Though you won’t hear about it from the mainstream media outlets, the truth is President Trump’s approval rating has bounced right back to 52%.  This is the same approval rating the president had prior to the pandemic.  The latest figures were revealed by Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.  The plain truth of the matter is the majority of Americans now approve of President Trump’s job performance. 

Trump’s Approval Rating Continues to Escalate

President Trump’s approval rating has soared six points in a single week’s time.  This is quite the massive leap in a mere seven days.  It is particularly interesting to note President Obama had a 48% job approval rating in the late summer prior to his re-election.  In other words, it appears as though history might be repeating itself.  Trump’s 52% approval rating is particularly significant as his approval rating has not been at this level since the China virus wreaked havoc on the United States back in late February. 

About the Survey

The Rasmussen Reports poll is completely legitimate.  This survey collected information from 1,500 individuals who considered themselves “likely voters”, meaning they are inclined to vote for at least one political candidate this fall.  The poll has a 2.5% margin of err.  This is a negligible margin of err that should not overshadow the spectacular results for Trump’s campaign.

Why Trump’s Approval Rate is Soaring

The United States economy is faring much better than most thought it would.  The economy added nearly 1.4 million jobs in August alone.  Furthermore, the country’s unemployment rate is under 9%.  All in all, the economy has added nearly 11 million jobs across the prior four months alone. 

Consumer confidence is increasing, employers are willing to take on new payroll and the food shortages have ended.  The only question is whether the positive economic news is enough to help President Trump win re-election.

Trump’s Approval in Swing States Will Prove Critically Important

The fact that Trump’s nationwide approval rating is above 50% is significant yet the swing states matter much more than deeply red or blue states.  Trump could easily replicate his 2016 swing state performance in which he narrowly edged out Hillary Clinton in the majority of these important “purple” states.  Trump is polling particularly well in Florida, a critically important swing state that has the potential to make or break his re-election chances.  Add in the fact that Trump is successfully grilling Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Pennsylvania for their anti-fracking stances and it is becoming that much more likely that election night will prove closer than most political pundits expect.  If the economy continues to improve and Biden reluctantly backtracks on his controversial stances such as fracking and free trade, Trump will gain even more ground, possibly setting the stage for re-election spurred by swing state success.

The latest jobs figures are in and they show the economy is in much better shape than most assumed.  In fact, we might even be in the midst of a V-shaped recovery as President Trump promised when the pandemic started.  This is quite the accomplishment considering the fact that America’s real unemployment rate hovered around depression-era levels merely a couple months ago.

A Deeper Look Into the Jobs Figures

The jobs figures released at the end of the week show the country added nearly 1.4 million jobs in August alone.  The icing on the cake is the fact that the nationwide unemployment rate dropped to an impressive 8.4%.  Some economists predicted we would have double digit employment deep into 2021 or possibly even longer. 

The latest figures provide much-needed reassurance that the labor market is returning to at least a semblance of normalcy.  Economists predicted 50,000 fewer jobs would be added in August than were actually realized.  Furthermore, economists predicted the unemployment rate for the month would be a hair under 10%.  It is clear President Trump has the economy pointed in the right direction.

Hiring is Spiking Amidst the Pandemic

All in all, the American economy has added more than 10 million jobs across the prior four months.  The boost in the number of employed Americans indicates the private industry is hiring at a faster rate than many expected.  Furthermore, the jump in the jobs figures shows businesses ranging from restaurants to stores and other organizations are receiving more business than anticipated.  This is the fourth straight month in which the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons decreased.

A Manufacturing Rebound

The manufacturing sector has proven to be one of the country’s strongest.  Employment in this industry increased by nearly 30,000 in August alone.  The nondurable goods space enjoyed a gain of 27,000 jobs.  All in all, the private sector as a whole added nearly one million new jobs.  This is two times the estimate for the month made by ADP, one of the nation’s top payroll processors.  Add in the fact that the federal government hired hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom will conduct the census, and the foundation for an epic economic rebound is in the making.

Can Trump Ride the Economic Prosperity to Success?

