(FreedomWire.org) – Rep. August Pfluger (R-Texas) said he was “speechless” when he learned that a senior FBI official had not read the Durham report, which was released more than a week ago.

Pfluger, chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence, questioned Jill Murphy, deputy assistant director of counterintelligence at the FBI, during a hearing on May 23.

“Special Counsel Durham assesses that neither U.S. law enforcement nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed any actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation,” Pfluger said. Crossfire Hurricane is the FBI codename for the agency’s 2016–17 FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

Pfluger continued, “The bureau subsequently discounted or willfully ignored material that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between former President Donald Trump and Russia.”

“As the deputy assistant director for the FBI Counterintelligence Division, are you familiar with this report?” Pfluger asked.

In response, Murphy said, “I have not read that report.”

“I’m honestly speechless at this point in time,” Pfluger said in reply.

When pressed on why she had not read the report, Murphy said, “I just haven’t had time.”

“This is a sincere question. Does election collusion worry you?” Pfluger asked Murphy, who said it “obviously” worried her.

“I would highly recommend reading that because we spent four years discussing that. There was uncorroborated evidence—the Durham report specifically outlines the outcome of that. It’s very disappointing to hear this.”

John Durham, appointed by then-Attorney General William Barr in October 2020 to review the 2016–17 FBI investigation of alleged ties between Trump and Russia, found that the FBI “relied on “raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence” for its investigation.

“The objective facts show that the FBI’s handling of important aspects of the Crossfire Hurricane matter were seriously deficient,” Durham added in the report.

Following the report’s release, the FBI acknowledged mistakes in its investigation of the Trump campaign, while Trump said in a statement that “the American Public was scammed.”

“The Durham Report spells out in great detail the Democrat Hoax that was perpetrated upon me and the American people. This is 2020 Presidential Election Fraud, just like ‘stuffing’ the ballot boxes, only more so,” Trump added.

Other Republicans at the hearing shared Pfluger’s astonishment that Murphy had not read the report.

“I also was surprised at your answer—you haven’t read the Durham report,” said Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.). “Why is that not a matter of such import that you would want urgently to understand what the special counsel concluded about the work of the counterintelligence division? In such a grave case?”

Murphy replied, “Sir, if you’d like a brief on the Durham report from the counterintelligence division, I’m happy to take that back.”

“Wow, that sounds almost contemptuous,” Bishop said in response. “Do you intend to read it?”

“I do intend to read it,” Murphy told Bishop.

During the hearing, Pfluger also revealed that the FBI has not responded to a letter he and House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green (R-Tenn.) sent on April 24. The letter, sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, requested information on the Chinese regime’s clandestine “police stations” in the United States, including New York City.

“It’s now been two over two weeks past that deadline that we asked for. So I would ask you, please, to respond to that letter in writing,” Pfluger said.

On April 17, the FBI arrested two individuals on charges of operating a secret police station in New York City on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They allegedly took orders from the regime in order to track down and silence Chinese dissidents living in the United States, prosecutors said.

In their letter, Pfluger and Green wanted answers to multiple questions, including when the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) were notified of the Chinese police station in New York.

“In addition to the Chinese police station operating in Manhattan, New York, there are allegations of these illegal organizations operating in a separate location in New York, NY, Los Angeles, California, San Francisco, California, Houston, Texas, as well as cities in Nebraska and Minnesota,” the letter says. “What is DHS and the FBI doing to combat the malign influence occurring in these additional locations and across the homeland?”

In response, Murphy told Pfluger that the FBI would provide a “fulsome response” probably in a classified setting.

“The threat from China is complex and vast,” Murphy added. “So when we talk about universities, or researchers, or academics, or innovation, China proliferates all those spaces to include in our communities where Chinese Americans live as a way to influence those communities. And we work actively to identify those and investigate that.”

“Would you say that they’re using every available tactic, technique, and procedure to infiltrate American national security interests and interests writ large?” Pfluger asked about China.

