(FreedomWire.org) – Biden recently signed into law a requirement that all vehicles produced after 2026 to be fitted with a remote kill switch. Electric vehicles are already equipped with this capability via internet-connected “superchargers.” These corporations can sell you a product for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, then prevent you from using them.

Worse yet, if the law is not challenged or repealed, these kill switches will have a “back door” that allows government agencies to shut your vehicle off remotely as well.

This should be very concerning to all Americans. Internal combustion vehicles, so far, are free of theses sorts of controls that are standard on electric vehicles, so preserving our access to gasoline and diesel fuel is an absolute necessity.

Right to repair is also an important issue. Right to repair ensures that we are able to hire independent professionals to repair our vehicles and other products rather than being forced to pay astronomical prices to manufacturers.

Now that the environmental superiority of electric vehicles is being called into question, the real agenda behind climate hysteria is clear. Climate change fear mongers want us poorer and unable to travel and commute as we see fit. As the Biden administration’s intentional policy of high gas prices hits the average American in the pocket book, it’s important to note that the cost of EV batteries is also rising.