Democrats rushed the National Defense Authorization Act to the table pretty quickly. And since they chose to do so while also refusing to let anyone read it until just before the vote, many wondered what was in it — and why they didn’t want people to read it. President Trump is expected to veto the spending bill for many reasons, but he now has a huge one.

Fearing that the President may invoke the Insurrection Act to deal with any rioting that might happen if Democrat groups decide they are unhappy with anything that happens between now and the day Joe Biden becomes the next President. Distracting Americans with a paltry $600 stimulus payment — $1,400 less than President Trump wants — Democrats hid a provision in the bill that would nullify Donald Trump’s use of the insurrection act. This has traditionally existed in case the military must be deployed on American soil to quell dissent. The NDAA, if the President signs it, will force him to seek Congressional approval before invoking the Insurrection Act.

The NDAA is a mess. It includes massive gifts to foreign nations at a time when the United States is suffering — including money for gender studies and other useless things. The goal here isn’t to fund our nation. It’s not to do anything for Americans. The NDAA was written in a way that it is nothing but a slap in the face to Donald Trump. It is, at best, political gamesplaying when lawmakers should be coming together to help small businesses and average, everyday Americans who are suffering. But Democrats can’t be trusted to do anything that is for the good of the country.

The next four years with Joe Biden at the helm may completely wreck the ship we’re all on. It will be a terrifying time for America.