(FreedomWire.org) – Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said California is “in the lead” on energy and can “show the rest of the nation how it is done.”

Meanwhile in California…

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is begging people to turn off their lights and not use appliances to avoid power outages amid soaring temps.

Newsom obsessively tweeted and retweeted “Flex Alert” instructions to Californians.

Newsom continued to beg people to set their thermostats to 78 and avoid using large appliances Tuesday evening.

California Sen. Alex Padilla told Californians not to do their laundry or wash dishes.

This is what it’s like living under total Democrat rule.

The politicians are telling people when they can wash their dishes.

California banned gas-powered car sales starting in 2035.

Many analysts have said it is impossible to meet the projected need for all-electric cars in the state – EVER.

One former environmentalist who now exposes the lies of the “Green Mafia” explained the sheer impossibility of meeting California’s electric, in 10 years, 20 years, or ever!

Dr. Michael Shellenberger points out that California would require 20 new nuclear power plants…while it now has ONE that it is trying to shut down!

But they absolutely refuse to build any new nuclear plants. And it cannot be done with “wind and solar” only, as Gavin Newsom insists.

This is what Joe Biden and the Democrats want for all Americans. The question now is, will Americans wake up before it’s too late?

(FreedomWire.org) – President Joe Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry said officials must “accelerate the transition” towards green energy.

“The challenge for all of us now is that no one country can solve this problem by itself,” Kerry said.  “We all have to be able to reduce the emissions, we have to accelerate the transition,”

“We’re behind,” he continued. “We’re not yet fulfilling the promises that we made in Glasgow, so we have our work cut out for us.”

His comments follow warnings from industry experts who say plans to replace fossil-fuel and nuclear plants with “renewable” sources will result in mass shortages.

“As we move forward, we need to know that when you put a solar panel or a wind turbine up, it’s not the same as a thermal resource,” John Bear, the CEO of MISO told the press in May.

“Green” energy sources such as solar and wind rely heavily on batteries. Battery efficiency is constantly improving, but it’s not enough to keep up with current demand if plant closures continue as planned, Bear said.

Critics have also said wind turbines are not as environmentally friendly as some climate change activists claim, citing the blades mostly heading to landfills.

And, solar panels require 300+ times as much land as conventional energy sources, said Michael Schellenberger, bestselling author of “Apocalypse Never” and “Hero of the Environment.”

“Now the Los Angeles Times has discovered that they could ‘contaminate groundwater with toxic heavy metals such as lead, selenium and cadmium,'” he wrote on Twitter.

Kerry previously said that America needs to deploy electric vehicles “22 times faster” and close coal plants “five times faster.”

“Well, the International Energy Agency tells us that, in order to meet the goals by 2030 of the 45 to 50 percent reduction in emissions, we have to be deploying renewables five times faster.”

“Five times faster. We have to be shutting coal plants five times faster. We have to be deploying electric vehicles 22 times faster. We are behind,” Kerry urged.

Meanwhile, Kerry’s family jet has emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide since the Biden administration began, federal data shows.

Kerry’s family jet, a Gulfstream GIV-SP, has made a total of 48 trips lasting more than 60 hours and emitted an estimated 715,886 pounds, or 325 metric tons, of carbon since President Biden was sworn into office, according to federal data obtained by Fox News Digital via FlightAware. The plane belongs to Flying Squirrel LLC., a charter company owned by Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz-Kerry and in which Kerry reported owning a more than $1 million stake on his most recent financial disclosure.

(FreedomWire.org) – Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders lost it Sunday over Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin on ABC’s “This Week.”

Sanders cut off “This Week” host Martha Raddatz when she brought Manchin’s refusal to back a key bill for Democrats that covers climate provisions and tax hikes, as seen in a clip shared to Twitter. “Six months ago, I made it clear that you have people like Manchin, Sinema to a lesser degree, who are intentionally sabotaging the president’s agenda, what the American people want, what a majority of us in the Democratic Caucus want. Nothing new about this,” Sanders told Raddatz in the clip.

