(FreedomWire.org) – Coming directly on the reports last week of the BLM shutting down their fundraising efforts because of legal action in two states for lack of financial transparency the group faces another scandal.

Pro-lockdown, pro-criminal, pro-mask Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is also apparently pro-Black Lives Matter.

Last month the governor’s office submitted a report to the Illinois General Assembly’s Legislative Budget Oversight Commission containing “information regarding revenue and expenditures, statutory transfers, grants awarded from certain federal relief related to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Included in the report was the bombshell fact that at some point before December of 2021, the governor funneled $300,000 to Black Lives Matter’s Lake County chapter.

This finding, first reported by the Lake County Gazette, comes amid reports that BLM Lake County and its locally notorious founder, Clyde McLemore, are currently facing eviction from their office that reportedly sits across from the Lake County Courthouse.

“[A]ccording to Lake County Court records, building manager Mon Ami Realty filed a commercial eviction notice with the court against McLemore and Black Lives Matter of Lake County on Jan. 3, 2022,” the Gazette notes.

The reason for the filing is unclear. What’s known is that McLemore is the quintessential criminal.

“McLemore, 63, was arrested in Kenosha, Wisc. in Feb. 2021 and charged with felony battery to a police officer and disorderly conduct after he allegedly kicked a door at the Kenosha Courthouse and threatened to ‘break the fingers’ of a Kenosha police officer. A hearing is scheduled on the charges for Feb. 28,” according to the Gazette.

“According to Lake County Court records, McLemore has pled guilty to criminal felony battery and criminal misdemeanor battery multiple times, as well as faced orders of protection over stalking, most recently in 2020 and 2019.”

That Pritzker would fork over money to a group run by a man of this caliber is not necessarily surprising. This is the same governor who last spring commuted the sentence of a man convicted in the gruesome double-murders of Pamela Powers and Willie Williams — and who did so without even informing the victims’ families.

This is also the same governor who signed a bill last year that will eliminate cash bail starting in 2023, and who — along with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot — has presided over a spike in Illinois crime.

What’s odd about Pritzker is that while it seems he’s all about cutting criminals a break and giving them cash, he appears to staunchly believe in punishing the innocent.

Last August, for instance, he issued a shocking order requiring even children under two to be masked up while at school, despite the coronavirus posing an “extremely low risk” to them.

His 2022 gubernatorial challenger, Illinois state Sen. Darren Bailey, responded to the stunning order by calling the governor a “tyrant”:

Similarly, during the earlier days of the pandemic, Pritzker instituted “the most restrictive lockdown in America,” as reported at the time by the Illinois Policy Institute.

The lockdown “destroyed the state of Illinois,” according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson. It also allegedly provoked a teen into killing himself.

As previously reported, Illinois mother Lisa Mara Moore’s teenage son Trevor Till loved sports and dreamed of making it to the state championships in pole vaulting during his senior year. But thanks to Pritzker’s draconian restrictions, the dream died in 2020, prompting him to take his own life in 2020 of that year.

Meanwhile, “rich and powerful” professional and college sports players, as Moore’s attorney put it, were allowed to keep playing.

When confronted with this criticism, Pritzker defended his restrictions by claiming the state — which gave $300,000 to a BLM chapter — couldn’t afford it.

“Professional sports and college sports have significant resources for protecting their players. For creating social distance, for example, by having multiple locker rooms; by making sure they have plexiglass everywhere that they need to separate the players; to test them on a much more regular basis than an individual high school or district could afford. That’s why there is a difference,”  he claimed.

Many have speculated that the cause of the violence at the Capitol stems from Antifa agent provocateurs. And now a report from none other than CNN seems to confirm, at least, that this is a possibility. Though the January 6 rally got out of hand, it didn’t even closely resemble any past Trump-related protests. Typically, there is no violence, no illegal activity, nothing like that. In fact, elements of it bear a closer semblance to Black Lives Matter riots than to any Trump rally. Despite this, the media has been pushing the narrative that January 6 was all President Trump and his supporters’ fault.

CNN, in a report intended to mock Trump supporters, let some interesting information slip. For instance, nearly 5% of those arrested didn’t vote in the election. But the “news” organization revealed something more damning: many of the alleged Trump supporters who were arrested are registered Democrats:

To determine who voted in November, CNN obtained voting records for more than 80 of the initial arrestees. Most voted in the presidential election, and while many were registered Republicans, a handful were registered as Democrats in those jurisdictions that provided party information — though who someone votes for is not publicly disclosed. Public access to voter history records varies by state, and CNN was unable to view the records of some of those charged.

Sure, most of the mostly peaceful crowd were Republicans who voted for President Trump. But a lot of them were Democrats who showed up for some reason and did things to get themselves and others arrested. It its own, this information proves nothing. But when one considers that BLM activist John Sullivan tweeted about busing people in, it begins to look, as Lewis Carroll wrote, “curiouser and curiouser.”

We may never know to what extent Antifa activists were responsible for the illegal activity at the Capitol, but one thing is for sure: no Democrat would attend a Trump-related event without motives that are not 100 percent ulterior.