2022 Midterms


(FreedomWire.org) – President Joe Biden traveled to Westchester County, New York Sunday evening to deliver remarks at a Democrat campaign event.

With just two days to go until a high-stakes midterm election, Joe Biden confirmed he is for “no more drilling.”

“No more drilling. There is no more drilling. I haven’t formed any new drilling,” Biden said to the climate change protester.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) clapped and supported Biden’s war on domestic oil.

A few days ago Joe Biden said he was going to shut down all coal plants across the US.

The White House attempted damage control and tried to ‘clarify’ Biden’s statement after major backlash.

Will the White House walk back this statement too?

While Biden chatted with hecklers he nearly fell on stage.

‘Oops, stepping on a – hmm – it’s black. Anyway,’ Biden said after he nearly fell.

Biden was interrupted by several protesters. They were swiftly escorted out of the venue.

‘Let ’em holler. Let ’em holler,’ the president dismissed. ‘That’s more like my generation, alright. I’m with ya.’

The president was forced to stop mid-story when audience members brought his attention to someone requiring medical attention.

‘Okay, I got it, I got it,’ Biden said when the audience got frantic over the fainting spell. ‘Let’s get a little bit of help here. Someone fainted. I’ve got it, I’ve got it. We’ll get some help over here.’

It was one disaster after another. No wonder more democratic candidates didn’t want Biden to come campaign with them.

(FreedomWire.org) – Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake overruled President Joe Biden in a new interview and promised to secure the border if elected from what is ‘ just completely an invasion.’ She said.

“Cochise County, and what they call the Tucson sector, is where the majority of the so-called ‘gotaways’ come through. And you know, we’ve had more than 5 million people come here illegally; a million of them are gotaways. These are the people who have such bad backgrounds that they don’t want to be processed. 

“A lot of the people coming want to be processed for asylum, etc.; these are the people who are so dangerous they don’t want to be processed, and they’re coming through this area.

“They are targeting our children in other parts of Arizona through social media, encouraging them to come down and start helping with the smuggling of  people here illegally by driving them.

“And so our children are being targeted on social media, ‘Hey, make a quick 1000 bucks or 5000 bucks. Come on down, we’ll provide the car, we’ll provide the gas, all you have to do is drive these people who are coming through illegally to Phoenix.’ 

“They’re targeting our children that way, the drugs pouring across. We had a mother and father who lost their son when he took what he thought was a Tylenol three that a neighbor gave him, and it was laced with fentanyl. 

“It is just completely an invasion. And it is an effort by the CCP, the communists in China, working through the Mexican cartels to poison our young people in America.

“This is truly an invasion, and we have legal law to set us up.

“Our attorney general, Mark Brnovich … made a great statement saying that we truly do have an invasion, and you can use that to protect your border.

“And so we’ve got that, we’ve got Governor Ducey, who has been putting some barriers up, and he’s already in a battle with the federal government. I believe we’ll win this battle because it is our border, it is the Arizona border, and our state is defined by our border. 

“In Article One, Section One of our Arizona Constitution, it defines the state of Arizona by our borders, and so we can protect those borders. 

“It’s state property, we’re arguing, not federal property, that border, because of what it says in our Arizona Constitution.

“This is a health emergency; think about it.

 “The poison coming across with fentanyl is killing more young Americans than any other cause of death. So you know, the ocelots and squirrels and crickets are going to have to take a little break while we get our borders under control because that’s what the EPA, you know, the environmentalists will argue — ‘We can’t secure the border because the crickets and the bugs are going to be hurt.’ 

“Well, they’re going to have to wait for a bit because we are seeing our people being hurt in Arizona and across this country. 

“And so we’re going to secure that border. We have many ways and many tools in the toolbox to address what’s happening at the border and secure it. And when we don’t have the right tool, we’ll do a MacGyver tool. And we’ll make one to make sure that we can secure this border.

“It’s horrifying what we saw and heard in Cochise County yesterday, and we had the whole Republican ticket with us.

“We need Blake to go back to the United States Senate and push back against the overreach of the federal government, free up some money so we can, for sure, you know, secure our border,” she said.

(FreedomWire.org) – Former president Barack Obama’s recent appearance in the battleground state of Arizona wasn’t enough to induce Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to save fellow Democrat party members.

Sinema skipped a rally in Phoenix where Obama was scrambling to support Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs – both of whom are in danger of losing races that were once comfortably in their grasp.

Sinema’s absence was notable, however, particularly in a state where moderate voters might put Kelly and Hobbs over the top. Democratic officials confirmed she’d been invited to attend but wasn’t there.

“She was not in Phoenix today for another commitment and so couldn’t join,” a Democratic Party spokeswoman told The Arizona Republic’s Laurie Roberts.