In response, Murphy said, “I would say that their attack surface is large, and they are using all the tools in their toolbox to gather information, whether it’s classified, intellectual property, sensitive, unclassified, anything that they consider [of] value.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at an event organized by Columbia University.

The event was styled as a conversation between the two concerning subjects including “global politics, national security, and the backsliding of democracy.”

Clinton recently joined Columbia University as a professor, teaching the practice of international and public affairs at the School of International and Public Affairs.

While speaking, Clinton and Pelosi went on an anti-American, anti-free speech rant.

Remember, Hillary and her team carefully crafted a false narrative about Trump and Russia and pushed it out personally, Hillary was one of the first to alert the world to the fake Alfa Bank story via her Twitter account, and through the media.

Hillary Clinton personally approved of the decision to lie to the media and the American public and to falsely smear her political opponent. Politics is a rough game but she should be ashamed of what she did and should only bring it up to apologize.

But Hillary’s cynism knows no bounds.

Hillary said, “When you have a media company that is like Facebook and like other platforms who do not care what lies they traffic in as long as they get ad money, you have consequences.

Rather than defend America and American exceptionalism she urged other countries in the world, “Don’t go where we went, which was to largely unregulated media with no fairness doctrine, no accountability for lies — unless, of course, these lawsuits against Fox are successful.”

She praised France’s restrictive speech laws: “Probably what really helped Macron was a law in France, which said no coverage of the election 72 hours before. 

“And a lot of the people who we were in on this effort to takedown Macron didn’t know about that law.

“So they started dumping all of this phony information on the Friday before the Sunday election, but because they didn’t know about the law, it got no traction.”

Clinton also told the audience about a conversation with former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern where Hillary asked why that country had less political polarization than Australia.

“We never let Rupert Murdoch have a television presence,” Ardern said, according to Clinton.

Pelosi tried weakly to go along and, forgetting that if Trump didn’t give Ukraine the javelins Putin would be in Kyiv by now, claimed Vlad feared Hillary more than Trump and he interfered in our election.

Pelosi said, “When Secretary Clinton was in the Senate and First Lady, but especially as Secretary of State in more recent time, she was, she has been, and at that time implemented many things showing America’s support for democracy.

“It was her clarity in position to the President Putin, Occupant Leader of Russia, that made him turn around and ensure in an illegal way come out against her in her campaign.

“Interference in our democracy by Vladimir Putin because Hillary Clinton was the person he feared most in terms of his lack of democracy in Russia.

‘That’s I think self-evidence and thank you for what you have done.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador publicly humiliated President Joe Biden during a press conference by taking Trump’s side over a looming indictment. He said Biden can no longer lecture other countries about democracy if Trump is arrested.

AMLO stated, “Right now, former President Trump is declaring that they are going to arrest him. If that were the case, it would be so that his name doesn’t appear on the ballot.

“I say this because I too have suffered from the fabrication of a crime, when they didn’t want me to run, And this is completely anti-democratic. Why not allow the people to decide?”

He also called out Biden saying the United States cannot talk about human rights with Julian Assange detained, cartel violence with President Joe Biden bombing the Nord Stream pipeline, or democracy while arresting the leading presidential candidate Donald Trump.

According to The Hill, Obrador is finally taking the fentanyl issue seriously:

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador told U.S. lawmakers over the weekend that he would personally work with China to quell trans-Pacific shipments of fentanyl precursors that are processed into the deadly drug in Mexico, according to two of the American representatives.

The commitment was made in a long meeting in Mexico City over the weekend, where López Obrador discussed an array of issues with a bipartisan group of eight senators and four House members.

“One of the interesting parts is he agreed to meet with China on how they could prevent getting some of the raw materials, the precursors, from China,” Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-Texas) told The Hill.

“So that in itself acknowledges the fact that China is sending these things through, mainly through Manzanillo and some of the ports on that side of Mexico.”

A Mexican official said the meeting was respectful and constructive but did not confirm the specific claim.

