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The Supreme Court has decided that a politically-motivated investigation into Donald Trump’s taxes may continue. Though SCOTUS is shutting down President Trump’s election-related lawsuits left and right even when there is plenty of evidence to back them, the high court found time to expose the President’s intimate financial affairs to scrutiny.

With Donald Trump seemingly prepping for a 2020 run for President, liberals are looking for any ammo they can use against him. And for years, they have attempted to pry into his financial affairs whenever they are having trouble finding ammunition to use against him.

The Court’s decision will give a state prosecutor and, presumably, a grand jury, access to all of the President’s finances. While the documents will allegedly remain secret, the President is right to be concerned. Deep State plants have absolutely leaked his private conversations and other information in the past.

Trump’s attorneys have argued that the subpoena to obtain his tax records is overbroad and issued in bad faith. But the Supreme Court under Joe Biden doesn’t care about any of that. “The subpoena is geographically sprawling, temporally expansive, and topically unlimited –all attributes that raise suspicions of an unlawful fishing expedition,” Trump attorney William Consovoy says. “Even if disclosure is confined to the grand jury and prosecutors,” he said “once the documents are surrendered” confidentially “will be lost for all time.”

Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance celebrated the decision on Twitter:

The documents are related to the alleged hush money payments former Trump attorney Michael Cohen allegedly made to two women.  “The Supreme Court never should have let this ‘fishing expedition’ happen, but they did,” President Trump said after the decision, calling it “a continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our Country.”

It’s unclear when the Left will stop focusing on President Trump, but this is becoming tiresome.

Many members of the GOP are rejecting Trump, turning on him for what can only be viewed as political convenience. But is it a smart idea? According to a new poll, it really isn’t. In fact, the GOP risks losing about half of the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald J. Trump in 2020.

Suffolk University/USA TODAY survey reveals that nearly half — 46 percent — of Trump voters say that if the former President were to join a third party, they would follow him there. “If there’s a civil war in the Republican Party, the voters who backed Donald Trump in November’s election are ready to choose sides,” the USA Today report says. “Behind Trump.”

It gets worse for the GOP. Only 27 percent say they would definitely stick with the Party. Another 27 percent say they are not sure what they will do. In other words, nearly double the number who are sure about the GOP say they are certain about Trump — certain enough to follow him to another political party. And support for third parties is at an all-time high, so this isn’t exactly unlikely.

And the news for the GOP gets grimmer. President Trump has hinted at forming a new political party — one that this survey shows will leech nearly 35 million away from the Republican Party at a minimum. If he pulls the trigger on a political party of his own, President Trump plans to call it the “Patriot Pary,” a name many of those undecideds could likely get behind.

No matter how some like Mitch McConnell feel about President Trump, it is clear that opposing him may very well mean the death of the Republican Party. And that may mean a dark period in which Democrats use the split in support to seize total control. Joe Biden talks a lot about unifying the country, but we must focus first on unifying the party. The future of this great nation depends on it.

Trump derangement syndrome continues to ravage America. While most focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, many ignore this disease that has infected Democrats since President Trump first announced his candidacy — and whole numbers for the former are dropping overall, the latter doesn’t seem like it will go away anytime soon. Now, the Left wants to ban President Trump’s name from all federal property.

An impressive 75 million Americans voted for President Trump in 2020. But Democrats have done nothing but paint his supporters as terrorists and Donald John Trump as the leader of a terrorist organization. It may seem crazy, but that’s the reality we are dealing with. Despite widespread condemnation, Democrats are moving forward with their “No Glory For Hate Act,” which not only would ban President Trump from being buried in Arlington National Cemetery, but also make it so not so much as a park bench can be named after him. The Daily Wire reports:

The legislation reads in part: “[N]o Federal funds may be used to create or display any symbol, monument, or statue commemorating any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives on or before the date of enactment of this Act or has been convicted of a State or Federal crime relating to actions taken in an official capacity as President of the United States on Federal public land, including any highway, park, subway, Federal building, military installation, street, or other Federal property; or name, designate, or redesignate a Federal building or Federal land after, or in commemoration of, any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives on or before the date of enactment of this Act or has been convicted of a State or Federal crime relating to actions taken in an official capacity as President of the United States.”

This means no federally funded statues, monuments, street names, libraries, naval vessels, or anything else named after the greatest President we have had since Reagan. The bill doesn’t mention Trump by name. Instead, Democrats target any  “President hat has been twice impeached” by the House.

