Popular conservative-leaning social media site Parler was forced offline following the January 6 incident in Washington, D.C. After some protesters or outside agitators (numerous Democrats were arrested) got out of hand, President Trump tried to calm the situation with a video plea for everyone to go home. Social media companies responded by banning him from their platforms. But what of Parler, a platform that supports the President? The only way to deal with that was to shut it down. But now, Parler is back!

Parler has developed a reputation as being an alternative to Twitter, which has been traditionally hostile to conservatives. But it found itself shut down with limited warning. Amazon Web Services terminated the company’s web hosting because some people posted about the DC protests on the platform. This move followed Google and Apple’s decisions to remove the app from their respective stores. Parler CEO John Matze was fied by the Board of Directors in an apparent effort to appease liberals. Though all of these companies cited violence, hate speech, and more in their decisions, Parler has always actively monitored for these and removed violations.

Despite the roadblocks put in Parler’s way, it is risen like a phoenix.  “We will not be canceled,” reads Parler’s first official post on the platform’s newest incarnation. The updated community guidelines document reads that Parler  “will not knowingly allow itself to be used as a tool for crime, civil torts, or other unlawful acts.”

“In no case will Parler decide what [content will] be removed or filtered, or whose account will be removed, on the basis of the opinion expressed within the content at issue,” the document continues, assuring users that content moderation will happen fairly — a concern many have after experiences with Facebook and Twitter.

This is good news. Parler has shown that while liberals can knock us down, we can get back up and keep fighting. We should all remember the strength of the most hated, most bullied social media platform in history. If they can stand strong, so can we.