As long as the stock market holds steady through November, there is a good chance President Trump will be re-elected this fall.  It is clear the jobs picture is getting rosier with each passing month.  If both the jobs market and stock market rise in unison in the months ahead, Trump’s campaign for re-election just might become an unstoppable force. 

However, even if there is a slight economic contraction moving forward, Trump has an ace up his sleeve in the form of a second stimulus payment.  This injection of cash directly into the economy a month or two prior to the election just might be enough to help Trump overcome challenger Joe Biden and win re-election.

Fracking has been quite the controversial tactic for several decades.  Politicians have been forced to take a stance on fracking, back it up with evidence and stick to their position across posterity for consistency’s sake.  However, as President Trump recently pointed out, Joe Biden has done the exact opposite.  Trump recently highlighted Biden’s hypocrisy on fracking while campaigning in Pennsylvania.

Biden Backtracks on Fracking

Now that Joe Biden is running for President of the United States of America, he must back up his previous statements in regard to fracking as well as other controversial issues.  However, Biden is backtracking on his fracking take as he is realizing his prior stance was flat-out wrong.  As President Trump pointed out, Biden is now stating that fracking is an acceptable practice.  However, this is a different tune than Biden sang in the past when he was not running for the highest office in the land.

President Trump pointed out Biden’s hypocrisy when speaking at a rally in Pennsylvania last week.  Trump stated a ban on fracking would result in Pennsylvania losing upwards of nearly a million jobs.  This is an important point as a Biden presidency would likely spell doom for Pennsylvania’s economy.  After all, Biden stated in a summer debate that his administration would not permit fracking. 

Furthermore, Biden stated his administration frowns upon the use of fossil fuels and coal.  Biden went as far as stating fracking should be eliminated.  Biden is now insisting fracking should continue, likely because if cancel culture had its way and eliminated this means of obtaining natural gas, the economy would be devastated.  President Trump shrewdly pointed out that Biden is on the record stating he would sacrifice employment in the oil and gas industries in the effort to pivot toward a green economy. 

Biden’s VP is Also in Trumps’ Crosshairs

Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, also made the mistake of siding with anti-frackers.  Harris vowed to implement an all-encompassing ban on fracking throughout the entirety of the country.  However, Harris is now also backtracking in unison with Biden.  President Trump is smart to seize the opportunity to lambaste Biden and Harris for their inconsistencies.  Trump is shining the spotlight on Biden’s recent comments in which he stated he will not ban fracking.  This is a full 180 from where Biden stood merely a couple months ago when debating Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and others in the summer debates. 

If President Trump is re-elected for a second term, it is quite possible his pro-fracking stance that has proven consistent across the years will be responsible for the victory.  In fact, Trump successfully passes all fact-checks when boasting he ended the war against fracking – a war launched during President Obama’s time in office.  As is often said when discussing American politics, “It’s the economy!”  People typically vote for the candidate that benefits their pocketbooks.  Trump’s flawless economic record combined with his support for the fracking industry has set the stage for his re-election this fall.

The mainstream media is making a big deal about President Trump’s alleged remarks about fallen American military members.  Anonymous sources supposedly leaked comments made by the president in which he called service members “losers” and “suckers”.  However, these sources did not go on the record, likely because they are mischaracterizing the president’s statements or possibly even telling bald-faced lies.

About the Supposed Comments

The Atlantic broke this story earlier in the week, highlighting the supposed disparaging remarks made by the president when speaking about dead American military members in a 2018 trip to Europe.  The sources who leaked the supposed comments fear a negative response on Twitter and beyond as the accusations are so severe.  However, critical thinkers will consider the possibility that the accusations are completely false. 

It is possible President Trump said nothing at all about the service members.  After all, this is a President who has been photographed hugging the American flag.  Furthermore, Trump has nothing to gain by denigrating American soldiers.  The story simply does not make sense.  This is precisely why those who have a strong allegiance to the truth and justice are questioning whether the entire story is a fabrication dreamed up by anti-Trump journalists.

Details About Trump’s Europe Trip

The supposed comments were allegedly made when Trump decided not to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery back in 2018.  The cemetery is located just outside of Paris.  It has been reported Trump skipped the trip as he supposedly did not want to get his hair wet.  Furthermore, it is alleged Trump did not want to honor the dead American soldiers buried in the cemetery as it as full of “losers and “suckers”. 

