(FreedomWire.org) – Last week, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland surprised the nation by announcing that he had appointed a special counsel to oversee two DOJ-led criminal investigations concerning former President Donald Trump, including the Mar-a-Lago classified documents debacle and the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

“Based on recent developments, including the former president’s announcement that he is a candidate for president in the next election, and the sitting president’s stated intention to be a candidate as well, I have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint a special counsel,” Garland said in a statement, naming Jack Smith as the special counsel who will oversee the investigations.

While Smith is generally known as an experienced, neutral prosecutor who’s worked several high-profile cases against Democrats and Republicans, the same might not be true for his wife, a filmmaker who seemingly has clear partisan ties.

According to the New York Post, Smith’s wife, Katy Chevigny, has “producer” credits for a 2020 Netflix documentary titled “Becoming.” The subject of the documentary is former first lady Michelle Obama.

Further complicating matters, especially in the court of public opinion, is the revelation that Chevigny donated $2,000 to President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign that same year.

News of Chevigny’s political donation to the Biden campaign and her work on the Michelle Obama film stirred intense debate on social media as to whether it creates a conflict of interest for her husband in his investigation into Trump, as Trump stands a strong chance at becoming Biden’s political opponent in 2024.

Georgia Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde slammed the Justice Department on Monday.

“You just can’t make this stuff up. Katy Chevigny, wife of Jack Smith—the special counsel appointed by DOJ to go after President Trump, donated to Joe Biden’s campaign and produced Michelle Obama’s documentary. America cannot stand with a corrupt, two-tiered justice system,” Clyde tweeted.

Others echoed the same sentiment, including Turning Point USA founder and president Charlie Kirk.

“Of course the wife of Jack Smith, the special counsel appointed by Merrick Garland to investigate President Trump, was one of the producers of the Michelle Obama documentary. But don’t worry guys, the DOJ has not been weaponized against conservatives. Everything is fine!” Kirk tweeted Monday.

According to The Washington Post, Smith will begin his investigation remotely from the Netherlands after recovering from a recent bicycle accident.

CNN reported Monday that Smith’s investigation has officially launched after he took his oath of office, presumably remotely, to make it official. Both AG Garland and Smith have insisted that the special counsel addition to the investigations will not slow them down.

So far, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that Smith will recuse himself due to his wife’s political leanings.

(FreedomWire.org) – Some of the most notorious agencies on the planet are now paying attention to the FTX bankruptcy.

Investors hurried to withdraw their money from FTX, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, last week out of concern that it was about to go under.

Sam Bankman-Fried, the business’s owner, insisted that the fund was not at risk. That proved untrue, as FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Friday, and Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO.

Since then, it has been claimed that at least $1 billion in client funds have vanished, and there have been speculations of a Bankman-Fried flight to South America. He has denied this.

We discovered that at least $1 billion was lost, and FTX was also involved in dealings with Ukraine. We also know that Bill Clinton and the now-retired CEO of FTX made presentations at the most recent Clinton Global Initiative. It must be questionable if the Clintons were connected to it.

Last week, it was revealed that the World Economic Forum had removed the portion of its website that indicated a relationship with FTX.

What were the WEF and FTX doing?

The website Money.com reported that the dishonest SDNY was looking into FTX.

According to news sources last Monday, the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office looks into FTX after its collapse, reportedly valued at more than $32 billion.

According to Reuters, which used an unnamed source, prosecutors at the Department of Justice’s Southern District of New York have started an investigation. According to reports cited by Reuters last week, at least $1 billion in customer funds had disappeared from FTX, a company based in the Bahamas.

FTX is the former third-largest cryptocurrency exchange, according to the Wall Street Journal’s reporting.

The DOJ under Biden is ridiculously corrupt. That agency looking into FTX is so unreliable it defies belief. The military branch of the Biden government is Biden’s DOJ.

The Democrats, the Clintons, the World Economic Forum, and Ukraine are all associated with FTX. The investigation into the numerous corrupt connections to this corporation by Biden’s FBI and DOJ will never be completed.

(FreedomWire.org) – Bill O’Reilly predicted the Biden Justice Department’s appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith to investigate Donald Trump will backfire on the Democrats.

O’Reilly said, “In order for Jack Smith to investigate what Trump did or did not do on Jan. 6, he has to get into the FBI and what the FBI did or did not do. He has to. He can’t bury it.”

Bill said the New York Times reported that Noting that “there were at least eight FBI agents embedded in the most virulent protesters that day. They were there. The FBI was there. Well, what the deuce were they doing?”

That issue came up in the House recently during a committee hearing when FBI Director Christopher Wray was questioned.

“Did the FBI have confidential human sources embedded within the January 6 protests on January 6, 2021?” Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) asked Wray.

Wray said: “As I’m sure you can appreciate, I have to be very careful about what I can say about when and where we do and do not use confidential human sources…

“But to the extent there is the suggestion that the FBI’s confidential human sources or FBI employees in some way instigated or orchestrated Jan 6th, that’s categorically false.”

Higgins said, “Did you have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol on January 6, prior to the doors being opened?”

“Again, I have to be very careful,” Wray said.

