( – The Democrats face losing control of the House in November’s midterm elections, but they’re not going down without a fight – even if it means rigging the system in their favor. Now, New York’s Dem-controlled state legislature has put forward a new redistricting map that cuts the number of seats overall, but increases the number for Dems.

On January 30, Democrat state representatives released a new proposal for New York’s congressional districts. The state needs to reduce its number of districts from 27 to 26, to reflect population changes that have seen millions of people abandoning Democrat-controlled coastal cities and moving to red states. However, Dems have jumped on the chance to do some industrial-scale gerrymandering. Right now, New York has 19 Democrat representatives and 8 Republican ones. Under the proposed changes, if voting patterns remained the same, that would shift to 22 Democrats and just 4 Republicans.

This isn’t just a concern in New York. Nationally, Democrat legislatures have already pushed through redistricting maps that would have given their party an extra five seats in the House in 2020. If New York’s map is approved, that will rise to eight. Right now, the Democrats have a 10-seat advantage in the House, and the Republicans are hoping to take control in November. It’s unlikely the Dems will get as many extra seats as they expect because the polls are predicting a big shift to the GOP, but they’re certainly trying.

( – Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz is speculating that Joe Biden may nominate Vice President Kamala Harris to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court “to get her out of the White House.”

During an interview with Michael Knowles on the podcast “Verdict,” Cruz and the hosts spoke about liberal Justice Stephen Breyer announcing that he will retire from the bench at the end of the term.

Biden reaffirmed his promise to nominate a black woman to serve on the Supreme Court. There’s also been no public indication that Biden is going to pick Harris for the soon-to-be vacancy.

“Look, the Democratic Party is very worried that she’s the presumed successor to Joe Biden because her political negatives are so strong,” Cruz said on the podcast.

“I think there is a chance they nominate Kamala to the court in part because they can’t stand her and one of the virtues of naming her to the court is they get to get her out of the White House,” he said.

Breyer notified Biden last week of his intent to resign at the end of the court’s current term.

Breyer stated in a letter dated Jan. 27 that he wants to have his successor lined up before he steps down.

“I am writing to tell you that I have decided to retire from regular active judicial service as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and to serve under the provisions of 28 U.S.C. 371(b),” Breyer wrote, referring to the statute dealing with retired justices and their ability to continue collecting a salary.

“I intend this decision to take effect when the Court rises for the summer recess this year (typically late June or early July) assuming that by then my successor has been nominated and confirmed,” Breyer added in the letter.

Biden spoke Thursday afternoon from the White House, thanking Breyer and praising him as an “exemplary justice,” before addressing the matter of his replacement.

“Choosing someone to sit on the Supreme Court, I believe, is one of the most serious constitutional responsibilities a president has,” Biden said, stating that his “process is going to be rigorous.”

Biden then said he has reviewed some possible candidates and reiterated his campaign pledge to choose a Black woman.

The White House has confirmed that U.S. District Court Judge J. Michelle Childs is on Biden’s shortlist of names to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, according to USA Today.

“Judge J. Michelle Childs has served on the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina since 2010. House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., an ally to the Biden administration, supports Childs,” the outlet added.

“Childs, whom Biden nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit this month, is the first candidate the White House has publicly confirmed. Her consideration for the Supreme Court was reported by The Washington Post days before she was scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee for her confirmation hearing,” the report continued.

“Biden is considering more than a dozen candidates for the seat, according to a source familiar with the process who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitives involved with the nomination process,” USA Today added.

“Some of the names under consideration have circulated for months, including Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of the D.C. Circuit and California Supreme Court Associate Justice Leondra Kruger. The White House is also considering Sherrilyn Ifill, who is stepping down as president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls, the source said,” the report stated.

The U.S. Senate is currently split 50-50, but Vice President Kamala Harris can cast the tie-breaking vote for Democrats to confirm Biden’s eventual nominee to the Supreme Court.

To the surprise of many, South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey But Graham made it clear over the weekend that Biden’s pick may get some support from Republicans.

( – On January 26, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas met with US Border Patrol agents and made a shocking revelation captured on a recording. In the leaked tape, Mayorkas allegedly told the agent the problem at the border is worse than it has been in “at least 20 years.”

He went on to talk about how difficult it was to control the border throughout all of 2021, and the job has not gotten easier almost a month into 2022.

In an apparent attempt to rally the agents and encourage them to do their best, one can hear the secretary commiserating on the recording with the staff about how unpopular the Biden administration’s policies are among them. He then asked them to try and work “within the framework” given to the US Customs and Border Protection policies.