However, former officials of the Trump administration, many of whom have had heated disagreements with Trump, insist the story is completely inaccurate.  These officials insist the cemetery trip was called off due to the harsh weather conditions.

What About John Bolton’s Book?

Critical thinkers will look for evidence of the claim detailed above in all places and from all parties tied to the Trump administration including John Bolton.  Bolton, the former national security adviser, did not mention Trump’s supposed “losers” and “suckers” comments in his book.  If Trump actually made those statements, they would have been included in Bolton’s book as such sensational material would have helped sell that many more copies, lining Bolton’s pockets all the more.

Trump’s Response to the Accusation After the story was published, Trump responded with a tweet denying that he called the soldiers “losers”.  Trump went on to call our fallen soldiers “heroes”, insisting the damning allegations about his cancelled cemetery trip were complete fabrications.  Trump knows those around him might not stick with the administration through its entirety so it does not make sense for him to make controversial statements about fallen soldiers in their presence.  Furthermore, the alleged comments simply do not fit Trump’s character.  It appears as though this story is nothing but a lie, created by a leftist anonymous source with a vendetta against our patriotic president.

We now have a new sign that the apocalypse is near.  USC students recently complained to university administrators that their professor’s pronunciation of a Chinese word negatively impacted their mental health.  The complaint led to the administration putting the instructor on leave.  The complaints were made by racial minorities at the university who insisted their professor is guilty of veiled racism.

Complaints of “Emotional Exhaustion”

A group of black USC students pursuing their MBA degrees notified the university’s administration that they would drop a class unless their professor was placed on leave.  The students claim the instructor’s pronunciation of a Chinese word caused them emotional exhaustion.  The students insist the instructor’s pronunciation of the word sounds similar to a racial slur.  The professor, Greg Patton, allegedly pronounced the Chinese word of “nei ge” in a manner that might have sounded similar to the “N word” used by racists. 

The supposedly emotionally distraught students emailed the university’s administration complaining that Patton used word upwards of half a dozen times in a single lesson, offending the black members of the group.  However, the truth of the matter is the Chinese word is spoken with a pause in between the two distinct syllables.  The word is in no way racially derogatory.  The USC students insist Patton’s pronunciation of the word constitutes negligence and a disregard for students’ emotional well-being. 

Cancel Culture Rears Its Ugly head

The students in question stated they would prefer not to take Patton’s course than subject themselves to the emotional exhaustion of listening to him.  The students insist Patton’s pronunciation of the word in question creates an environment that is not welcoming to racial minorities pursuing a MBA degree.  Furthermore, the student group insists the incident negatively impacted their ability to learn course material.  However, the students are overlooking the fact that they are overly sensitive.  What they hear as a racial slur is viewed as an awkward pronunciation of a Chinese word by others who are more objective. 

This is nothing but an example of cancel culture run amok.  It is a grave injustice that Patton will not be able to teach in the semesters ahead due to a simple misunderstanding.  USC administrators should not let off the hook for acting in a reactionary manner.  Rather, their knee-jerk reaction to student complaints should be highlighted as an example of our politically correct culture that favors the loud minority over utilitarianism. 

What Happens From Here? USC officials have stated Patton will take a “short pause” as the situation is reviewed in-depth.  Once a better understanding of the situation is obtained, the university will take the appropriate steps, be it a reinstatement of Patton or termination.  If our politically correct culture is any indication of how this situation will turn out, Patton will likely be terminated within months.  If Patton is reinstated, there will undoubtedly be protests on the USC campus assuming in-person learning resumes in the 2020 and 2021 academic years.

To the surprise of those who believe the mainstream media’s lies, a recent poll shows Latinos in Florida prefer President Trump over Joe Biden.  This is an important finding as Florida will prove to be a key swing state in the upcoming presidential election.  If Trump can carry the Sunshine State, he just might end up with enough electoral votes to win the presidency.

