Though you won’t hear about it from the mainstream media outlets, the truth is President Trump’s approval rating has bounced right back to 52%.  This is the same approval rating the president had prior to the pandemic.  The latest figures were revealed by Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.  The plain truth of the matter is the majority of Americans now approve of President Trump’s job performance. 

Trump’s Approval Rating Continues to Escalate

President Trump’s approval rating has soared six points in a single week’s time.  This is quite the massive leap in a mere seven days.  It is particularly interesting to note President Obama had a 48% job approval rating in the late summer prior to his re-election.  In other words, it appears as though history might be repeating itself.  Trump’s 52% approval rating is particularly significant as his approval rating has not been at this level since the China virus wreaked havoc on the United States back in late February. 

About the Survey

The Rasmussen Reports poll is completely legitimate.  This survey collected information from 1,500 individuals who considered themselves “likely voters”, meaning they are inclined to vote for at least one political candidate this fall.  The poll has a 2.5% margin of err.  This is a negligible margin of err that should not overshadow the spectacular results for Trump’s campaign.

Why Trump’s Approval Rate is Soaring

The United States economy is faring much better than most thought it would.  The economy added nearly 1.4 million jobs in August alone.  Furthermore, the country’s unemployment rate is under 9%.  All in all, the economy has added nearly 11 million jobs across the prior four months alone. 

Consumer confidence is increasing, employers are willing to take on new payroll and the food shortages have ended.  The only question is whether the positive economic news is enough to help President Trump win re-election.

Trump’s Approval in Swing States Will Prove Critically Important

The fact that Trump’s nationwide approval rating is above 50% is significant yet the swing states matter much more than deeply red or blue states.  Trump could easily replicate his 2016 swing state performance in which he narrowly edged out Hillary Clinton in the majority of these important “purple” states.  Trump is polling particularly well in Florida, a critically important swing state that has the potential to make or break his re-election chances.  Add in the fact that Trump is successfully grilling Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Pennsylvania for their anti-fracking stances and it is becoming that much more likely that election night will prove closer than most political pundits expect.  If the economy continues to improve and Biden reluctantly backtracks on his controversial stances such as fracking and free trade, Trump will gain even more ground, possibly setting the stage for re-election spurred by swing state success.