In the unlikely event that this petty, hateful bill passes, this could backfire huge on Democrats. If Republicans manage to retake the House in midterm elections, they can then impeach Biden twice and ban him from having anything named after him, too.

This entire endeavor is childish. Thousands of Americans are dying of COVID under Biden daily. Snowstorms are ravaging Texas, leaving citizens without power. But Democrats are focused on the only thing that matters to them — hurting Donald Trump.

With Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrests, many expected damning evidence of Bill Clinton to surface. He has been on Epstein’s private plane. He’s visited “pedo island.” And of course, there were already rumors of blackmail tapes Epstein made. What happened? According to a CBS producer, they remain hidden.

Following his arrest, Epstein died in prison under suspicious circumstances. One can only guess at what really happened as evidence was either covered up or there were unbelievable levels of incompetence everywhere. But Maxwell? She apparently played ball.

In 2016, Maxwell was tricked by CBS producer Ira Rosen into admitting that Epstein did indeed make tapes of his high-profile friends, including the Clintons. “I want the tapes. I know he [Epstein] was videotaping everyone and I want the tapes of Trump with the girls,’ Rosen said at the time, according to his new book, Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes. Two of Epstein’s victims confirmed seeing banks of CCTV monitors in a room in Epstein’s New York mansion. Maxwell said she doesn’t know where they are, but told him to “ask Epstein” and that the “fate of the country is at stake.”

“Trump could be elected president and how would you feel if those tapes emerged after he was in office?” Rosen asked Maxwell. What happened next was insane. Maxwell said that she didn’t want to help find the Trump tapes because she would also have to help find the damning tapes featuring Bill Clinton:

‘She gave me a stern look and pointed a finger in my face. She said: “I am the daughter of a press baron. I know the way you people think. If you do one side, you must do the other. If you get the tapes on Trump you have to do Clinton”.’

Rosen replied: ‘I will. I will go wherever the story goes.’

According to Maxwell, however, Epstein, allegedly never told her of the whereabouts of the tapes, Rosen writes. 

‘Maxwell didn’t want Trump elected, but said that Hillary Clinton was comfortably ahead and there was no need for the story to come out.

‘Besides, she said, Epstein never shared with her the location of the tapes.’

Bill Clinton, according to flight logs, traveled on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” at least 26 times, and he has been photographed receiving a massage from one of Epstein’s young victims while on the private jet.

Other reports confirm that Clinton has visited Epstein’s private island, but the former President denies this. Maxwell still awaits trial for her role in Epstein’s sick empire. Perhaps now that the 2016 election is over, Hillary lost, and Joe Biden is President, Maxwell can be persuaded to reveal the location of the recordings. It’s highly doubtful, after all, that she truly doesn’t know where Epstein kept them.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers aren’t exactly good. A new Rasmussen poll has revealed that a staggering percentage of Americans agree that he is a “puppet” — a high number we’re sure President* Biden wishes didn’t exist.

A survey of 1,000 voters conducted February 15-16 — less than one month into Biden’s presidency — asked voters one simple question:

“Joe Biden’s not the moderate nice guy that they made him out to be. He’s a puppet of the radical left.” 

Americans were asked to “agree” or “disagree.” The poll results have a a 95% confidence level, and the answers aren’t good for Biden. Only 40 percent of voters chose “disagree.” A whopping 54 percent chose “Agree,” however. This means that most Americans recognize that Joe Biden is a puppet of leftists who want to push a socialist agenda on America.

While Republicans “Agreed” at an 82 percent rate and unaffiliated voters chose “agree” more than half the time, Democrats showed that they are deluded. Only 27 percent chose “Agree.” Overall, the percentages were closest to how “Unaffiliated” voters view things.

This was another case of Donald Trump being right. Way before this poll happened, while he was still campaigning against Joe Biden, President Trump said that Joe Biden was a “puppet of the radical left movement” during a speech near Scranton, Pennsylvania. Trump was, naturally, mocked for his remark, but once again reality has caught up to the Democrats and the media. Americans agree overwhelmingly with President Trump.

Trump warned Americans many times that Biden would be nothing but a puppet for leftists, and life is playing out exactly as he said. Biden recently skipped his obligations to play Mario Kart at Camp David, for example. Kamala Harris seems to be in charge. And America continues to glide steadily toward socialism, as it has from the very moment he was elected.