Some of the agents chimed in to express their dismay about how they feel politicians are presenting them to the public at large. One talked about the allegations against them for “whipping” illegal immigrants, and another spoke about how they feel demonized. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz apparently seemed unhappy with the meeting, stating it became more about complaining than solutions.

Princeton Policy Advisor Steven Kopits estimates a whopping 2.1 million apprehensions in 2022, unless the Biden administration does something to get the situation under control. Needless to say, that huge number brings with it all sorts of ancillary issues and costs.

( – New York’s new governor has run into trouble with the courts after her latest mask mandate was struck down by a judge. It’s the latest in a series of legal blows to the Democrats’ drive to restrict liberties.

On December 31, New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) mandated the wearing of masks in public indoor spaces, including schools and public transport. Controversially, she did it by getting the state health department to issue an emergency rule – because last year, the New York legislature reined in the governor’s emergency powers, meaning she couldn’t do it by executive order.

On January 24, a New York State Supreme Court judge ruled the mandate was unconstitutional, because Hochul had circumvented the legislature to impose it. Judge Thomas Rademaker said he wasn’t commenting on the efficacy of mask mandates, just on its legality – and neither the governor nor the state health commissioner has the authority to enact mandates without the legislature’s approval.

Hochul hit back quickly; NY Attorney General Letitia James filed a motion, and on Tuesday, the court’s appeals division stayed the ruling.

The mask mandate is still in place for now – but there’s another court hearing scheduled for January 31 to decide if the stay can be renewed in February. It can be difficult to keep up with court decisions, but regardless of the back and forth actions, legal opposition to mandates is mounting across the country.

( – For those wondering why Joe Biden is soft on China, consider this never-before-reported revelation: The Biden family has done five deals in China totaling some $31 million arranged by individuals with direct ties to Chinese intelligence — some reaching the very top of China’s spy agency.

Indeed, every known deal that the Biden family enjoyed with Beijing was reached courtesy of individuals with spy ties. And Joe Biden personally benefited from his family’s foreign deals.

What are these deals? And who are the individuals who made them happen for the Bidens?

Here, then, are a few key facts about the Biden family’s $5 million-plus deals with individuals in bed with Chinese intelligence.

 estimated $20 million

In 2018, I was the first to report on Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Chinese investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). Hunter even introduced his dad to a company executive in December 2013 when father and son flew to Beijing on Air Force Two.

In October 2019, Hunter Biden’s lawyer George Mesires said Hunter would be resigning from the BHR board, without receiving any return on his investment or shareholder distributions.

What Team Biden failed to address was the fact that Hunter Biden still owned a stake in the investment fund, said to be 10%.

When I first reported on Hunter Biden’s China ties in 2018, Team Biden denied that they existed. Then they absurdly claimed that his stake in the BHR investment fund was only $420,000.

Steven Kaplan, who conducts research on issues in private equity, venture capital, entrepreneurial finance, corporate governance and corporate finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, said a private equity fund with $2 billion under management will typically generate fees over its life of hundreds of millions of dollars.

“It is difficult to imagine, if not incomprehensible, that a 10% stake in those economics is worth only $420K,” Kaplan said via email. “The distinction they appear to be making is they capitalized the management company with $4.2M even if the fund manages $2B. The value of that management company is likely far in excess of $4.2M if they are managing $2B.”

Kaplan pointed to two large publicly traded private equity firms for reference, both of which have a market value of about 10% of the assets under their management. Using that as a rough guide, that would put the value of Hunter Biden’s share closer to $20 million, he said.

Two months ago, Hunter Biden’s lawyer said he sold his equity stake. They have not disclosed how much he made.

But courtesy of the Hunter Biden emails on his abandoned laptop, we now know two of the key individuals who made that deal happen. And at the time, they had close ties to the very top of the Chinese intelligence apparatus.

A Chinese tycoon named Che Feng, a k a “The Super Chairman,” played a key role in getting the deal going by introducing Hunter and his partners to large Chinese state-backed investment funds. Hunter saw a big payday. As he wrote in one email to business partner Devon Archer, “I don’t believe in lottery tickets anymore, but I do believe in the super chairman … I think the sky’s the limit.”

Who exactly is Che Feng?

At one time, he was business partners with the then-vice minister for state security in China, which is China’s KGB.