(FreedomWire.org) – California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters has paid her daughter over $1.2 million since 2004, which included the younger Waters getting another six figures in payments in the 2022 cycle.

“Karen Waters pocketed $192,300 from her mother’s campaign to keep her ‘slate mailer’ operation afloat between Jan. 2021 and Dec. 2022, a Fox News Digital review of Federal Election Commission filings shows. The setup involves outside campaigns paying Waters’ campaign to appear on the slate mailers – or endorsement mailers – sent out to constituents in the Los Angeles area,” Fox News reported.

“The practice is highly unusual on the federal level, and Waters appears to be the only national politician using it to grab committee cash. Slate mailers, however, are commonplace in her home state of California, though critics say it involves deceptive practices over one campaign paying another for a politician’s backing in an election. Waters received the green light to run the operation from the Federal Election Commission in the fall of 2004. Since then, Karen Waters has received more than $1.2 million in payments from her mother’s campaign,” the outlet added.

It’s legal for federal lawmakers to employ family members on campaigns, but the practice is frowned upon by ethics experts.

Now, Republicans are aiming to put a ban on lawmakers from putting family members on the campaign payroll after many prominent Democrats have been called out over the practice.

Republican Texas Rep. Pat Fallon has introduced legislation called the Family Integrity to Reform Elections Act, which would prevent campaign funds from going to a candidate’s immediate family.

The bill, if passed, would also make the candidate directly responsible for knowingly violating the provision.

“The Family Integrity to Reform Elections (FIRE) Act is a critical step to reducing nepotistic practices in American campaigns. Allowing direct family members to be on the take of campaigns must come to an end. For example, Maxine Waters, the worst perpetrator, has given her daughter over $1.1 million in campaign funds. This is utterly egregious, and I will not stand by as the integrity of our elections is further diminished,” Fallon told the Daily Caller.

“Maxine Waters [paid] $1.1 million to her daughter from campaign funds,” Fallon said in a statement. “Ilhan Omar, $2.9 million to her husband from campaign funds. James Clyburn, over $200,000 to multiple family members from his campaign.”

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Fallon added. “Americans are sick of politicians abusing their voters’ hard-earned money. This modern-day spoils system must end. My bill shines a light on shady campaign finance practices while punishing those who take advantage of these funds to enrich their families.”

“Karen Waters, who has been organizing slate-mailing operations to bolster her mother’s re-election for nearly two decades, and her company, Progressive Connections, have received more than $1.2 million since 2003 for campaign services, including ‘slate mailer management’ fees and ‘campaign managing services,’” Fox News reported.

“A Citizens for Waters campaign committee filing from earlier this week shows that the younger Waters received $24,000 from the committee between January and March 2022. Slate-mailing is an uncommon practice in federal elections, where a consulting firm is hired to create a pamphlet of sorts that contains a list of candidates or policy measures and advises voters on how to cast their ballots,” the report added.

“The Family Integrity to Reform Elections (FIRE) Act, to be introduced by Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Texas) on Monday, would bar any candidate running for federal office from compensating immediate family members for campaign services,” the New York Post reported back in June.

“It is currently legal for lawmakers to employ family members to work on campaigns. However, Federal Election Commission regulations prohibit paying candidate relatives a salary unless they are ‘providing bona fide services to the campaign” and the salary represents “fair market value of the services provided.’ The legislation – first reviewed by The Post – would extend the ban to any political committee ‘established, maintained or controlled by a candidate or an individual holding Federal office’ – blocking any current lawmaker from compensating a family member for working on their campaign,” the report added.

(FreedomWire.org) – There is a rumor swirling that Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) is essentially “brain dead” and it’s being hidden “because keeping him in office until August 18th avoids a special election.”

A viral tweet from John Cardillo, a former NYPD officer turned conservative radio host and social-media influencer, called for an investigation into whether Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., may be clinically brain dead as Democrats engage in a cover-up to avoid a special election before August.

Cardillo’s tweet made a significant splash on social media, garnering more than a million views and 18,000 likes as of Saturday night.

