(FreedomWire.org) – Former AG Bill Barr spoke about the greatest threat to American democracy on “Real Time” with Bill Maher, he said the greatest threat to it was really the “radical progressive movement” because that movement is waging war on free speech and making the McCarthy era “look like child’s play.”

Speaking on that point and explaining how the woke, progressive movement is destroying America one cancellation at a time, former AG Barr said:

“When confronted with the question, if Trump is the party’s nominee and he’s running against Biden, who would you vote for? And I say it’s hard for me to see — I just find it hard to believe that I could vote against the Republican nominee under those circumstances, because I think the main threat to the United States and the main danger to our democracy, frankly, is the sort of radical progressive movement and the lurch to the left that has taken place –.”

So not exactly a steel-spined endorsement of the GOP and a “no friends to the left, no enemies to the right” attitude, but at least he called out the real danger to America.

It was then that Bill Maher cut Barr off and asked him if the woke movement and its pushing America to the left was really worse than the “insurrection” on January 6th, asking “More than the guy who you actually said tried to steal an election?”

Barr then cut in and said “Absolutely,” following up on that by saying that “What happens in our country on a daily basis makes the McCarthy era look like child’s play.”

Ending his comments on how the woke movement is destroying America and the American system, Barr then said:

“Speech is essential to democracy just like voting. If someone says what’s the major danger now to democracy? I agree elections are critical and the right to vote is critical but the thing that’s most under attack is public discourse, which is essential. It precedes voting.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Kyrsten Sinema just dealt a massive blow to Democrats and announced she is leaving the Dem Party and registering as an independent.

“In a natural extension of my service since I was first elected to Congress, I have joined the growing numbers of Arizonans who reject party politics by declaring my independence from the broken partisan system in Washington and formally registering as an Arizona Independent.

“Over the past four years, I’ve worked proudly with other Senators in both parties and forged consensus on successful laws helping everyday Arizonans build better lives for themselves and their families. Becoming an Independent won’t change my work in the Senate; my service to Arizona remains the same.”

In the Arizona Republic, Sinema wrote:

“Arizonans expect our leaders to follow that example – set aside political games, work together, make progress and then get out of the way so we can build better lives for ourselves and our families.

It’s no surprise that Washington, D.C., often fails to reflect that expectation. 

Everyday Americans are increasingly left behind by national parties’ rigid partisanship, which has hardened in recent years.

Pressures in both parties pull leaders to the edges, allowing the loudest, most extreme voices to determine their respective parties’ priorities and expecting the rest of us to fall in line. 

In catering to the fringes, neither party has demonstrated much tolerance for diversity of thought. Bipartisan compromise is seen as a rarely acceptable last resort, rather than the best way to achieve lasting progress. Payback against the opposition party has replaced thoughtful legislating.

Americans are told that we have only two choices – Democrat or Republican – and that we must subscribe wholesale to policy views the parties hold, views that have been pulled further and further toward the extremes. 

(FreedomWire.org) – Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy attacked political elites during a Sunday campaign speech given on behalf of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

Known for his one liners, Kennedy released a campaign ad telling voters who want to defund police that they should “call a crackhead” next time they need assistance. During 2020’s race riots, he referred to Chicago as “the largest outdoor shooting range in America.”

“They’re all over Washington, DC, these high IQ stupid people. And they’re in charge. Most of them are woke. Most of them are members of the berserk wing of the Democratic Party,” Kennedy said.

“These woke, high IQ stupid people, they walk around with zip lock bags of kale that they eat to give them energy. Now, if you want to eat kale that’s up to you. I don’t eat kale. You know why? Because kale tastes to me like I’d rather be fat.”

Kennedy is a frequently sought after Republican surrogate, he also appeared during the 2022 midterms. Kennedy won his own reelection bid by 44 points.

Kennedy gave a campaign speech on behalf of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker on Sunday.

Walker and incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock advanced to a runoff after neither candidate cleared 50% in the November general election. Georgians must cast their ballots by Tuesday, Dec. 6 in the election. Several polls have shown Warnock with a slight lead.

Prominent Republicans have campaigned for Walker throughout the race, which determines whether or not Democrats will have majorities in Senate committees. Democrats have already clinched 50 seats, giving Vice President Kamala Harris the opportunity to cast tie-breaking votes. However, they can avoid another power-sharing agreement with Republicans if Warnock wins.

Both candidates have pointed to various scandals as evidence the other is unfit for office. Walker has been dogged throughout the race by allegations of domestic abuse, as well as reports that he paid for at least two mistresses to have abortions. Several news outlets have also reported that Warnock attempted to evict low-income tenants from a building that his church owns.