Digging Deeper Into the Poll Results

The Florida poll was conducted by a left-leaning pollster, Quinnipiac.  The poll results show President Trump has secured 45% of the Latino vote in Florida.  Many supposed political experts are surprised to learn Joe Biden has merely 43% of the Latino vote in the Sunshine State.  In fact, Trump is currently polling a whopping 10 points higher amongst Latino Floridians than he was on election day in 2016.

It is even more shocking to learn Biden is polling nearly 20 points worse with Florida Latinos than Hillary Clinton polled in 2016.  Clinton won the Latino vote in Florida by double digits.  All in all, Quinnipiac shows Biden is up three points on Trump in the state of Florida, leading 48% to 45% yet these figures are a 10-point shift in Trump’s favor in a mere month and a half.  It must be noted the poll was of those who are registered to vote in Florida as opposed to likely voters.  Therefore, it appears as though the race is actually tied between Trump and Biden.

Democrats Should be Concerned

The poll results make it clear Biden does not have the support he assumed he had amongst Latinos in Florida.  If you were to ask the average liberal how many points Biden is leading Trump by in Florida amongst Latino voters, most would indicate Biden would have at least a double digit lead.  However, the numbers show otherwise.  It is quite possible Trump will not only carry the Latino vote in Florida but win this all-important swing state and take the election as a whole. 

The pressing question is why the Biden campaign is not connecting with Latinos yet the Trump campaign is.  For one, Biden has primarily remained quarantined in his basement across the past half-year while President Trump has been making power moves throughout the past four years.  Furthermore, Florida’s economy is in better shape than most of the rest of the country as Floridians were not forced indoors for a lengthy quarantine as was the case in the northeast. 

Add in the fact that Biden endured a vicious takedown by Kamala Harris during the Democratic debates and it is easy to understand why Florida Latinos question his sincerity on race issues.  After all, Biden voted against bussing that would have transported the young Harris to school during America’s race riots.  Add up all of these black marks on Biden’s record and there is enough to put Trump ahead of him even though Republicans are commonly stereotyped as racially insensitive.

Trump is Smart to Focus on the Swing States

America’s electoral college system clearly shines the spotlight directly on the country’s swing states.  While Hillary Clinton campaigned throughout the country back in ’16, Trump wisely zeroed in on the swing states.  Trump will undoubtedly repeat this strategy for the ’20 election.  One has to wonder if Biden will make the same mistakes as Clinton, ignore the swing states such as Florida and ultimately lose the election.  As is often said, history repeats.  That just might be the case in the 2020 election.

President Trump often refers to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” as she claims to be Native American in an effort to benefit from affirmative action.  It appears as though Elizabeth Warren is not the only liberal who poses as a racial minority in an attempt to bolster their career.  An African History professor at George Washington University, Jessica Krug, also known as Jess lam Bombera, recently admitted she lied about her race.  The admission was revealed in a post published to Medium earlier this week.

Liberal Lies Rear Their Ugly Heads

Krug admitted she posed as a black woman in an attempt to advance her career, make money and expand her professional network.  Krug stated all of her professional relationships are rooted in the soil of lies.  The truth is Krug is actually a white Jewish woman.  Krug assumed various identities in an attempt to benefit from affirmative action and boost her career arc. 

At first, Krug identified as North African black.  She then pivoted to blackness with roots in the United States and eventually considered herself to be Caribbean “Bronx Black”.  This is quite the epic streak of lies yet those who understand the liberal mindset should not be surprised by the fibs.  It seems as though lying is a pathology consistent with the liberal movement.  Instead of working hard, telling the truth and living a God-fearing life, many liberals take shortcuts by lying and cheating as evidenced by Krug’s admissions.

Krug Went as far as Faking Black Dialect

It is hard to believe Krug stooped to the level of faking an accent to be perceived as black.  However, that is exactly what she did when testifying in front of New York City’s city council this past summer.  Krug had quite the gumption using fake black dialect to criticize city council members, insisting they were “posing” for “sound bites” when that is exactly what Krug was doing herself – posing as an African when she is actually a white Jew from the heart of America.  The irony of the situation is astounding.

Why did Krug do It?