“And the problem was that we continued to talk Manchin like he was serious. He was not. This is a guy who is a major recipient of fossil fuel money, a guy who has received campaign contributions from 25 Republican billionaires,” Sanders continued in the clip.

Raddatz then played a clip of the West Virginian leader express his deep concerns over inflation in his state, asking Sanders for his reaction.”

“You ask the people of West Virginia whether they want to expand Medicare to cover dental, hearing and eyeglasses; you ask the people of West Virginia whether we should demand that the wealthiest people and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes,” Sanders argued back, “Ask the people of West Virginia whether or not all people should have health care as a human right, like in every other country on Earth. That’s what they will say. In my humble opinion, you know, Manchin represents the very wealthiest people in this country, not working families in West Virginia or America.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) questioned President Joe Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia to try to combat high gasoline prices, saying it represents a “change in tone” towards the Muslim monarchy, and that “groveling to these dictators for an increase and begging for oil production is embarrassing.”

According to U.S. intelligence reports and other investigations, the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), approved a plan to kill Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. The writer was murdered and dismembered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018.

At the U.S. Capitol, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) was asked, “Do you think it’s appropriate for President Biden to travel to Saudi Arabia and meet with Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince?”

Hawley said, “I mean, I guess it’s up to him. I will say that it’s certainly a change in tone from where he was earlier and what he said about the crown prince, and then go groveling to increase oil production is particularly embarrassing.”

“I mean, and for that matter, groveling to these dictators for an increase and begging for oil production is embarrassing,” said the senator.

When campaigning for office in 2020, Biden said, “I guarantee you, we’re going to end fossil fuels.” Once in office, Biden took action to reduce domestic oil production, including revoking the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, which was expected to carry 830,000 barrels per day of Alberta oil sands crude to Nebraska.

In March 2022, it was reported that the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates refused to take calls from Biden – calls that likely had to do with securing allies against Russia and ensuring continued access to oil. The crown princes denied these calls due to “unhappiness about Biden’s policies in the region.”

In a July 10 commentary, Biden wrote, “When I meet with Saudi leaders on Friday, my aim will be to strengthen a strategic partnership going forward that’s based on mutual interests and responsibilities, while also holding true to fundamental American values.”

The president also wrote, “My views on human rights are clear and long-standing, and fundamental freedoms are always on the agenda when I travel abroad.”

A response-commentary was published in The Post on July 11, saying, “A grip-and-grin photograph with MBS [Mohammed bin Salman] signals to autocrats everywhere that you can quite literally get away with murdering a journalist as long as you possess a natural resource the United States wants badly enough.”

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) tweeted, “Why would President Biden plead for more Saudi Arabian oil when we could be producing more domestic energy right here in America? Our country should be producing more oil by Americans, for Americans.”

(FreedomWire.org) – The Biden administration made clear that it’s not concerned with how high gas prices are affecting everyday Americans.

During a press conference at the NATO summit in Madrid, a New York Times reporter asked President Biden whether he believes a proposal for an oil price cap for Russian exports would help lower prices at the pump. The reporter further wondered how long drivers in the U.S. and abroad can expect “to pay that premium for this war.”

Biden was clear the financial hit Americans are taking at the pump will continue.

“As long as it takes so Russia cannot, in fact, defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine,” he said. 

Biden’s Director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese doubled down on that position. 

“What do you say to those families that say, ‘listen, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years?’” CNN asked.

 “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm,” Deese replied.

(FreedomWire.org) – As the oil crisis reaches a tipping point, the Biden administration is refusing to renew domestic oil production. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is claiming the responsibility falls on oil companies, and oil companies have pointed to Biden’s policies and campaign promise to destroy the oil industry.

Americans are facing the highest energy prices seen in decades, with the American Automobile Association (AAA) reporting that the national average price for a gallon of gas stood at almost $5 as of Saturday.