(FreedomWire.org) – While speaking with reporters on Friday, President Joe Biden went on a slurred rant where he confused Senator Raphael Warnock with Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“Why aren’t you going to Georgia to help Senator Warnock?” a reporter asked Biden.

Biden replied, “I’m going to Georgia today to help Senator Warren! Not to Georgia, I’m gonna help Senator Warren.”

The president continued speaking, but his words were so slurred that we are unable to transcribe.

Biden still has no plans to visit Georgia.

Aides said that the Boston trip was requested by Warnock’s campaign, and that Biden obliged, reflecting his promise to go wherever Democratic candidates wanted him in 2022.

“The President is willing to help Senator Warnock any way he can, however the senator wants him to get involved,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said this week. As often as not, that also meant not going where he was not wanted.

Ahead of the Nov. 8 midterms, Biden avoided wading into key Senate races in states like Georgia, Arizona and New Hampshire, where his approval ratings have trailed below his numbers nationally.

(FreedomWire.org) – Former President Barack Obama made a possible Freudian slip during a campaign event with Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock ahead of the Senate runoff election next week. 

The comment came when the 44th president was making a comparison between GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker and a “crazy” uncle present in many American families. 

“We all know some folks in our lives, who we don’t wish them ill will. They say crazy stuff and we’re all like, ‘Well, Uncle Joe, you know what happened to him,'” Obama said. “They’re part of the family, but you don’t give them serious responsibilities.”

And out of all the names in the world — thousands on thousands on thousands — Obama chose “Joe.”

Others noticed too, and pointed out the coincidence on twitter.

This isn’t the first time Obama has made comments about Biden being incompetent.

Ben Shapiro pointed out, “In 2020, former President Obama said something simple yet profound about his former vice president, a man he had labeled his ‘brother.’ He said, ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F things up.’ Barack Obama was right.”

(FreedomWire.org) – One of the oddities of the midterm elections in Arizona was Republican turnout was up and Democratic turnout down from 2018 in Maricopa County, yet some of the top-of-the-ticket GOP candidates lost their races.

The county, encompassing the Phoenix metropolitan area, includes 60 percent of registered voters in the state.

Republicans outnumber Democrats in Arizona overall by more than 166,000 people.

Maricopa County had a 64.2 percent voter participation rate in the midterms, which was about 8 percent above the average 56.3 percent going back to the 1970s, according to the county’s Election Day director, Scott Jarrett, who provided an election summary at the county Board of Supervisors meeting Monday.

However, that was not quite as high as the 2018 midterm participation rate of 64.5 percent.

In this month’s election, 75.4 percent of Republicans turned out and voted, according to Jarrett. In 2018, the GOP turnout was more than 1 percentage point lower at 74.2 percent.

Meanwhile, Democrats saw a lighter turnout this year than in 2018: 68.5 percent versus 69.9 percent.

Despite Democratic turnout being down from 2018, the party’s gubernatorial candidate and Arizona’s secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, won her race against Republican Kari Lake.

Additionally, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly defeated GOP challenger Blake Masters.

Democratic attorney general candidate Kris Mayes held a lead of about 500 votes over Republican Abe Hamadeh, though that race is heading to a recount.

The Kelly victory can be explained. He is the incumbent, an astronaut, a Navy veteran and the husband of former Arizona U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, who suffered a grievous and lasting injury during a 2011 assassination attempt.

Understandably, there is a lot of goodwill toward Kelly, among Democrats and apparently independents too, though he voted with the very unpopular President Joe Biden 94.5 percent of the time.

Biden’s approval rating in the Grand Canyon State stood at 36 percent last month, but Kelly held a 49 percent to 42 percent lead in that same Civiqs poll.

Exit polling showed Kelly winning independents 55 percent to 39 percent, a plus-16 margin.

The RealClearPolitics polling average had the race pretty much at a dead heat going into Election Day. Kelly ended up winning the contest 51.4 percent to Masters’ 46.5 percent, a difference of about 125,000 votes.

Less understandable is the Hobbs win over Lake for the open governor’s seat. The Republican candidate held the lead in nearly every poll in the month-and-a-half period leading into the election and had a 3.5 percent advantage in the RCP average, yet Hobbs won by about 17,000 votes.

The Democratic candidate, like Kelly, carried independents, but by a smaller margin of 7 percent, 52 percent to 45 percent.