This man was reportedly the director of the ministry’s No. 8 Bureau, which targeted foreigners with its intelligence apparatus — including reporters, diplomats and businessmen. It was also reported that he oversaw intelligence operations for North America.

Another key figure in putting this investment deal together was Zhao Xuejun (a k a Henry Zhao) of Harvest Fund Management. Zhao is a Communist Party official. (“The mission of our Party is to bring happiness to people, and to revive the nation for people,” he has said.)

But more troubling — Zhao was at that time business partners with Jia Liqing, the daughter of the former minister of state security, Jia Chunwang.

In short, he was in charge of espionage, domestic and overseas intelligence work for China. Jia was famous during his tenure for developing China’s “deep water fish” (Chendi yü) strategy of developing thousands of special agents on foreign soil.

Zhao was also a key figure for Biden prospects in China. His fund participated in BHR, where Hunter Biden received a board seat. The business that he co-founded with Jia Liqing, Harvest Global Investments, also figures in Deal #2.

 $5 million

Hunter Biden had another company called Burnham Asset Management. According to court documents filed by disgruntled investors, Harvest Global wired Burnham $5 million.

The purpose of this payment is unclear, but it may have been intended as an investment in Hunter’s business.

According to emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop, Zhao may have sent other money, too.

“Henry remains committed to also making something work with myself and Hunter outside of this Burnham matter as mentioned before,” business partner James Bulger wrote. “He has a few interesting ideas.”

Zhao had suggested to Hunter and his business partners that he would structure a deal they estimated would be “putting money directly into our pockets.”

Payout: $188,000+

Hunter Biden had co-founded a firm called Rosemont Realty, and as early as 2011, he was looking for a Chinese buyer.

Rosemont Realty owns commercial buildings around the United States.

He had little luck initially, but then he and his partners received an “unsolicited offer” from a Hong Kong-based firm called Gemini Investments to buy his firm.

What is Gemini? The company is controlled by something then called Sino-Ocean Land, which was also chaired by the head of China Ocean Shipping Corporation (COSCO).

Japanese government agencies report that “Chinese intelligence services are closely linked” to COSCO. Some scholars in the West refer to COSCO as the “fifth arm of the Chinese Navy.”

For his part, President Xi Jinping has called the company “the dragon’s head for China” because of its strategic activities in Europe.

Hunter worked even more closely with COSCO in an attempt to buy the Greek national railway.

How much has Hunter Biden made from the Chinese deal that took over Rosemont Realty? It is impossible to know. But emails reveal at least one payment of approximately $188,000 from Rosemont Realty to Hunter Biden.

He also retained his stake in the company after the Chinese leadership took over.

Payout: $6 million

Ye Jianming, a wealthy Chinese businessman and the head of CEFC China Energy, provided $6 million to the Biden family, according to a Senate investigation into Hunter’s activities.

In early 2017, one month after his father left office as vice president, Hunter Biden worked for Ye as a counselor and adviser, and Joe Biden’s brother James received some of the funds that Ye transferred to Hunter.

Five million came in the form of a forgivable, interest-free loan. Ethically, a loan is worse than a cash gift for a politician’s family, because the loan giver can always demand their money back if the recipient of the funds is not doing as they like.

Who exactly is Ye?

Ye Jianming once served in a leadership position within the China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC), which is funded directly by Chinese military intelligence.

CEFC’s corporate documents confirm its self-perceived role in advancing China’s national energy strategy. Ye Jianming’s close relationship with both the Chinese military intelligence apparatus and the government cannot be overstated.

Payout: $1 million

Hunter Biden received even more money in his relationship with CEFC and Ye Jianming.

In 2017, one of Ye Jianming’s “top lieutenants,” Patrick Ho, was arrested on bribery charges by the FBI for offering money to African officials in exchange for energy deals.

He immediately called James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, looking for Hunter Biden.

Hunter was soon hired by CEFC to be Patrick Ho’s defense attorney despite his little experience in criminal defense. CEFC paid Hunter a $1 million fee. Hunter referred to Patrick Ho as “the f–ing spy chief of China,” according to leaked audio obtained by RealClearPolitics.

These deals are disturbing enough, and are exacerbated by the fact that every one of them was made possible by an individual with ties that sometimes went to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.

But there is also the curious fact that in 2014, Hunter Biden took the unusual step of telling the Secret Service that he did not want protection when he traveled overseas. The request happened shortly after he began securing deals in Beijing.

Money that Hunter Biden received from his overseas deals flowed to other members of the Biden family.

