip of Granholm comment, which has now gone viral. Of course, that was last year – but Granholm still doesn’t seem to care.

Last Wednesday, as Granholm left a speech in Houston, TX, a journalist tried to ask her what she was doing to bring down gas prices. Granholm simply ignored the question and kept walking. US citizens are feeling the pain as fuel and energy become more expensive; it’s not acceptable for senior administration officials to either dismiss or ignore their concerns.

(FreedomWire.org) – Speaking at a Senate hearing, West Virginia senator Joe Manchin (D) criticized the Biden administration, saying the oil and gas industry industry “needs signals from the administration that they will support oil and gas development and production.”

“We too need a realistic and reasonable plan that is responsive in the immediate term to our domestic needs and those of our allies while being forward thinking in the short term and the long term,” Manchin stated. “The first, immediate action item is to increase our domestic oil and gas production on both federal and non-federal lands. This is going to take both the administration and the industry to step up to the plate. Stop pointing fingers, take action and just get it done.”

“The administration has been pointing to 9,000 on-shore drilling permits that have already been issued for federal leases that have not yet been drilled,” he continued. “What I’m told is that while this number is a little bit higher than normal, it’s not extremely out of the ordinary, especially considering that 7,600 of the 9,000 of these permits have been extended past their initial 2-year term by the Bureau of Land Management. A leaseholder has to apply for this drilling permit months, if not more, in advance due to the review process and there is no guarantee that conditions will be right in the market or in the ground to drill with a given permit.”

He opined that oil and gas companies have been reluctant to press forward for various reasons: “With the oil prices going negative in April of 2020, and the COVID pandemic, it isn’t surprising that companies ask for extensions and slowed down over the last few years, however, as I said with the leasing pause, it is well past time for the pause to end, for well drillers and the administration to move forward. So, yes, I’m calling on industry and the shareholders to invest and put production before profits. We need you to ramp up on these existing leases and with those existing permits because that’s the fastest thing that we can do.”

But then he turned to the Biden administration: “But industry also needs signals from the administration that they will support oil and gas development and production. That includes taking concrete steps, like working on a new five-year plan for the Gulf of Mexico since we know that the current plan expires at the end of June. The Administration’s failure to act to on the five-year plan combined with the failure to appeal the vacated lease-sale means that we’re almost certainly looking at no offshore lease sales until sometime next year, to say nothing about the failure to hold onshore sales.”

He slammed the Department of the Interior: “The fact of the matter is Gulf oil is the heaviest we produce and our refineries are well calibrated for it. It makes no sense at all to me that the decision was made by Interior to not appeal a ruling throwing out the largest Gulf lease sale, particularly when that decision was made several days after Russia invaded Ukraine. We cannot take a shot-sighted approach that pretends two years with lease-sales will have no impact on our domestic oil and gas production just because the brunt of production impact from the lack of leasing hasn’t hit yet, doesn’t mean we can ignore them.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Energy sector leaders lashed out Tuesday at the White House’s attempt to blame them for skyrocketing gas prices.

During her daily briefing on Monday — a day when the price of a gallon of gas soared to an all-time high — White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked, “What is the president’s message to Americans who are going to the gas station today and seeing prices so high?”

She responded by saying, “The president’s message is that he’s going to do everything we can, everything he can to reduce the impact on the American people, including the price of gas at the tank.”

Psaki said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “created instability in the markets” but added, “Clearly, we will continue to have conversations with large oil producers and suppliers around the world about how to mitigate the impact and consider domestic options as well.”

She was then asked about increasing domestic production to reduce the pain at the pump. Her answer was that “federal policies are not limiting the supplies of oil and gas.”

However, Fox News’ Peter Doocy noted that President Joe Biden “signed an executive order his first week that halted new oil and gas leases on public lands.”

“Let me give you the facts here — and I know that can be inconvenient, but I think they’re important in this moment,” Psaki responded. “To the contrary, we have — we have been clear that in the short term, supply must keep up with the demand — we’re — we are — here and around the world, while we make the shift to secure a clear — clean energy future.

“We are one of the largest producers with a strong domestic oil and gas industry. We have actually produced more oil; it is at record numbers. And we will continue to produce more oil. There are 9,000 approved drilling permits that are not being used.

“So the suggestion that we are not let allowing companies to drill is inaccurate. The suggestion that that is what is hindering or preventing gas prices to come down is inaccurate.”

The press secretary went on to say, “So I would suggest you ask the oil companies why they’re not using those if there’s a desire to drill more.”

Industry representatives attending a CERAWeek energy conference rejected Psaki’s comments.

“That accusation is a complete red herring,” American Exploration & Production Council CEO Anne Bradbury said, according to Fox Business.

“It’s really a distraction from the fact that this administration has paused leasing on federal lands, something that we’re concerned about and something that we think needs to continue right away,” she said.

The Biden administration is “required under the law” to sell oil and gas leases on public land, Bradbury said.

“The fact is that industry is producing at a higher level on existing leases on federal lands than in the last 20 years and these leases take many years to explore, to develop and produce on,” she said.

Psaki’s jab at energy companies reflects an apparent unwillingness to understand energy development, some leaders said.

“This represents a fundamental misunderstanding as to how this process works,” American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Mike Sommers said.

“Once you lease land there is a whole process that you have to go through. First, you have to actually discover whether actually there is oil and gas in that land. Second of all, you have to get a permit to actually develop that land,” he told Fox Business.

“Right now we actually are developing more leases than we have in two decades so the White House certainly doesn’t have their facts straight on this,” he said.

Energy Workforce and Technology Council CEO Leslie Beyer said the Biden administration’s “moratorium on leasing certainly adds an additional … block to American energy production, so that is the opposite of what we need to be doing right now.”

“We need to stop the rhetoric that’s anti-fossil fuel and we need some clarity just in the regulatory sense that this administration is behind domestic energy production,” she said.

Beyer said the chill from the White House toward oil and gas development scares away investors who supply the capital needed for the long-range development of oil and gas projects.

“There’s a lack of investment,” she said. “We need capital to be able to develop these assets. And certainly while that is the choice of the investors, the rhetoric coming from the administration and everything that is anti-fossil fuel informs those choices.