One explanation for Lake coming up short in the vote tally, and what her campaign has pointed to, is the chaos that happened in Maricopa County on Election Day, when ballot tabulators and ballot printers were not functioning at 71 polling locations, according to the county — though the Lake campaign puts the number at 114, or 53 percent of the sites.

Hours-long lines developed at multiple sites experiencing these problems, leading the Lake campaign to argue that since Republicans voted 3-to-1 over Democrats on Election Day, what happened was large-scale vote suppression of her supporters.

Here is one example I witnessed firsthand in the ruby-red community of Anthem on the north side of Phoenix, where the line was about two hours both at midday and again at 6 p.m.

Poll worker Mike Peterson told the Board of Supervisors on Monday that hundreds of people at his voting location in the Paradise Valley area of Phoenix were in effect disenfranchised.

Peterson said 675 people were waiting in line when his location officially closed at 7 p.m. The would-be voters could have stayed in line and waited to cast a ballot, but most apparently gave up.

“Of those 675, do you know how many came in? One hundred and fifty. It means that you have personally disenfranchised voters. They have [come], they have seen and they have given up because they know what is going on,” he said.

In other words, more than 500 people who clearly wanted to vote did not, and that was just voters who showed up near the end of Election Day at one site.

This figure would not include those who might have been discouraged by long lines during the day.

Given the approximately 17,000 votes separating Lake and Hobbs, it would take a net of about 240 Lake supporters being prevented or discouraged from voting in each of the 70 ill-functioning polling stations to make the difference. If the true number of polling locations experiencing issues was 114, that would translate to 149 voters per location.

The county claims only 62 of 223 polling locations had wait times of over 30 minutes, with only 16 having hour-plus wait times.

In a letter to the Maricopa board last week, the Arizona attorney general’s office highlighted other issues arising from the ballot printer and tabulation problems on Election Day.

“The Elections Integrity Unit (‘Unit’) of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office (‘AGO’) has received hundreds of complaints since Election Day pertaining to issues related to the administration of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County,” Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright wrote.

“These complaints go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law,” she said.

Wright noted among other issues that there were reports about — and the county has admitted to — the commingling of ballots at some polling places with those that were not able to be read by the machines.

The Lake campaign has called for a redo of the election in Maricopa County, and the candidate said Wednesday she will be seeking that in court.

This time the election should be run by competent, unbiased people, Lake argued.

“We definitely can’t have Maricopa County and these same clowns who ran this circus of an election run the next one,” she said.

“And I think a lot of people in Arizona want to have a new election in Maricopa County,” the Republican said. “We’ll see what the court says.”

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates and County Recorder Stephen Richer founded a political action committee last year dedicated to defeating MAGA Republican candidates like Lake.

Gates defended the integrity of the Nov. 8 election at Monday’s meeting before the board voted to certify it.

“This was not a perfect election, but it was safe and secure. The votes have been counted accurately,” he said.

Accurately counting the ballots cast is, of course, vitally important, and hopefully that happened, but an even more pressing matter in Maricopa County is the likely thousands of citizens who were in effect denied their chance to vote on Election Day.

(FreedomWire.org) – As the race to control the House of Representatives comes down to a few seats, the Dem Party needs to run the table to keep control. No one expects them to, so some Dems Reps have started floating an alternative strategy.

The final House margin may be only 1 or 2 votes, and Kevin McCarthy is already feeling pressure from inside the GOP, so the Dems are telling McCarthy to strike a deal with them to secure his Speakership.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) first floated the idea on social media: “Just cut a deal with the Dems Kevin. Whatever you get from Freedom Caucus will not be worth it. The odds will be good but the goods will be odd.”

The Washington Examiner spoke to other Dem Reps about crossing the aisle and working with Kevin or someone else in the GOP to make them Speaker.

“Won’t know that until the dust settles, the margin is determined, and how badly McCarthy needs some Dem support. Anything is possible,” one said. “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, not in speakership races.”

Another said: “If he asks, it could be a possibility. 

“Either you can be Speaker for two years and go cash out on Wall Street or be Speaker for three months and get pushed out by the Freedom Caucus.

Another Dem said making a deal to put Kevin in the job would be preferable to having someone like Majorie Taylor Greene or Jim Jordan as Speaker.

“I doubt it, but I guess if the alternative is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), it could be possible. I think it’d be more about the alternative than anything he could give.”

One centrist Dems then floated a plan the Dems are whispering about behind the scenes – put Liz Cheney in as Speaker to get the ultimate revenge on Trump.

The Dem Rep said: “Under no circumstances would just about any Dem ever vote for someone who has downplayed Jan. 6. 