Joe Biden’s brother James  received over $1 million originating from the spy-connected Ye, according to a US Senate investigation.

And Joe Biden benefited, too. 

In a text to his daughter, Hunter Biden insinuated that he was giving half his salary to “pop.” This is more than hyperbole. 

Email records back him up to the extent that they show Hunter’s businesses paying some of his father’s bills while he was vice president of the United States. This means that Joe Biden benefited from these financial deals that happened courtesy of executives linked to Chinese spies.

Americans deserve answers as to why the Bidens received some $31 million and what promises or influence it bought. If Washington is to restore what’s left of its credibility, Congress must launch wide-ranging and serious investigations into the Biden family’s China cash haul and the resultant national security implications.

( – Joe Biden is being picked on by the bullies of the world. They want to see which one of them he’ll take a swing at first, or if he has the courage to fight back at all. They’re also aware of how ganging up on the old guy spins his brain like a toy top. Biden is an old-school one issue at a time kind of guy whose slow and steady approach no longer wins any races. In their combined efforts to melt Biden’s brain, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are relentlessly tag-teaming him, and they’re pretty sure it’s starting to come to a rolling boil.

Joe Biden made the unpopular decision to put 8,500 US troops on high alert for deployment to Ukraine while they’re still catching their breath from the last fight. Putin isn’t fond of there being a Western presence in the worthless neighboring country of Ukraine that once flew the flag of Russia. Ukraine’s largest exported product is animal fat which provides a mere .02% of what the US uses. Only the size of Texas, it’s hardly worth fighting over.

Whether to sacrifice more US troops on foreign soil for small amounts of animal fat is but a portion of Biden’s many woes. He’s still sipping Saki with the Chinese while Noth Korea is waving new rockets in his face and Iran is going all willy-nilly with its nuclear program.

As bad as Russia wants to reclaim Ukraine, China wants its rebellious Taiwan back. While Putin is stacking his soldiers on top of one another for a land assault, China has no other option than to approach its island target by land and sea.

Beijing has been flexing its muscles with warplane flyovers and small skirmishes at sea as all eyes are on Putin. If and when the Russian madman waves the starting flag causing Biden to unleash the American soldiers on standby, the fortune cookie will fall to the Chinese who’ll have an easy go of getting what they want.

This becomes even more complex considering how North Korea’s rocketman won’t speak to Biden, but he will listen to the Chinese who his hermit nation has come to rely on. This places the prez in a precarious position. He needs the Chinese to do him a solid by talking some sense into Kim Jong Un, while at the same time threatening them over Taiwan. Oh, the tangled web…

Then there’s the ever-messy Middle East the US can’t leave well enough alone. Their centuries-old battles should be of no concern to the US, but alas, they are. US forces based in Abu Dhabi just recently shot down some missiles fired at the Gulf emirate compliments of Iranian-funded Houthi rebels operating out of Yemen.

By the US having somewhat of a friendly association with Saudi Arabia, all bets are off the table for renewed nuclear talks with Iran. The question is who will they turn to for assistance? China? Russia? At any rate, things are once again heating up as they will continue to do until earth one day explodes.

With the rumor going around of how the US is quickly becoming a retreating world superpower, where does this leave us? The quick answer is nobody knows. This is frightening in and of itself considering how this is inclusive of our seemingly dementia-laden president who’s getting worse by the day.

( – President Joe Biden and the Biden administration have just done what millions of Americans believe he should have done months ago.

Biden has now admitted that his COVID-19 vaccine mandate on private businesses with more than 100 employees is unconstitutional, and his administration has gone into regulatory retreat and withdrawn the order.

According to Just the News:

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has withdrawn its early November order that mandated workers at companies with 100 or more employees receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

The withdrawal follows a recent ruling by the Supreme Court that blocked the vaccine mandate for big businesses, though allowed the mandate for healthcare workers to remain in place.

“‘On January 13, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court stayed the Vaccination and Testing ETS, finding that challengers were likely to prevail on their claims,’ reads the legal announcement from the Department of Labor.

“It continues, ‘After evaluating the Court’s decision, OSHA is withdrawing the Vaccination and Testing ETS as an enforceable emergency temporary standard … Notwithstanding the withdrawal of the Vaccination and Testing ETS, OSHA continues to strongly encourage the vaccination of workers against the continuing dangers posed by COVID-19 in the workplace.’” [emphasis added]

One legal commentator opined, “This is why we have a Supreme Court. The court has stopped a president drunk with imaginary power that he could order private businesses to do whatever he sees fit. He can’t do that, and the court has stooped him.”