Roberts noted that the Arizona senior senator isn’t terribly happy with her party, nor them with her.

“I guess it’s not surprising that Sinema was washing her hair or whatever,” Roberts wrote. “Democrats are still steamed that she voted against an increase in the federal minimum wage and party leaders censured her earlier this year for aligning with Republicans and supporting the filibuster.”

However, even the liberal columnist was forced to admit that “Sinema is the Democrats’ superpower this year – or she should be.”

“She’s the highest ranking Democrat in the state and while her own party doesn’t much like her, independents and moderate Republicans do,” Roberts wrote. “So, where is she?”

It also doesn’t help that Kelly’s opponent, GOP nominee and venture capitalist Blake Masters, is using Sinema against him.

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer owns Mark Kelly,” Masters said in an interview with the U.K.’s Daily Mail. “Chuck Schumer does not own Kyrsten Sinema. He wishes he did.”

“Everyone knows Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell won’t own me,” he said.

And as for Sinema herself, Masters said, “She’s a very talented politician. She’s good. She’s active. She’s really actively engaged. And I hear this from Republicans — if you got a problem, you call Sinema’s office, you get a response.”

RealClearPolitics polling average reported Kelly led Masters by only 2.0 points as of Friday morning.

Meanwhile, Katie Hobbs is in more trouble.

The RealClearPolitics average has Lake up by 1.8 points, and Hobbs has yet to be up in a single poll counted in the aggregate since mid-October.

Sinema  not appearing for a big unity rally with Obama, spoke volumes on what she thinks of her fellow democrats.

(FreedomWire.org) – Former President Bill Clinton said on Wednesday that Republicans want people to be “miserable” and “angry.”

While campaigning for Democrat Josh Riley, who is running to represent New York’s 19th Congressional District, Clinton described Republicans as “pretty simple actually … and pretty straightforward. They say, ‘I want you to be very miserable'” as well as “‘very angry'” and to “‘vote for us and we’ll make it worse but we’ll blame them.'”

Republicans have relied on key issues such as crime rates, and inflation to boost their campaigns across the nation. Clinton, while he didn’t dispute Republican talking points, insisted that their rhetoric was nothing more than “tough talk.”

“Here’s the truth. We do have too much inflation, and we do have too much crime. But all this tough talk doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, that the Republicans are making,” he said.

Clinton then took aim at the prominent Republican Governors Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Greg Abbott of Texas calling out Republicans’ apparent paradoxical lamentations. Clinton said that in the states under the stewardship of the “two shining stars of the Republican firmament”, crime is “50 percent higher than it is in New York.” While this is true, Clinton failed to mention that the District of Columbia, and the state of New Mexico – both under Democratic governance – have significantly higher crime rates than Florida and Texas with D.C. taking the top spot in the whole nation. Cherry-picking statistics can create any narrative suitable for a particular argument.

“But wait, you can’t think, you’re supposed to be mad,” he added in an effort to redirect the ire of the constituency in attendance. Clinton then continued to echo a key Democrat talking point in these midterms by warning that if Republicans manage to take control of the House, they will slash the budgets of Medicare and Social Security.

These claims refer to Florida Senator Rick Scott’s proposal to sunset all federal legislation after five years in order to force Congress to pass new laws keeping them on the books, and the suggestion that key Republicans of the House that they would consider using next year’s debt-limit deadline to install new eligibility requirements for these popular programs. Scott maintains that he doesn’t “know one Republican” willing to axe Social Security.

Clinton went on to criticize the lack of support by Republicans for the boondoggle infrastructure bill, a bill that promised $1.2 trillion in spending, only $110 billion of which was allocated for roads and bridges. Clinton remarked that only 13 Republican members of the House of Congress voted to pass the bill, citing its lack of GOP support due to their aim of infuriating American citizens.

“Why? They gotta keep you upset, they gotta keep you angry,” the former president claimed.

In a 24-minute speech laden with jokes and folksy jargon, Clinton concluded to the crowd, “I want you to laugh because you can think when you laugh.” The midterm elections are forecasted to be rousing successes for the Republican party. If the Democrats lose control of the House and fail to win the tightly contested race that saw former president Bill Clinton stump for a relatively unknown candidate, it’s doubtful many will still be laughing.

(FreedomWire.org) – During Wednesday’s White House press conference, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if President Biden thinks Republican voters are a threat to Democracy.

Ahead of the midterms, Democrats and the White House have warned about candidates who deny the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, and have called Make America Great Again (MAGA) Republicans “a threat to democracy.”

“Following up on your comment that there is an alarming number of Republicans who are saying they’re not gonna accept election results, does that mean that President Biden thinks it is a threat to democracy if somebody votes Republican?” Doocy asked.