John Cardillo tweeted, “Being told that Fetterman is essentially brain dead and it’s being hidden because keeping him in office until August 18th avoids a special election which Republicans would most certainly win. This must be investigated.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Fetterman and the Democrats have hidden his health problems from the public. In May 2022, it was reported Fetterman suffered a major stroke that almost took his life just months before the mid-term elections.  Democrats hid the seriousness of his condition and pushed him to campaign when he was not even capable of holding a conversation.

Fetterman did not come clean on his health for years regarding his heart disease or how damaging last year’s stroke was. He now has a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted, and it was only recently reported that he has “serious mental health challenges” from the stroke that have taken a “psychological toll” on him.

Fetterman is much worse than he, his wife, and staff are telling the public after checking into the hospital for clinical depression on February 15.

It is now being reported that Fetterman may have been hospitalized because he is “unable to take care” of himself or “needs a better plan to take care of himself, both physically and emotionally.”

Instead of questioning Fetterman’s health and ability to serve, Democrats are spinning the narrative and calling him “brave” for admitting his problem and seeking help by checking himself into a hospital for it. Pennsylvania’s new Democrat Governor, Josh Shapiro, even said he will reject any suggestions that Senator John Fetterman should resign.

Fetterman’s near-fatal stroke was widely concealed by and later downplayed the media during his senatorial race last year, enabling him to handily defeat celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz on the strength of early mail-in balloting before the two had even debated.

While Fetterman is sick and in the hospital, his wife, Gisele, fled the country for Canada with the couple’s children for a vacation.

(FreedomWire.org) – Former AG Bill Barr spoke about the greatest threat to American democracy on “Real Time” with Bill Maher, he said the greatest threat to it was really the “radical progressive movement” because that movement is waging war on free speech and making the McCarthy era “look like child’s play.”

Speaking on that point and explaining how the woke, progressive movement is destroying America one cancellation at a time, former AG Barr said:

“When confronted with the question, if Trump is the party’s nominee and he’s running against Biden, who would you vote for? And I say it’s hard for me to see — I just find it hard to believe that I could vote against the Republican nominee under those circumstances, because I think the main threat to the United States and the main danger to our democracy, frankly, is the sort of radical progressive movement and the lurch to the left that has taken place –.”

So not exactly a steel-spined endorsement of the GOP and a “no friends to the left, no enemies to the right” attitude, but at least he called out the real danger to America.

It was then that Bill Maher cut Barr off and asked him if the woke movement and its pushing America to the left was really worse than the “insurrection” on January 6th, asking “More than the guy who you actually said tried to steal an election?”

Barr then cut in and said “Absolutely,” following up on that by saying that “What happens in our country on a daily basis makes the McCarthy era look like child’s play.”

Ending his comments on how the woke movement is destroying America and the American system, Barr then said:

“Speech is essential to democracy just like voting. If someone says what’s the major danger now to democracy? I agree elections are critical and the right to vote is critical but the thing that’s most under attack is public discourse, which is essential. It precedes voting.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Kyrsten Sinema just dealt a massive blow to Democrats and announced she is leaving the Dem Party and registering as an independent.

“In a natural extension of my service since I was first elected to Congress, I have joined the growing numbers of Arizonans who reject party politics by declaring my independence from the broken partisan system in Washington and formally registering as an Arizona Independent.

“Over the past four years, I’ve worked proudly with other Senators in both parties and forged consensus on successful laws helping everyday Arizonans build better lives for themselves and their families. Becoming an Independent won’t change my work in the Senate; my service to Arizona remains the same.”

In the Arizona Republic, Sinema wrote:

“Arizonans expect our leaders to follow that example – set aside political games, work together, make progress and then get out of the way so we can build better lives for ourselves and our families.

It’s no surprise that Washington, D.C., often fails to reflect that expectation. 

Everyday Americans are increasingly left behind by national parties’ rigid partisanship, which has hardened in recent years.

Pressures in both parties pull leaders to the edges, allowing the loudest, most extreme voices to determine their respective parties’ priorities and expecting the rest of us to fall in line. 