It’s up to us to stop Joe Biden. Don’t just vote in the next presidential election. Show up for the midterms and help take Congress back. We need control of both the House and Senate in 2024 to protect the integrity of the election so this leftist puppet gets shut down before he has a second term to ruin our country.

Forget Gab. Forget Parler. If you’re a conservative looking for an online home, President Trump may soon be making social media great again. The Washington Examiner reports that President Trump is courting donors to kick off his very own social media site — one that will provide conservatives, and him, with a place to share our thoughts without facing removal for posting facts or otherwise the wrong stuff in the eyes of liberal-run social sites.

President Trump has reportedly raised millions of dollars to support his effort to protect free speech online, and talks include multiple Silicon Valley investors who are concerned with the plague of “cancel culture.” In an interview with NewsMax, President Trump spoke more about his plans:

“We’re negotiating with a number of people. There is also the option of building your own site because we have more people than anybody, so you can literally build your own site. But we were being really harassed on Twitter. They were putting up all sorts of flags, I guess they call them, they were flagging almost anything you said.”

President Trump was banned from Twitter after he encouraged a crowd of protesters to remain peaceful and go home on January 6. Though numerous Democrats were arrested in what the Left calls an “insurrection,” no such thing happened. But what followed was a wave of suspensions across seemingly all social media sites that included numerous prominent conservative figures and even more everyday Americans. Parler, the one social media site that still supported free speech, was kicked off of Amazon’s hosting service and forced to go dark for a month until the website could be rebuilt from scratch.

It’s unclear when President Trump’s platform will launch, but it will be a great day for conservatives who are sick of being silenced.

Will President Trump run in 2024? A Politico/Morning Consult poll recently revealed that they would vote for President Trump over numerous other Republicans, including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, and even Mike Pence, who came in second. There has never been a man who is more popular in the Republican Party. But does President Trump feel like sacrificing everything yet again to serve the American people? The answer is a resounding “maybe.”

In an interview with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly on Wednesday, President Trump refused to say whether or not a 2024 run was in the works. But he did hint that he may be willing to take on Joe Biden again.

“Well, we have tremendous support. I won’t say yet, but we have tremendous support.” President Trump says. “I’m looking at poll numbers that are through the roof. I’m the only guy that gets impeached and my numbers go up. Figure that one out.” President Trump’s approval numbers did indeed rise post-impeachment.

President Trump says that MAGA is still going strong. “The whole MAGA movement, call it MAGA, call it whatever you want, call it America First as opposed to America last,” he told the host. But he made it clear that he knows the Republican Party doesn’t entirely back him. “The Republicans are soft. They only hit their own. Like Mitch. They hit their own,” he says. “They don’t hit — if he spent the same time hitting Schumer and Biden, they would be much better off. That, I can tell you.”

President Trump may be playing coy because of a new political party he might form. Reports have suggested that the President has inquired about forming the “Patriot Party,” a new entity intended to challenge Democrats and RINOs alike. It’s unclear what will happen at this point, but someone needs to step up and take down Biden in 2024.

Forget COVID-19. The real pandemic America faces is Trump Derangement Syndrome — and seemingly every liberal is infected. Not only have they driven President Trump off social media, filed lawsuits intended to “put Trump out of business,” and branded all conservatives who support him as terroirsts, but now they want to ban him from being buried in his rightful place.

Democrats chose to ignore all the nation’s problems — the pandemic, blackouts, snow-related emergencies, and more — to introduce a bill that truly matters to them, a bill that shows their priorities. California Rep. Linda Sanchez introduced the No Glory For Hate Act, which “prohibit the use of Federal funds for the commemoration of certain former Presidents, and for other purposes.” One might assume that the bill targets former Presidents like Democrat Harry S. Truman, who was accused by many in his time of being in the Ku Klux Klan. Or Joe Biden, who has encouraged terrorist organizations like BLM and Antifa. But no.

The bill is written to only apply to one man — Donald J. Trump. The bill prohibits “the interment or inurnment in Arlington National Cemetery of any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives.”

President Trump is indeed the only President who has twice been impeached — and he was found innocent in both political witch hunts. But who’s to say fun cannot be had with this? Let them pass their bill. Let it pass the Senate. Let Joe Biden sign it into law. The problem with this weird, spiteful plan is that every Democrat going forward can be impeached as long as Republicans control the House.

