(FreedomWire.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday celebrated the start of construction of a new high-capacity power transmission line between Arizona and California.

During her speech, Harris gave us one of her mesmerizing word salads on the marvels of the world around her.

Harris started with a story of when she was a child and the family would take road trips.

“I remember sitting in the backseat of my mother’s Dodge Dart — it was yellow; she let us pick out the color,” she said, with a laugh. “And we’d be sitting in the backseat, me and my sister, and trying to, you know, figure out how to occupy the time. I’ll date myself by saying sometimes we would occupy the time by counting how many VW Bugs that we saw drive by.”

“But also, sometimes, just looking out the window. And I remember watching the miles and miles of electric wires flash by the window. And it was — it was kind of mesmerizing to just see those lines as we were driving the roads. And those wires, they seemed endless,” she explained, in that nasally voice that can make one’s skin crawl.

Then Harris explained how electricity works.

“Well, let’s think about it. Today, America has more than half a million miles of transmission lines. Enough to wrap around the globe 24 times. These lines connect the power plants, where electricity is created, to homes and businesses and schools and hospitals across our nation,” the vice president continued. “Think about it: Every time you turn on a light or charge your laptop or plug in your air conditioner or put leftovers in the fridge, you rely on the power delivered by our nation’s network of transmission lines.”

Harris was only about 100 miles away from the border with Mexico, but had no plans to visit the border, even though she has been tasked by President Biden to investigate the root causes of the migrant crisis overwhelming border states. 

Harris defended her decision not to visit the southern border by saying,  “I visited the border. I will not on this trip, but I have, and I will again.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said California is “in the lead” on energy and can “show the rest of the nation how it is done.”

Meanwhile in California…

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is begging people to turn off their lights and not use appliances to avoid power outages amid soaring temps.

Newsom obsessively tweeted and retweeted “Flex Alert” instructions to Californians.

Newsom continued to beg people to set their thermostats to 78 and avoid using large appliances Tuesday evening.

California Sen. Alex Padilla told Californians not to do their laundry or wash dishes.

This is what it’s like living under total Democrat rule.

The politicians are telling people when they can wash their dishes.

California banned gas-powered car sales starting in 2035.

Many analysts have said it is impossible to meet the projected need for all-electric cars in the state – EVER.

One former environmentalist who now exposes the lies of the “Green Mafia” explained the sheer impossibility of meeting California’s electric, in 10 years, 20 years, or ever!

Dr. Michael Shellenberger points out that California would require 20 new nuclear power plants…while it now has ONE that it is trying to shut down!

But they absolutely refuse to build any new nuclear plants. And it cannot be done with “wind and solar” only, as Gavin Newsom insists.

This is what Joe Biden and the Democrats want for all Americans. The question now is, will Americans wake up before it’s too late?

(FreedomWire.org) – The state with the largest auto market in the U.S. is poised to ban the sale of new combustion engine vehicles by 2035, hastening the transition to electric vehicles in America and beyond. 

California regulators on the California Air Resources Board will vote Thursday to enact a sweeping plan that bans gas-powered vehicles—a move that would likely spur at least a dozen other states to follow suit with similar plans.

“This is monumental,” board member Daniel Sperling told CNN. “This is the most important thing that CARB has done in the last 30 years. It’s important not just for California, but it’s important for the country and the world.”

The rule, issued by the California Air Resources Board, will require that all new cars sold in the state by 2035 be free of greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide. The rule also sets interim targets, requiring that 35 percent of new passenger vehicles sold by 2026 produce zero emissions. That requirement climbs to 68 percent by 2030.

Transportation is the nation’s top source of planet-warming greenhouse-gas emissions.

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, called the new rule “one of the most significant steps to the elimination of the tailpipe as we know it.”

“Our kids are going to act like it’s a rotary phone, or changing the channel on a television,” Governor Newsom said in an interview. […]

The governments of Canada, Britain and at least nine other European countries — including France, Spain and Denmark — have set goals of phasing out the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles between 2030 and 2040. But none have concrete mandates or regulations like the California rule.

But the plan appears to put the cart before the horse in a state that already struggles with energy shortfalls.