In catering to the fringes, neither party has demonstrated much tolerance for diversity of thought. Bipartisan compromise is seen as a rarely acceptable last resort, rather than the best way to achieve lasting progress. Payback against the opposition party has replaced thoughtful legislating.

Americans are told that we have only two choices – Democrat or Republican – and that we must subscribe wholesale to policy views the parties hold, views that have been pulled further and further toward the extremes. 

(FreedomWire.org) – Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy attacked political elites during a Sunday campaign speech given on behalf of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

Known for his one liners, Kennedy released a campaign ad telling voters who want to defund police that they should “call a crackhead” next time they need assistance. During 2020’s race riots, he referred to Chicago as “the largest outdoor shooting range in America.”

“They’re all over Washington, DC, these high IQ stupid people. And they’re in charge. Most of them are woke. Most of them are members of the berserk wing of the Democratic Party,” Kennedy said.

“These woke, high IQ stupid people, they walk around with zip lock bags of kale that they eat to give them energy. Now, if you want to eat kale that’s up to you. I don’t eat kale. You know why? Because kale tastes to me like I’d rather be fat.”

Kennedy is a frequently sought after Republican surrogate, he also appeared during the 2022 midterms. Kennedy won his own reelection bid by 44 points.

Kennedy gave a campaign speech on behalf of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker on Sunday.

Walker and incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock advanced to a runoff after neither candidate cleared 50% in the November general election. Georgians must cast their ballots by Tuesday, Dec. 6 in the election. Several polls have shown Warnock with a slight lead.

Prominent Republicans have campaigned for Walker throughout the race, which determines whether or not Democrats will have majorities in Senate committees. Democrats have already clinched 50 seats, giving Vice President Kamala Harris the opportunity to cast tie-breaking votes. However, they can avoid another power-sharing agreement with Republicans if Warnock wins.

Both candidates have pointed to various scandals as evidence the other is unfit for office. Walker has been dogged throughout the race by allegations of domestic abuse, as well as reports that he paid for at least two mistresses to have abortions. Several news outlets have also reported that Warnock attempted to evict low-income tenants from a building that his church owns.

(FreedomWire.org) – While speaking with reporters on Friday, President Joe Biden went on a slurred rant where he confused Senator Raphael Warnock with Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“Why aren’t you going to Georgia to help Senator Warnock?” a reporter asked Biden.

Biden replied, “I’m going to Georgia today to help Senator Warren! Not to Georgia, I’m gonna help Senator Warren.”

The president continued speaking, but his words were so slurred that we are unable to transcribe.

Biden still has no plans to visit Georgia.

Aides said that the Boston trip was requested by Warnock’s campaign, and that Biden obliged, reflecting his promise to go wherever Democratic candidates wanted him in 2022.

“The President is willing to help Senator Warnock any way he can, however the senator wants him to get involved,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said this week. As often as not, that also meant not going where he was not wanted.

Ahead of the Nov. 8 midterms, Biden avoided wading into key Senate races in states like Georgia, Arizona and New Hampshire, where his approval ratings have trailed below his numbers nationally.

(FreedomWire.org) – Former President Barack Obama made a possible Freudian slip during a campaign event with Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock ahead of the Senate runoff election next week. 

The comment came when the 44th president was making a comparison between GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker and a “crazy” uncle present in many American families. 

“We all know some folks in our lives, who we don’t wish them ill will. They say crazy stuff and we’re all like, ‘Well, Uncle Joe, you know what happened to him,'” Obama said. “They’re part of the family, but you don’t give them serious responsibilities.”

And out of all the names in the world — thousands on thousands on thousands — Obama chose “Joe.”

Others noticed too, and pointed out the coincidence on twitter.

This isn’t the first time Obama has made comments about Biden being incompetent.

Ben Shapiro pointed out, “In 2020, former President Obama said something simple yet profound about his former vice president, a man he had labeled his ‘brother.’ He said, ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F things up.’ Barack Obama was right.”