“No, that’s a ridiculous question, no,” Jean-Pierre said.

“Why is that a ridiculous question?” he asked.

“Because the American people should have their right to vote for whomever they want. Voting is a sacred right, it is something that the president wants to protect at every turn, and he has done that. He has taken actions to protect the right to vote, and you see Democrats in Congress also doing the work to protect the right to vote,” Jean-Pierre said. “We are talking about mega-MAGA Republican officials who have been very clear about this, who say they are pro-police but then are also pro-insurrectionist. You cannot be pro-police and pro-insurrectionist. Who also say they want to defund the FBI. That is a problem.”

Doocy then asked if Democrats and Republicans should be equally condemned for denying election results. The press secretary responded that the president will “call out any rhetoric” that threatens political violence, regardless of party affiliation.

During a speech in September, Biden said, “Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

He claimed so-called “MAGA Republicans” do not “respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of the law. They do not recognize the will of the people. They refuse to accept the results of a free election.”

(FreedomWire.org) – With little more than a week remaining until the midterms Democrats are pulling out all the stops on the campaign trail, save the “millstone” that President Joe Biden has become as perception becomes reality and the party made clear, “They don’t want him.”

The likelihood of the red wave has seemingly only increased in the countdown to election day as, rather than a question of if, debates have centered around how big the change in power will be. To stem the bleeding, campaigns in swing states have employed first lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and now even former President Barack Obama, but after a Friday fundraiser in Philadelphia the president retreated once again to his home in Delaware.

“I think it’s exactly where Democrats want him to be,” Targeted Victory Vice President Matt Gorman said to Fox News Digital. “They don’t want him within 100 miles of any competitive race.”

By contrast, Jill Biden was in New Hampshire campaigning for Sen. Maggie Hassan (D), Harris was at an event for Democrats in Baltimore, MD and Obama in Michigan and Wisconsin stumping for Govs. Gretchen Whitmer and Tony Evers respectively along with Wisconsin Senate candidate Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.

Kellyanne Conway, then-candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign manager and administration counselor, spoke with Fox News Digital and said, “Biden is back in his basement in Delaware while his Democratic Party struggles to retain control of the House and Senate. This is fitting, given that Biden’s disastrous policies and habit of ignoring the will of the people as expressed in polls has contributed to his own disapproval rating and the existential threat to a Democratic majority.”

She went on to add, “this is not ‘Biden Hidden’ – this is Biden being unpopular and unwelcome on the campaign trail,” and further suggested, “Former President Obama is popular, especially within his own party, but his record of delivering electoral victories for candidates other than himself is lacking: Over his eight years as president, Democrats lost a net 12 governors, nine U.S. senators, dozens of House seats and 950 state legislative seats.”

Meanwhile, Biden himself suggested there was nothing out of the ordinary with his retreating for a weekend getaway with mere days left until the election telling reporters after casting an early vote in Wilmington, DE Saturday, “I’m feeling good. I mean, I’ve been in I guess now 36 constituencies. Either to campaign for a specific candidate or going with a candidate who is doing something like at the bridge out at Pittsburgh.”

Though he went on to add, “I’m going to be all around the country,” the president is only scheduled for a trip out to New Mexico and California in addition to stops not far from home in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

While appearing on MSNBC, White House press secretary Karine Jean- Pierre was asked “Why is the former president on the campaign trail, and not the current president?”

As Biden’s popularity has sunk so too has the favor of being seen with the president for Democrats ceding ground, but his divisive qualities had pushed party members away with Barnes previously avoiding an event on Labor Day, less than a week after the infamous Independence Hall speech.

Axiom Strategies vice president of communications Matt Wolking told Fox News Digital, “Joe Biden is a millstone around the necks of most Democrats–whether he spends the final days of the election snoozing at the beach or talking with TikTok trans activists won’t move things much in either direction,” leaving it no wonder that the president has preemptively begun to blame Republicans for the troubles his policies will bring in the coming year.

(FreedomWire.org) – Former President Barack Obama was drowned out by hecklers in Michigan on Saturday while stumping for Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Obama was speaking in Detroit and expressed despair at the ongoing radicalization of U.S. politics and warned that “more people are gonna get hurt” if tensions do not de-escalate.

Obama was interrupted by a heckler who shouted out during a pause in the former president’s speech.

“Sir, this is what I’m saying,” Obama said to the heckler, exasperated. “We’ve got a process that we set up in our democracy.”

The former president continued, “Right now, I’m talking. You’ll have a chance to talk sometime later. You wouldn’t do that in a workplace.”

In the video below, you can hear the “heckler” and what he was trying to ask Obama before he was removed from the venue.

The crowd reacted negatively to the outburst, booing the heckler before chanting, “Obama” to drown out the back-and-forth.