President Joe Biden has responded with a letter telling oil companies to boost production. Yet as the Federalist contributor David Harsanyi recently pointed out, the hypocrisy of that demand is infuriating. 

“You can’t spend decades working to undercut production and campaign on the promise of destroying an industry and then demand it turn on a dime when it’s politically convenient,” he wrote.

He then linked to footage from the 2020 presidential campaign in which Biden could be seen promising to all but cripple the energy industry.

“Number one, no more subsidies for fossil fuel industries,” Biden declared. “No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period, ends, number one.”

Harsanyi also noted how upon taking office, Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline and “signed a slew of executive orders prioritizing climate change over energy production, halting oil and natural gas leases on all public lands.”

(FreedomWire.org) – The left have been reciting the narrative that Americans must buy electric vehicles and how much better they are for the environment.

On Tuesday, Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat, bragged to colleagues during a Senate Finance Committee hearing about driving her electric car from her home state to Washington, D.C., unconcerned about the price at the pump. She said, “I drove it from Michigan to here this last weekend and went by every single gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was.”

She was widely mocked on social media for her “let them buy Teslas” moment.

The truth is that the high price of electric cars is not the only reason they’re not catching on. They require electricity to run. Lots and lots of electricity, in fact.

And we have General Motors spokeswoman Kristin Zimmerman to thank for letting the cat out of the bag.

During the unveiling of a new Chevy Volt last year, Zimmerman said, “Everybody thought we killed the electric vehicle.” She playfully added, “No, we didn’t. It’s alive and well.”

The smile quickly left her face when a reporter asked what source of electricity was being used to charge the vehicle.

“It’s coming from the building,” she replied.

The reporter clarified, “What’s your mix of power?”

“Lansing feeds power to the building,” she answered, hoping that would end the questioning.

It didn’t.

Stopping herself before uttering the dirty word “coal,” Zimmerman said, “I betcha there’s a bit of co — they’re heavy on natural gas, aren’t they?”

Video of the exchange cuts to J. Peter Lark, an official with the Lansing Board of Power and Light, who set the reporter straight. He told him, “It would be charging off our grid, which is about 95 percent coal.”

(FreedomWire.org) – This time last year, President Biden and Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen repeatedly downplayed the threat of inflation.

A year ago Yellen said, the Federal Reserve may need to respond to rising prices, leading to a brief panic in the stock market and, later, a clarification from the treasury secretary. “It may be that interest rates will have to rise somewhat to make sure our economy does not overheat.”

She went on to tell the Wall Street Journal that, after the stock market dips, “I don’t think there’s going to be an inflationary problem, but if there is, the Fed can be counted on to address them.”

Yellen finally acknowledged the problem in June saying inflation would rise to 3 percent by the end of the year. But even then she added, “But I personally believe that this represents transitory factors.” But six months later, on December 10, it becomes clear that inflation is at 6.8 percent and it’s not transitory.

On Tuesday, Yellen admitted she had failed to anticipate how long high inflation would continue to plague American consumers as the Biden administration works to contain a mounting political liability.

“I think I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take,” Yellen told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room” when asked about her comments from 2021 that inflation posed only a “small risk.”

The President, Yellen said Tuesday, knows “what an important and huge burden inflation is placing on American households.”

Biden said he was committed to fighting inflation as his top priority but then said step #1 in doing that was to acknowledge “the Federal Reserve has a primary responsibility to control inflation.” So between laying this at the feet of the Fed and having his own Treasury Secretary fall on her sword, it’s clear Biden is looking to avoid taking the blame for this personally.

(FreedomWire.org) – The White House often describes higher prices at the pump as “Putin’s price hike,” but prices were going up steadily after President Joe Biden took office. The price already increased by 55%, rising from a U.S. average of $2.11 when Biden took office to $3.51 the day before Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine, according to Forbes.