Krug explained her sins in the Medium piece as stemming from her own mental health problems.  She states several mental health experts convinced her that her false identification with blackness is the result of the trauma she endured during her childhood and teenage years.  However, it is particularly interesting that Krug noted her mental health issues do not justify or excuse her pathetic actions.

The Fallout of Krug’s Admission

It took merely a couple hours for Krug’s admission of posing as a black woman to go viral on social media.  The mainstream media, including Drudge Report, also picked up on Krug’s admission.  Some insist Krug is revealing the truth at this point in time in order to profit from the lies.  It is possible Krug will use her newfound fame to write a tell-all book that rakes in the cash.  It would be quite the egregious injustice if Krug were to make millions of dollars after posing as a black woman.  However, that just might be the end result of this twisted story.

President Trump is getting some flak for critiquing Joe Biden’s inability to wear a mask properly.  Some media members are going as far as insisting Trump is cruelly mocking Biden for his awkwardness.  However, Trump is merely pointing out that Biden is incompetent to the point that he cannot put on a mask the right way.

Trump is in the Right

Those who take the time necessary to examine Trump’s critique of Biden’s mask-wearing will find the president means no harm.  As Trump pointed out, Biden lets his mask hang downward.  Trump insists Biden wears his mask in this manner as it provides a sense of security.  Trump went on to state if he were a psychiatrist he would believe Biden has mental issues. 

President Trump is Spreading the Right Message

President Trump has repeatedly acknowledged the use of masks is necessary to halt the spread of coronavirus.  The president has instructed his followers and Americans as a whole to wash their hands, don the mask in crowded spaces and generally pitch in to end the pandemic.  This is precisely what a leader should recommend yet Trump receives little-to-no credit from the media for his guidance.  Instead, the mainstream media insists the President should be crucified for pointing out Biden’s inability to wear a mask in the proper manner. 

What is so Hard About Wearing a Mask the Right Way?

The question begs: why is Joe Biden incapable of wearing a mask properly?  Though Biden is certainly old, he seems as though he has the minimal mental faculties necessary to don a mask the right way.  However, those who closely watch Biden when he makes rare appearances in public are quick to note he lets his mask hang downward. 

The plain truth of the matter is Biden seems incapable of wearing the face covering in the proper manner.  If a man cannot wear a face covering as it was meant to be worn, why should he be elected to the highest office in the land?  If Biden’s supporters were honest, they would admit their candidate is mentally and physically frail to the point that he is dysfunctional. 

President Trump Knows how to Wear a Mask

Alternatively, consider the several images the mainstream media has presented to the publish showing President Trump wearing a face covering.  These images show the President wearing his mask tightly against his face without the drooping that occurs when Biden attempts to cover his mouth and nose.  The contrast between the two men and the care they provide for those in their vicinity is quite striking.  

Trump clearly takes his time when selecting his face covering and putting it on.  Biden seems to have haphazardly put a mask on his face at the last moment, an action that puts everyone in his vicinity at risk.  In other words, Biden’s inability to wear a mask the right way is nothing short of a negligent act.  Negligence is a commonly used legal term meaning carelessness.  The last thing America needs during this trying time is to elect a careless senior citizen to the highest office in the land where he might spread the virus to white house staffers, the Vice President and members of Congress.

A recent focus group conducted in Wisconsin reveals the state should be viewed as undecided rather than a shoe-in for Joe Biden as many political pundits previously thought.  Take a close look at the latest polls, surveys and focus group results and you will find the numbers show Wisconsin is a legitimate swing state that President Trump could easily win this November. 

Why Wisconsin is Still up for Grabs

Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Senator, whom the media wrote off as a would-be loser four years ago, is adamant his state still might go to Trump.  Johnson describes the presidential race in Wisconsin as a tossup.  This is precisely why President Trump was so quick to visit Wisconsin earlier this week.  Trump shrewdly visited Wisconsin in the aftermath of the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha to show his support for racial minorities and spread his campaign’s message to Wisconsin residents. 

The fact that the Democratic governor of Wisconsin did not take quick action to prevent the destruction of the city during race riots bodes well for the Trump campaign.  In fact, the state’s governor even refused federal assistance, encouraged Trump to stay away and subsequently let Kenosha erupt into a chaotic scene.