“I’m one of the most bipartisan people in the place, and the thought of supporting Kevin makes me laugh. 

“It’s an insane proposition to consider supporting someone like him. 

“I would never do that. 

“No Dem with principles and a belief in democracy would ever do that.”

A Rep added that there are currently private conversations about “Voting for Liz Cheney and getting a hearty group of both sides to vote for her as a rebuke of Trumpism in a scenario where Kevin couldn’t get the votes. 

“I would classify them as serious in intent to put forth a principled option with the goal of bringing people together but not serious in that I can’t imagine that getting to 218,” the Rep said.

Zack Czajkowski, a field organizer for former President Obama’s re-election campaign and regional get out the vote director for former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, also endorsed the idea.

“Why not Liz Cheney as a transition Speaker of the House. It’ll piss off both Democrats and Republicans. She’s a responsible adult with a conservative voting record, a proven ability to work across the aisle, and most importantly has unflappable morale courage under pressure,” Czajkowski tweeted.

The wacky theory, that could happen, is Rep. Liz Cheney, who will no longer be a member of Congress in 2023, could be Speaker if Democrats joined a handful of Republicans to elect her. A Speaker does not need to be a member of Congress which means that Rep. Cheney, or anyone, is eligible to be Speaker if they have the votes.

The Congressmember said there have been private conversations about “voting for Rep. Liz Cheney and getting a hearty group of both sides to vote for her as a rebuke of Trumpism in a scenario where Kevin couldn’t get the votes. I would classify them as serious in intent to put forth a principled option with the goal of bringing people together but not serious in that I can’t imagine that getting to 218.”

(FreedomWire.org) – President Joe Biden traveled to Westchester County, New York Sunday evening to deliver remarks at a Democrat campaign event.

With just two days to go until a high-stakes midterm election, Joe Biden confirmed he is for “no more drilling.”

“No more drilling. There is no more drilling. I haven’t formed any new drilling,” Biden said to the climate change protester.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) clapped and supported Biden’s war on domestic oil.

A few days ago Joe Biden said he was going to shut down all coal plants across the US.

The White House attempted damage control and tried to ‘clarify’ Biden’s statement after major backlash.

Will the White House walk back this statement too?

While Biden chatted with hecklers he nearly fell on stage.

‘Oops, stepping on a – hmm – it’s black. Anyway,’ Biden said after he nearly fell.

Biden was interrupted by several protesters. They were swiftly escorted out of the venue.

‘Let ’em holler. Let ’em holler,’ the president dismissed. ‘That’s more like my generation, alright. I’m with ya.’

The president was forced to stop mid-story when audience members brought his attention to someone requiring medical attention.

‘Okay, I got it, I got it,’ Biden said when the audience got frantic over the fainting spell. ‘Let’s get a little bit of help here. Someone fainted. I’ve got it, I’ve got it. We’ll get some help over here.’

It was one disaster after another. No wonder more democratic candidates didn’t want Biden to come campaign with them.

(FreedomWire.org) – Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake overruled President Joe Biden in a new interview and promised to secure the border if elected from what is ‘ just completely an invasion.’ She said.

“Cochise County, and what they call the Tucson sector, is where the majority of the so-called ‘gotaways’ come through. And you know, we’ve had more than 5 million people come here illegally; a million of them are gotaways. These are the people who have such bad backgrounds that they don’t want to be processed. 

“A lot of the people coming want to be processed for asylum, etc.; these are the people who are so dangerous they don’t want to be processed, and they’re coming through this area.

“They are targeting our children in other parts of Arizona through social media, encouraging them to come down and start helping with the smuggling of  people here illegally by driving them.

“And so our children are being targeted on social media, ‘Hey, make a quick 1000 bucks or 5000 bucks. Come on down, we’ll provide the car, we’ll provide the gas, all you have to do is drive these people who are coming through illegally to Phoenix.’ 

“They’re targeting our children that way, the drugs pouring across. We had a mother and father who lost their son when he took what he thought was a Tylenol three that a neighbor gave him, and it was laced with fentanyl. 

“It is just completely an invasion. And it is an effort by the CCP, the communists in China, working through the Mexican cartels to poison our young people in America.

“This is truly an invasion, and we have legal law to set us up.

“Our attorney general, Mark Brnovich … made a great statement saying that we truly do have an invasion, and you can use that to protect your border.

“And so we’ve got that, we’ve got Governor Ducey, who has been putting some barriers up, and he’s already in a battle with the federal government. I believe we’ll win this battle because it is our border, it is the Arizona border, and our state is defined by our border. 