“The ‘Putin’s price hike’ is laughable – and you can tell because no matter how hard they try to advance this particular little bit of propaganda absolutely nobody but White House spokespeople use the word,” John Cochrane, a Hoover Institution senior fellow stated.

“The administration wants to blame anybody but itself for the challenges of the American economy. “Putin’s price hike” is a good talking point because there’s a sliver of truth in it,” said, The President of the American Institute for Economic Research, William Ruger.

The current U.S. average price of gas sits at $4.59 per gallon and prices in California have reached as high as $7.25 per gallon.

“Inflation is the problem. We have more money essentially chasing the same number of goods,” Ruger said. He added that demand bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic and a lack of supply to meet the increased demand is the other main factor.

Biden waged an “all-fronts war on oil and gas,” and “virtually every step” his administration took “was the opposite of what needed to be done,” said David Kreutzer, Institute for Energy Research senior economist.

“At least early on in the price run-up, drilling activity was comparatively muted. Cancelled leases, cancelled pipelines, proposed regulations to penalize lenders that financed fossil-energy businesses all dampened production responses that would be putting oil and gas on the market today,” Kreutzer said.

Biden stymied future production of gasoline by canceling the Keystone XL oil pipeline, halting the sales of a drilling area in Alaska and two in the Gulf of Mexico, and banning new oil and gas leasing on public lands.

“This is becoming a pattern – the administration talks about the need for more supply and acts to restrict it,” Frank Macchiarola, the American Petroleum Institute’s senior vice president of policy, economics and regulatory affairs, said in a statement following the administration’s May 11 decision to cancel three offshore lease sales.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said President Joe Biden is “obsessed” with the issue of high gasoline prices, but said he has limited power to lower prices.

Granholm’s remarks Tuesday came following a tour of a federal Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) facility in Bayou Choctaw, Louisiana. While she suggested he has limited power over pump prices, Biden has ordered three separate SPR releases as pump prices have surged over the last six months, the latest of which he promised would lower prices by up to 35 cents a gallon.

(FreedomWire.org) – On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized President Joe Biden for calling the high gas prices, “an incredible transition.”

Biden said, “when it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.”

By saying that, Biden is basically telling people that they can’t drive what they want, but he can fly around at the taxpayers’ expense.

Cruz said, “Joe Biden isn’t unhappy about that. He’s in Tokyo, celebrating, saying, it’s ‘an incredible transition.’ Yeah, incredible for you, you fly a damn 747 where the taxpayers pay for your jet fuel.”

Cruz continued, “what Joe Biden is saying is, if you, at home, if you drive a pickup truck, to hell with you, you can’t drive your pickup truck. If you have a Suburban, you’ve got to get rid of that. If you’ve got a minivan, you’ve got to get rid of that. We’re all getting Toyota Priuses, although, he’s going to pitch it as, we’re all getting Teslas, but apparently, someone’s going to give us 100 grand to get one.”

Cruz went on to blast the left by saying, “it is the most arrogant contempt for working men and women in this country, and that is the view of the hard left, let them eat cake.”

One of the most notorious hypocrites on the left is the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry. Cruz called him out as well.

“John Kerry, as he flies his private jet all over the globe, says, gosh, you’ve got to give up your pickup truck. Because I care so much about the environment and it’s just — it’s cruel and messed up, and I think the American people are really seeing it,” Cruz stated.

Throughout his presidency, President Biden has pursued policies that have been detrimental to the gas and oil industry.

On Jan. 20th, 2021, Biden immediately revoked the construction permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, thus destroying thousands of jobs and initiating the beginning of would soon become skyrocketing gas prices.

He’s also halted new permits and leases for drilling on federal lands, proposed eliminating tax credits for new drilling projects and put his support behind an effort by congressional Democrats to further tighten oil and gas regulations.

Biden’s comments on Monday were ridiculed by several Republicans who said that the president is now “saying the quiet part out loud now.”