( – NBC’s Chuck Todd said on Sunday that President Biden is in trouble with America’s electorate following this week’s release of a new NBC poll showing his approval ratings at an all-time low.

The opening segment of Meet the Press discussed how Biden’s 43% approval rating showed he had lost his identity and was no longer seen as competent or effective in comparison to potential candidates. This could lead to a “shellacking” election defeat for Democrats in November.

Last Wednesday President Biden held a press conference that lasted nearly two hours and this was Todd’s take away.  “President Biden’s news conference on Wednesday was designed to kick off a second year reset of his presidency, recapture his political identity, if you will, but our new NBC News poll suggests Mr. Biden does need a reset because he’s lost his identity a bit.” 

Todd continued by saying, “He’s no longer seen as competent and effective, no longer seen as a good commander-in-chief, or perhaps most damaging, as easy-going and likable. In fact, just 5% of adults say Mr. Biden has performed better than expected as president, one of the many lowest firsts and fewest in our poll.”

NBC has presented a new measuring tool that is intended to foresee likely outcomes in midterm elections. The three major indicators on this meter predict an impending “shellacking” for Democrats. With low approval ratings for Biden and Americans believing that the country is heading in the wrong direction. This is only the third time in history that a poll has shown that Americans feel this way. 

Twitter was full of tweets in response to Todd’s apparent turn on Biden.

The Supreme Court has decided that a politically-motivated investigation into Donald Trump’s taxes may continue. Though SCOTUS is shutting down President Trump’s election-related lawsuits left and right even when there is plenty of evidence to back them, the high court found time to expose the President’s intimate financial affairs to scrutiny.

With Donald Trump seemingly prepping for a 2020 run for President, liberals are looking for any ammo they can use against him. And for years, they have attempted to pry into his financial affairs whenever they are having trouble finding ammunition to use against him.

The Court’s decision will give a state prosecutor and, presumably, a grand jury, access to all of the President’s finances. While the documents will allegedly remain secret, the President is right to be concerned. Deep State plants have absolutely leaked his private conversations and other information in the past.

Trump’s attorneys have argued that the subpoena to obtain his tax records is overbroad and issued in bad faith. But the Supreme Court under Joe Biden doesn’t care about any of that. “The subpoena is geographically sprawling, temporally expansive, and topically unlimited –all attributes that raise suspicions of an unlawful fishing expedition,” Trump attorney William Consovoy says. “Even if disclosure is confined to the grand jury and prosecutors,” he said “once the documents are surrendered” confidentially “will be lost for all time.”

Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance celebrated the decision on Twitter:

The documents are related to the alleged hush money payments former Trump attorney Michael Cohen allegedly made to two women.  “The Supreme Court never should have let this ‘fishing expedition’ happen, but they did,” President Trump said after the decision, calling it “a continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our Country.”

It’s unclear when the Left will stop focusing on President Trump, but this is becoming tiresome.

Many members of the GOP are rejecting Trump, turning on him for what can only be viewed as political convenience. But is it a smart idea? According to a new poll, it really isn’t. In fact, the GOP risks losing about half of the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald J. Trump in 2020.

Suffolk University/USA TODAY survey reveals that nearly half — 46 percent — of Trump voters say that if the former President were to join a third party, they would follow him there. “If there’s a civil war in the Republican Party, the voters who backed Donald Trump in November’s election are ready to choose sides,” the USA Today report says. “Behind Trump.”

It gets worse for the GOP. Only 27 percent say they would definitely stick with the Party. Another 27 percent say they are not sure what they will do. In other words, nearly double the number who are sure about the GOP say they are certain about Trump — certain enough to follow him to another political party. And support for third parties is at an all-time high, so this isn’t exactly unlikely.

And the news for the GOP gets grimmer. President Trump has hinted at forming a new political party — one that this survey shows will leech nearly 35 million away from the Republican Party at a minimum. If he pulls the trigger on a political party of his own, President Trump plans to call it the “Patriot Pary,” a name many of those undecideds could likely get behind.

No matter how some like Mitch McConnell feel about President Trump, it is clear that opposing him may very well mean the death of the Republican Party. And that may mean a dark period in which Democrats use the split in support to seize total control. Joe Biden talks a lot about unifying the country, but we must focus first on unifying the party. The future of this great nation depends on it.