“In Article One, Section One of our Arizona Constitution, it defines the state of Arizona by our borders, and so we can protect those borders. 

“It’s state property, we’re arguing, not federal property, that border, because of what it says in our Arizona Constitution.

“This is a health emergency; think about it.

 “The poison coming across with fentanyl is killing more young Americans than any other cause of death. So you know, the ocelots and squirrels and crickets are going to have to take a little break while we get our borders under control because that’s what the EPA, you know, the environmentalists will argue — ‘We can’t secure the border because the crickets and the bugs are going to be hurt.’ 

“Well, they’re going to have to wait for a bit because we are seeing our people being hurt in Arizona and across this country. 

“And so we’re going to secure that border. We have many ways and many tools in the toolbox to address what’s happening at the border and secure it. And when we don’t have the right tool, we’ll do a MacGyver tool. And we’ll make one to make sure that we can secure this border.

“It’s horrifying what we saw and heard in Cochise County yesterday, and we had the whole Republican ticket with us.

“We need Blake to go back to the United States Senate and push back against the overreach of the federal government, free up some money so we can, for sure, you know, secure our border,” she said.

(FreedomWire.org) – NBC’s government affairs reporter Melissa Russo sat down with the Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, for a one-on-one interview last week.

During the interview, Hochul was questioned by Russo regarding the gubernatorial debate that took place last month and the rising crime rates in New York.

Recall that Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin won the debate with Democrat Kathy Hochul.

Zeldin performed well throughout the debate and hammered Hochul on New York’s crime problem.

Russo:  You said during the debate that Lee Zeldin is trying to scare voters. Does that mean that you think he’s exaggerating the crime problem?

Hochul: I think he is trying to scare voters and not offer a legitimate plan. You cannot say you’re tough on crime and be soft on guns.

Russo: And you often pivot to that point. But I’m just wondering, are you saying that he’s creating a worse impression of crime…

Hochul: No, what I’m saying is he does not have a serious crime plan…

Russo: Is there more to do on bail reform?

Hochul:  I took strong steps. I gave more discretion to judges, more power to district attorneys. It’s been in place a few months. I want it to work, but I’m absolutely willing to look at it all over again in the next session, if you find out that there’s areas still weakness.

NBC conducted informal interviews with New Yorkers to gauge public opinion on Hochul’s approach to the city’s rising crime rate; the responses were mostly negative.

“I care about Kathy Hochul being elected. I’m nervous about that because she wasn’t voted in,” One New Yorker told NBC.

“Bad people are going to get their hands on guns no matter how many laws you write. That’s why they’re bad people because they don’t follow the rules,” one man said.

“What is she doing? Making a mess. People are getting released on charges they should be in jail,” another woman told NBC.

Russo then asked Hochul about the subject of nonviolent crimes.

Russo: Not that long ago in New York, in our city, crime was down, incarceration was down, stop and frisk was down. How is it okay that we’re now seeing people who commit a dozen burglaries face zero consequences?

Hochul: That’s not okay. It’s not okay. That’s why I need the system to work with the laws we put in place. We changed the laws. Repeat offenders need to be held.

Then NBC fact-checked Hochul’s claim on released repeat offenders.

“But despite Hochul’s changes, repeat offenders are still being released because New York’s new laws still require judges to use the least restrictive bail. Meaning, even when bail is set, it’s set low,” NBC said.

Then on Friday MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle told Hochul that under her leadership, New Yorkers “don’t feel safe” during her show The 11th Hour on Friday.

“Here’s the problem. We don’t feel safe,” Ruhle said. “You might be working closely with Mayor Adams, you may have spent a whole lot of money, but I walk into my pharmacy and everything’s on lockdown because of shoplifters. I’m not going in the subway. People don’t feel safe in this town.”

Overall crime is up 34.4 percent across New York City, and has been surging at rates as high as 50 percent since 2020. Felony assaults in New York are up 17 percent.

Hochul, who supports cashless bail among other pro-crime policies, announced in August that criminals should be referred to as “justice-involved individuals.”

Millions of New Yorkers who ride the subway each day have to deal with a marked surge in violent crime, as the subways have seen marauders dressed in all green terrorizing straphangers, people thrown onto the tracks, and children being stabbed to death.

New York City subway riders say that personal safety and security are their number one concern while riding the transit system, according to data from a recent MTA survey.

“We’re worried we could be San Francisco,” Ruhle said.

San Francisco is also facing crime at a record-high, that is so severe that its downtown has become a barren wasteland and its inhabitants have fled at unprecedented levels.