“It should be a no!” Higgins said. 

“Can you not tell the American people, ‘No, we did not have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters positioned inside the Capitol on January 6.’?”

“You should not read anything into my decision not to share information on confidential human sources,” Wray said.

“The question,” O’Reilly said, “was simple: 

Did any FBI agents dress up like Trump supporters and go into that Capitol? 

“And Wray would not answer the question. Now, that should raise flags everywhere.

“I don’t think Garland even considered that when he was mocking up the special counsel. 

“I don’t think he even considered it.

“But if it’s proven to be true, and I’m not a conspiracy guy, I don’t believe the FBI instigated anything — but if the FBI knew what was gonna happen and didn’t report it to the White House and to the Justice Department, all hell’s gonna break loose in this country.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Former Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday blamed “bad advice from lawyers” after former President Donald Trump incited an attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.

During an interview on Meet the Press, Pence was asked if Trump had criminal liability for inciting the attack. “Do you think that Trump committed a criminal act in fomenting the insurrection?” host Chuck Todd asked. “Do you think a crime was committed?”

“Well, I don’t know if it is criminal to listen to bad advice from lawyers,” Pence answered. “Truth is, what the president was repeating was what he was hearing from that gaggle of attorneys around him. And you know, presidents, just like all of us that have served in public life, you have to rely on your team.”

“I hope we can move beyond this,” he continued. “This is really a time when our country ought to be healing.”

Pence went on to attack the Department of Justice for “advancing political agendas.”

“And then this summer when we see the Justice Department execute a search warrant against the personal residence of a former president,” he complained. “I think the American people join me in hoping we can move past this contention.”

Todd asked if Trump is above the law, which Pence responded, “no one is above the law,” “But I would hope the Justice Department would give careful consideration before they take any additional steps in this matter.”

Just last week, Pence talked about his friendship with Trump, and all that they accomplished while in office together.

(FreedomWire.org) – Former President Bill Clinton was directly questioned about his connections to Jeffrey Epstein on Monday.

Real America’s Voice journalist Juan Diaz said in a tweet Monday that he asked Clinton about his relationship to the deceased sex offender during a campaign event in support of Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar in Laredo.

“Mr. Clinton, any comments on the alleged — allegation of your connection with Jeffrey Epstein?” Diaz said.

Clinton forced a fake smile but shot daggers from his eyes at Moore before saying:

“I think the evidence is clear.”

Two witnesses who were privy to the workings of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring have described seeing Clinton in the flesh on the billionaire’s private island of Little Saint James.

Those trafficked by Epstein have described being victimized on the island, often while underage.

In 2011, Virginia Giuffre, a woman who was trafficked by Epstein, described seeing Clinton on the Caribbean island, according to the New York Post.

“I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said well he owes me a favor,” Giuffre said of seeing the former president in a deposition unsealed in 2020.

Steve Scully, a former employee of Epstein’s on the island also recounted seeing Clinton there.

Another longtime aide of the Democratic president has indicated that Clinton visited the island, according to Fox News.

Doug Band served in the Clinton White House before working for Clinton after he left the presidency.

Now that Elon Musk owns Twitter we may get a break in the case of the missing Epstein client list. Musk, and many other independent thinkers have all called for the list to be released or leaked.

Earlier Musk posted a meme that said ‘Things I’ll never see in my life’ with pictures of a fire-breathing dragon, a dinosaur, a unicorn, and the Epstein/Maxwell client list.

Musk added the caption: “Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares. Doesn’t that seem odd?”

That was not the first time Musk demanded answers about the ‘missing’ client list.

A Twitter user asked him: “It says it all that we heard more about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock than we heard about Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. It is also “interesting” that the account tracking the Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial got banned when it gained traction. Lovely people indeed…”

Musk responded with: “Where is their ‘client’ list? Shouldn’t at least one of them go down!?”

He added a bit later: “Hey, why are they already writing my suicide story!?”

Greg Price tweeted out pictures of Clinton and Epstein together.

(FreedomWire.org) – Former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, has laid out a major charge against the nation’s highest intelligence agencies as he said that China is “laughing all the way” over what has happened with the Hunter Biden laptop.

Speaking with the Newsmax show “John Bachman Now,” the former ambassador to Germany said that there was “no possible way” that laptop was covered up sans help from officials in the Department of Justice and FBI, Newsmax reported.

“I don’t say it lightly,” he said. “There’s no possible way that someone at DOJ didn’t see what was happening with that laptop three weeks before the 2020 election.”

“Let me be very clear,” he argued. “That is the Beijing line. That’s what China wants you to do. China does not want you looking at that laptop because of all the details about the Chinese businessmen with the Biden family.”

He also said that there was “no possible way” FBI agents did not notice that the Biden team and Democrats were blaming the laptop on a Russian disinformation campaign.

He said when “the Democrats and the DOJ and the FBI allowed the narrative to shift,” the Chinese “love it.”

He also argued that there was no need for a special counsel to investigate the matter.

“Why do we need an outside special counsel?” the national security analyst said. “The only time you need an outside special counsel is if you come to the table and you assume that DOJ can’t do its job and it’s too biased. I’m not there yet.”