While H.R. 484 is unlikely to pass, Democrats’ reactions when Republicans retake the House and Joe Biden finds himself impeached twice, very quickly after midterm elections might just be hilarious enough to let them have this one. After all, it is more important than thousands of dead Americans every single day thanks to Biden’s mismanagement of the Coronavirus. Right?

Liberals are sick. Not only do they want him impeached, imprisoned, and dead. Now, a leftist journalist has hopped on the train with the latest trend: wishing all of Trump’s properties were destroyed. In an appearance on MSNBC, Bulwark writer Tim Miller wished we could “blow up all the Trump buildings” and “erase former President Donald Trump from America’s memory.”

This follows a trend we saw begin at the demolition of President Trump’s Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. The demolition was scheduled, but it definitely grew a crowd of “peaceful” leftists, who chanted “blow it up.” Mayor Marty Small said the demolition a“truly a great day in Atlantic City.” The city even auctioned off the right to press the button.

Host Nicole Wallace played a video of President Trump’s property being demolished. ” Is that a metaphor, Tim? Are we done? Is this Trump and all that he ushered in? Are we done? Is it imploding?” she asked. He launched into an explanation that the Biden White House is allegedly done talking about Trump despite mentioning him constantly in recent memory. Then things get crazy:

“I’ve heard from folks when I’m firing off tweets about Trump telling me to shut up about it, I wish you’d just be quiet and not talk about him anymore, and I understand that point of view. Everybody wants to move on. I wish we could just blow up all the Trump buildings like that with nobody in them and just kind of erase him from our memory ‘Men In Black’ style, but we can’t.”

No, you don’t need to visit an optometrist. This obviousy sane, well-adjusted left-wing “news” writer actually said he wants to blow up all of Trump’s buildings.

When President Trump told people to peacefully protest, he was branded the leader of a terrorist organization and all conservatives that organization. But this guy? Apparently, he is allowed to say all of Trump’s buildings should be blown up without a single consequence. He’s still on social media. Wallace didn’t immediately yell at him for “incitement.” He was allowed to continue like the things he said are normal.

“He’s not going anywhere. He’s still got a stranglehold on the party, which is why all of those cowards voted to let him off in the Senate over the weekend … I hope that we can move on,” Miller says. “I’m enjoying the metaphor that you’re putting forward, Nicolle, but I think sadly, while Joe Biden has a big job to do, some of the rest of us are still going to have to keep our eyes on what’s happening in Mar-a-Lago, because I don’t think he’s going anywhere,” 

He’s right that President Trump isn’t going anywhere. He has made it very clear that he intends to stick around and continue working to make America great.

The Left wants to make President Trump suffer for tirelessly working to benefit all Americans. Ever since before he was elected, Democrats have been scheming. Barack Obama conducted an illegal investigation. Members of Trump’s team were wiretapped. They’ve arrested, charged, and convicted of phony crimes as many people around him as they can. President Trump, fortunately, used his pardon power to undo much of that damage. But Democrats have impeached him on trumped-up charges twice unsuccessfully, branded conservatives as terrorists with him as the leader of a terrorist organization, and more. Now that the second impeachment scam has revealed once again that the President is innocent of all wrongdoing, the NAACP has filed a lawsuit targeting Trump — and now they admit its goal isn’t to exact justice of some sort. It’s to “put him out of business.”

The lawsuit claims President Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani violated the 19th-century Ku Klux Klan Act by allegedly collaborating with alleged white supremacists the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to somehow stop the election. That’s a lot of “allegedlies,” we know. And the NAACP knows it. So do Democrats like Congressman Bennie Thompson, who joined the lawsuit. The goal isn’t to win the lawsuit or even come close.

“Donald Trump has to go away. If he doesn’t, we will put him out of business,” Thompson admitted in an interview with CBSN Wednesday. Thompson, the chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, appeared in the interview with NAACP President Derrick Johnson, who previously claimed the lawsuit intended to “put a check on the spread of domestic terrorism.”

Despite Trump’s clear acquittal, Johnson says the arguments in the House — the ones that failed to earn a conviction —  “justify this lawsuit.”

“It is a different standard, is not based on partisanship,” Johnson says. “We believe that there are enough facts, video and statements directly from the president — whether given in speeches or through his tweets — that will show conclusively that there was a conspiracy to prevent the peaceful transfer of power in this country.”

But there’s a problem. Thompson already said the quiet part out loud. This lawsuit isn’t about keeping people safe. It’s not about protecting lawmakers. It’s not about right and wrong. It’s about putting Trump “out of business.” Watch it below: