amy coney barrett


Democrats have tried repeatedly to stop President Donald Trump from doing his job. They tried to stop him from closing the borders to keep us safe from COVID-19. They called him racist for shutting down flights from China, where the virus began. They tried to stop his nomination of Gorsuch. Kavanaugh. Now, they are trying to prevent him from doing his duty to the American people once again by trying to stop Amy Coney Barrett from taking her rightful place on the court.

Despite Democrats’ attempts to obstruct and disrupt the process, the Senate voted 51-48 to advance ACB’s nomination. Surprisingly, Senators Collins and Murkowski joined Democrats in voting against the advancement. Unsurprisingly. Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris felt she was too good to be there and skipped the vote entirely. Instead, she decided it was more important to campaign.

The Senate is currently debating her nomination. Talks in this final phase are limited to 30 hours. Murkowski says that while she objected to advancing ACB’s nomination to the court, she fully intends to vote for her in the final phase. Despite their decision to throw an all-night tantrum protesting the hearing, Democrats appear to have once again failed in their latest attempt to obstruct President Trump’s agenda — an agenda that puts Americans and America first.

Democrats will stop at nothing to cheat President Trump out of a second term. Be sure to show up to vote on November 3. The future of our nation depends on what we do on Election Day.