And he argued that there needs to be changes made in the FBI.

“I can tell you from being the acting director of national intelligence when I looked at these FBI agents whose names were on the information that said redacted information, and I would say ‘why did you redact this?’ they would say to me ‘I actually didn’t redact it my boss did,’” he said.

This means there are a lot of hard-working FBI agents who are trying to do the right thing, but there needs to be “prosecutions and a total clean-out” at the top of the federal agencies, he added.

Grenell also discussed reports that four Secret Service members, including a person on first lady Jill Biden’s detail, have been suspended for accepting gifts from men charged with impersonating federal officials.

“The Inspector-General needs to get involved,” he argued. “The DOJ needs to get involved. I don’t want to default to outside organizations. They’ve got to clean up themselves.”

And he said that when agents know that other agents, or bosses, are engaged in chicanery, “you need to start outing them, and there needs to be self-policing.”

It was reported this week that Ron Klain, the Chief of Staff for President Joe Biden, apparently reached out to Hunter Biden in September 2012 to ask for help to raise 20,000 for the Vice President’s Residence Foundation (VPRF) and asked him to “keep this low low key” to prevent “bad PR,” emails reviewed by Fox News Digital showed.

Klain was the head of the foundation, a year after leaving his position as the vice president’s chief of staff, and told Hunter that he needed his help “tackle a piece of unpleasant business,” Fox News reported.

“The tax lawyers for the VP Residence Foundation have concluded that since the Cheney folks last raised money in 2007 and not 2008, we actually have to have some incoming funds before the end of this fiscal year (i.e., before 9/30/12 – next week) to remain eligible to be a ‘public charity,’” he said to Hunter in the email.

“It’s not much – we need to raise a total of $20,000 – so I’m hitting up a few very close friends on a very confidential basis to write checks of $2,000 each,” he said to Hunter.

He added in the email: “We need to keep this low low key because raising money for the Residence now is bad PR – but it has to be done, so I’m trying to just collect the 10 checks of $2,000, get it done in a week, and then, we can do an event for the Residence Foundation after the election.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Another Republican lawmaker has reported being illegally investigated, this time by the Biden administration’s Department of Justice.

The DOJ has opened the constituent mail of Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert’s at least twice, he said Tuesday.

That same day, Rep. Troy Nehls, also of Texas, said a Capitol Police officer had taken illegal photographs of materials being processed in his office.

In January, Gohmert’s office received a letter from a Christian missionary already opened and with a stamp indicating it had been through the DOJ mailroom and had been X-rayed, the congressman said in a statement.

Last week, Gohmert said, another opened letter arrived at his office, this time with a postmark indicating it had been delayed four and a half months. That letter also had a DOJ stamp, he said.

Congress and the executive branch have different ZIP Codes and their mail should not be mixed, much less opened, according to the congressman.

“It is gravely concerning that since Congressional mail is constitutionally protected under the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution, it could be routed, intentionally or not, through the highly partisan DOJ. This is felonious behavior,” Gohmert said in his statement.

“Given reports breaking today of an Inspector General’s investigation being opened after another Republican member alleged Speaker Pelosi’s Capitol Police were in his personal office photographing his work product, the Democrat’s spying on political opponents appears to know no end,” he continued.

Nehls, who has been a thorn in the side of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her kangaroo court investigation of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion, said in a news release Tuesday that a Capitol Police officer entered his unlocked office on Nov. 20 and photographed “confidential material.”

A few days later, he said, three plain-clothed Capitol Police officers came into the office and questioned one of Nehls’ staffers about material photographed that the Capitol Police considered “suspicious writing.”

According to Nehls, police said the writing seemed like a veiled threat against the congressman, but “it became clear that my office was under investigation and surveillance by USCP. We were the ‘threat.’”

Pelosi has applied extreme tactics toward House members — constituents cannot freely approach their elected representatives without Pelosi having them monitored.

“The Speaker has already required offices to turn in names, dates, and times of our meetings, along with the purpose of the meeting, for our constituents to be allowed entrance into our office buildings to meet with their duly-elected member of Congress,” Gohmert said in his statement.

“Then, we are told, she has the Capitol Police doing opposition research that is catalogued for later use.

“We have never ever seen a Congress so partisan to such an unethical and illegal extent. The people behind this should be hoping and praying that they will not be treated in the same manner in which they are running roughshod over Republicans when and if Republicans retake the majority.

According to Gohmert, the Supreme Court has ruled that the DOJ is prohibited from even using a search warrant to go through a congressman’s mail or office.

“We want answers to this outrage, not excuses,” he said.

Newsweek reported that it had reached out to the Justice Department about the congressman’s claims and had not received an immediate response.

Speaking on the House floor, Gohmert said the Biden administration and House Democrats don’t think House rules, the laws or the Constitution mean what they say.

“We have got to get back to following the Constitution if we’re going to preserve this republic,” he said. “But it is in [a] dire situation. It is in a desperate situation, and if we do not get back to following the Constitution and observing the rules of the House, then our republic will be lost.

“And that’s where we’re being taken right now.”