Then Obama gets frustrated as he can’t give his speech because he drowned out by a chant of “F*** Joe Biden.”

(FreedomWire.org) – Joe Biden on Thursday traveled to Syracuse, New York to deliver remarks on Micron’s plan to invest in CHIPS manufacturing.

Biden falsely claimed gas was over $5 per gallon when he took office in January 2021.

“The most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over $5 when I took office,” Biden said.

Biden also falsely claimed “the price of inflation is down, real incomes are up, and the price of gas is down.”

It is unclear exactly what numbers Biden was referring to. Inflation is still up 8.2 percent from last year and real wages have fallen 17 months in a row.

When Biden was asked, “Given record inflation, why should voters choose Democrats?”

Biden’s response was, “Because it’s not record inflation anymore. I’m bringing it down. Look at what we inherited.”

Biden seems to be unaware that inflation was actually 1.4% when he took office and now we are at 8.2%.

Voters in Pennsylvania know that Biden is lying about inflation and gas prices. They know exactly who is to blame for our current situation.

Biden keeps insisting he was making things better for Americans, but he isn’t fooling anyone.

(FreedomWire.org) – A fiery segment on Monday’s episode of The View featured Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz explained how he was doing a bus tour across America and people were hurting because of the record inflation under Joe Biden, that his Administration was a “trainwreck.”

As he was talking about inflation, protesters began shouting from the audience. They were cursing so when you hear blanks here on the video, that’s them being bleeped out.

Cruz who was fully focused on getting out the message about inflation and how bad Biden has been. The hecklers were there to push climate change.

Whoopi Goldberg shut them down and booted them out.

Cruz didn’t just take on Biden, but he reminded people how much better it had been under President Donald Trump and a sane Republican approach to the economy.

Cruz also took down Biden over a topic that resonates with parents — the DOJ going after parents and treating them like “domestic terrorists.”

 Then Cruz and hosts butted heads over the Democrats’ hypocrisy when discussing claims of election fraud. 

When speaking with host Whoopi Goldberg, Cruz highlighted several instances where Democrats claimed that elections were illegitimate, citing moments dating back to George W. Bush’s election victory over Al Gore in 2000.

“So it’s illegitimate when Republicans win but not Democrats?” Cruz declares. That’s exactly what they are saying, with their response. They can’t refute what Cruz is saying when he starts reading off a list of all the election denying from the Democrats.

“Have you ever heard Democrats say ‘this president, we don’t like him but we’re not going to do our job. They did their job,'” Goldberg said before ending the segment.

(Freedomwire.org) – Hillary Clinton and California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom teamed up as co-chairs of Yes on Prop 1.

Proposition 1 , which — if passed — would expressly add a woman’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom — code for the ability to terminate their pregnancy up until birth — to the state’s constitution.

Last week, Clinton posted a campaign advertisement from the group on Twitter. At the 0:03 mark in the video below, a young woman is seen crying on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C., moments after the reversal of Roe v. Wade was announced on June 24. The word “SAD” appears over her image in the clip. The intended message, of course, is that she was overcome with emotion because American women would soon lose their right to reproductive freedom.

There was a problem with the ad, however. The young woman in question is Macy Petty, a pro-life activist who, in reality, was crying tears of joy over the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

She posted the ad on Twitter with the caption, “Hey Hillary, I’m the girl crying in this video. I am pro-life and those are HAPPY tears because I just witnessed a MIRACLE!”

In a separate post, Petty explained, “In the full video, it is obvious I am crying tears of joy upon the announcement of the Dobbs decision. I am holding a ‘Students for Life’ banner and am with friends who are also holding pro-life signs.”

“You selected the portion in which I fell to my knees in tears. At this moment, I witnessed a miracle,” she wrote. “As I continued to witness history, I pondered how lucky I was to witness such an event. I thanked the Lord for this decision and for opening my eyes to the evil of abortion. That is what brought me to tears.”

“Could you not find an early 20-year-old who was truly sad about the Dobbs decision,” she asked.

Petty demanded that Clinton and Newsom remove her from the video immediately.

In the updated video below, the clip of Petty has been replaced with that of another distraught young woman, presumably one was who was truly upset by the Supreme Court’s decision.

A WPA Intelligence poll released exclusively to The National Review last week found that “U.S. voters believe that the mainstream Democratic Party’s position on abortion is ‘more extreme’ than the mainstream Republican position by a nearly two-to-one margin.”

The poll asked 1,000 voters to choose which of two options they considered to be more extreme: “allowing abortions up until 9 months of pregnancy for any reason” or “restricting abortions to only in cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is in danger.” Democrats might be surprised that 57 percent chose the former and just 29 percent, the latter. Fourteen percent were unsure.