“Whether or not these requirements are realistic or achievable is directly linked to external factors like inflation, charging and fuel infrastructure, supply chains, labor, critical mineral availability and pricing, and the ongoing semiconductor shortage,” John Bozzella, president of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, told the Times. 

“Where is that increased power being sourced from?” said Ann Bluntzer, the executive director of the Ralph Lowe Energy Institute at Texas Christian University. “Fossil fuels? Wind? Solar? Hydro?”

In addition to these concerns, there’s also the issue of how lower income residents would afford electric vehicles, which are currently cost prohibitive.  

 The vote comes two years after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order mandating all passenger vehicles sold in California be zero emission by 2035, a move helped by the Biden administration reinstating the state’s ability to set its own vehicle emission standards earlier this year. 

(FreedomWire.org) – President Joe Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry said officials must “accelerate the transition” towards green energy.

“The challenge for all of us now is that no one country can solve this problem by itself,” Kerry said.  “We all have to be able to reduce the emissions, we have to accelerate the transition,”

“We’re behind,” he continued. “We’re not yet fulfilling the promises that we made in Glasgow, so we have our work cut out for us.”

His comments follow warnings from industry experts who say plans to replace fossil-fuel and nuclear plants with “renewable” sources will result in mass shortages.

“As we move forward, we need to know that when you put a solar panel or a wind turbine up, it’s not the same as a thermal resource,” John Bear, the CEO of MISO told the press in May.

“Green” energy sources such as solar and wind rely heavily on batteries. Battery efficiency is constantly improving, but it’s not enough to keep up with current demand if plant closures continue as planned, Bear said.

Critics have also said wind turbines are not as environmentally friendly as some climate change activists claim, citing the blades mostly heading to landfills.

And, solar panels require 300+ times as much land as conventional energy sources, said Michael Schellenberger, bestselling author of “Apocalypse Never” and “Hero of the Environment.”

“Now the Los Angeles Times has discovered that they could ‘contaminate groundwater with toxic heavy metals such as lead, selenium and cadmium,'” he wrote on Twitter.

Kerry previously said that America needs to deploy electric vehicles “22 times faster” and close coal plants “five times faster.”

“Well, the International Energy Agency tells us that, in order to meet the goals by 2030 of the 45 to 50 percent reduction in emissions, we have to be deploying renewables five times faster.”

“Five times faster. We have to be shutting coal plants five times faster. We have to be deploying electric vehicles 22 times faster. We are behind,” Kerry urged.

Meanwhile, Kerry’s family jet has emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide since the Biden administration began, federal data shows.

Kerry’s family jet, a Gulfstream GIV-SP, has made a total of 48 trips lasting more than 60 hours and emitted an estimated 715,886 pounds, or 325 metric tons, of carbon since President Biden was sworn into office, according to federal data obtained by Fox News Digital via FlightAware. The plane belongs to Flying Squirrel LLC., a charter company owned by Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz-Kerry and in which Kerry reported owning a more than $1 million stake on his most recent financial disclosure.

(FreedomWire.org) – Biden recently signed into law a requirement that all vehicles produced after 2026 to be fitted with a remote kill switch. Electric vehicles are already equipped with this capability via internet-connected “superchargers.” These corporations can sell you a product for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, then prevent you from using them.

Worse yet, if the law is not challenged or repealed, these kill switches will have a “back door” that allows government agencies to shut your vehicle off remotely as well.

This should be very concerning to all Americans. Internal combustion vehicles, so far, are free of theses sorts of controls that are standard on electric vehicles, so preserving our access to gasoline and diesel fuel is an absolute necessity.

Right to repair is also an important issue. Right to repair ensures that we are able to hire independent professionals to repair our vehicles and other products rather than being forced to pay astronomical prices to manufacturers.

Now that the environmental superiority of electric vehicles is being called into question, the real agenda behind climate hysteria is clear. Climate change fear mongers want us poorer and unable to travel and commute as we see fit. As the Biden administration’s intentional policy of high gas prices hits the average American in the pocket book, it’s important to note that the cost of EV batteries is also rising.