Biden is Mishandling Wisconsin

The Biden campaign decided it was a bad idea to visit Kenosha following the unrest.  In fact, Biden went as far as critiquing President Trump’s visit to Wisconsin.  However, the Biden campaign subsequently flip-flopped and decided it was prudent to send Biden to Kenosha for an appearance.  In other words, the Biden campaign is reactive while the Trump campaign is proactive.

About the Focus Group

A focus group centered on swing voters in the state of Wisconsin reveals Trump is still competitive with Biden in this swing state.  The results of the focus group were initially reported by Axios.  These swing voters were primarily those who originally voted for Barack Obama and transitioned to Donald Trump in the next election cycle. 

The results of the focus group show Trump has a good chance of winning Wisconsin thanks to these undecided voters.  The fact that so many Wisconsinites are undecided speaks to the fact that much of the country, especially those who reside in the all-important swing states, have not yet made up their mind on the candidate they favor in the 2020 election.

Merely 20% of those who participated in last week’s focus group session indicated they will vote for Biden.  The general sentiment is Biden does not care about voters nor their concerns.  It is particularly interesting to note the focus group results show numerous participants did not watch either nominating convention across the past couple weeks. 

Trump is Gaining Momentum

There is a common misconception that Canada’s universal healthcare system functions without flaw.  However, when Canadians are asked about their healthcare services, most insist the system is rife with delays and low-quality care.  The fallibility of Canada’s healthcare system was put on full display these past couple months as more and more disabled Canadians sought euthanasia.

The Failure of the Canadian Healthcare is an Example to be Learned From

Though the mainstream media has not picked up on it, the little-known truth is Canada’s government recently cut social services for disabled individuals in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.  The cuts to healthcare have made many disabled Canadians desperate to the point that they are requesting their doctors kill them.  It is becoming increasingly clear Canada’s healthcare system is causing its disabled citizens to go broke.  Sadly, some are financially destitute to the point that they no longer want to live.

Disabled Canadians are Deemed Guilty of the Crime of Existence

Plenty of disabled Canadians seeking euthanasia were born with physical or mental handicaps.  These individuals feel as though their birth and subsequent existence as human beings is inherently criminal even though Canada has a reputation for allegedly flawless universal healthcare.  The resulting desperation has steered that many more disabled Canadians to thoughts of suicide and euthanasia services. 

The desperation is evidenced by a Stats Canada survey that reveals more than 60% of disabled Canadians find it difficult to purchase medication and pay rent as healthcare services are cut and the cost of living creeps upward.  The ugly truth of this situation is disabled Canadians feel as though they cannot afford to live with dignity.  Some are foregoing food and/or medicine to pay housing expenses.

If Canada’s healthcare system continues to fail, more and more disabled Canadians will consider applying for MAID.  MAID is an acronym short for Medically Assisted Dying.  Others are taking matters into their own hands by committing suicide without the assistance of a medical professional.

Universal Healthcare Falls Flat

Though Canadians claim to have the world’s best healthcare system, one that allegedly provides medical care to all, the truth proves otherwise.  The pandemic has destructed Canada’s healthcare system to the point that some disabled individuals who lack adequate healthcare coverage question whether life is worth living.  This is an important lesson for liberals in the United States and elsewhere to learn as it proves creating, implementing and maintaining a universal healthcare system is nothing but a pipe dream. 

Unless an egregiously high tax rate is implemented, funding universal healthcare is impossible.  Cuts are inevitably made to make up for budget shortfalls, setting the stage for the eventual implementation of free market healthcare services.

What Will Canada do Now?

It is quite clear that Canada is not the utopia many make it out to be.  If cuts to healthcare remain permanent, the Canadian healthcare system will no longer be considered universal in nature.  However, there is the potential for the Canadian government to raise taxes even higher to make up for the budget shortfalls and re-expand coverage for the disabled and others.  If Canadian politicians had any sense, they would abandon their quasi-socialist ways and transition to free market healthcare that provides top-notch medical care in a timely manner.