( – The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA), the nation’s largest flight attendants’ union, says it expects the Biden administration will continue to extend its mask mandate for air travel beyond the current March 18 deadline.

The association, representing 50,000 workers, shared the news in a statement with Bloomberg.

“We have every expectation that the mask mandate will be extended for the near term,” the AFA said in a statement to Bloomberg.

“The conditions in aviation are the same. Our youngest passengers do not yet have access to the vaccine,” the statement added.

“It’s unclear when a decision about the federal mask requirement will be announced. The prior extensions were announced a few weeks ahead of the expiration date. The current deadline of March 18 falls during spring break for many schools and universities across the U.S., and a change in policy then could cause confusion or disruption during the historically busy travel period,” the Bloomberg report observed.

On Tuesday, a TSA spokeswoman noted there has not yet been an announcement to further extend the mask mandate.

“If there is a change to halt or extend the mask requirement, we will make an announcement,” she said in an email, according to The New York Times. “As of now, nothing new to share.”

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit last week against the Biden administration regarding its mask mandate for airports and airlines, claiming it’s time to “strike down” the requirements. The Daily Wire previously reported:

Paxton filed the lawsuit alongside the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) on behalf of Republican Rep. Beth Van Duyne. The case was filed against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Director Rochelle Walensky, Chief of Staff Sherri Berger, and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.

“Biden’s repeated disregard of the individual liberties of Texans is not only disrespectful to the U.S. Constitution, it is also troublesome that any president thinks they can act above the law while hardworking Americans standby,” Paxton said in a statement.

“President Biden cannot continue governing through executive edicts. Now is the time to strike down his administration’s air-travel mask mandate. I’m proud to stand alongside my friend Congresswoman Van Duyne and her counsel at TPPF to protect Texans’ liberty and the rule of law,” he added.

In December, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked whether he believed there would be a point when Americans do not need to wear masks on airplanes.

“I don’t think so,” he replied at the time.

The interview followed a December report by two airline CEOs pushing back on mask requirements.

“I think the case is very strong that masks don’t add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment. It is very safe and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting,” then-Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said, according to a CNN report.

( – There’s been predictions for a while now that Republicans could secure massive gains in the 2022 midterm elections, and one senator, Rick Scott (R-FL) is certainly planning ahead for that kind of success.

Scott spoke on Fox News Digital on Tuesday to release his 11-point plan with 128 specific policy goals that he believes can serve as the agenda for the Republican-controlled Senate he anticipates, referring to it as “My Plan to Rescue America,” according to Fox Business.

Scott constructed the plan based on his previous experience as a corporate executive in the health care industry, before going on to become a two-term Florida governor, until finally holding his current office as one of Florida’s senators.

The policy points in his proposal spread across a wide array of subjects and include goals that include opposing racial politics by asking the government to “never again ask American citizens to disclose their race, ethnicity, or skin color, on any government forms,” treating socialism as a foreign enemy, and completing former President Donald Trump’s border wall (and even naming it after Trump.) Another proposal asks children in schools to “say the pledge of allegiance, salute the Flag, learn that America is a great country, and choose the school that best fits them.”

“We won’t stop the woke socialist crowd and turn this country around without a plan,” stated Scott in his opening statement.

Scott railed against what he referred to as the “militant left:”

“[Leftists] are redefining America and silencing their opponents. This could be the beginning of the end of America, but only if we allow it. My plan will be ridiculed by the woke left, mocked by Washington insiders, and strike fear in the heart of some Republicans. Americans deserve to know what we will do when given the chance to govern,” he said.

The senator went on to say that these guidelines will “inspire patriotism and stop teaching the revisionist history of the radical left,” and will help “protect, defend, and promote the American family at all costs,” adding that “men are men, women are women, and unborn babies are babies.”

The following screengrab is from Scott’s plan:

However, Scott was careful to clarify that these were his personal proposals and not the collective product of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which oversees efforts to aid in the re-election of Republican senators and which Scott currently chairs:

“This is my idea on things we ought to be talking about to turn the country around. The country’s in deep trouble. So I’m going to put my ideas out there.”

Scott admitted that he hadn’t discussed this with Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), but says he plans to soon, and agrees with McConnell’s assessment of the election:

“I agree with Mitch McConnell that the election’s mostly going to be about the Biden agenda. But I believe in having plans, and I’m putting this out.”

Scott went on to be relatively coy regarding whether or not he’ll join the GOP leadership in the Senate (apart from the re-election committee he currently chairs,) saying only that “I’ll be one senator selling my ideas.” Scott was also silent on the idea of joining the crowd of 2024 presidential hopefuls.

( – Matt Schlapp confirmed on social media, on Monday, that a former Democrat Presidential candidate, who is also a former Democrat US House of Representative from Hawaii is speaking at the largest gathering of Republican Conservatives called CPAC- later in February.

Gabbard is a  Lt. Col. in the Army Reserve and has been embroiled in battle, perhaps for the soul of the Democrat Party, with former Presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton- and Gabbard is also outspoken in her rejection of Joe Biden’s foreign policies.

Clinton is facing scrutiny for her active role in what could possibly be the biggest scandal in American History, so it is an interesting time to hear from Gabbard.

The news went viral on Twitter on Monday, due to the controversy Gabbard’s appearance is expected to cause and the all-Republican gathering.

Rolling Stone Magazine had a temper tantrum over Gabbard’s scheduled appearance, reporting:

Tulsi Gabbard, the former Hawaii congresswoman who sought the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, is completing her metamorphosis from iconoclast progressive to hardcore conservative by appearing as a featured guest at the Trumpy love-in known as the Conservative Political Action Conference.

CPAC 2022 begins Wednesday in Orlando, where Gabbard will join a roster of GOP loyalists — including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republican senators Ted Cruz, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, and Representatives Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthorn and Marjorie Taylor Greene — in building buzz for the star of the circus, former President Donald Trump.

According to the conference agenda, Gabbard will appear at the Friday night “Ronald Reagan Dinner,” where the keynote speaker is the former Fox News star conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck.

Most recently, on her Twitter timeline, Gabbard, who does not support needless wars, was decrying Biden’s approach to a Russia-US/Ukraine conflict saying that a shooting war will escalate quickly and place lives in danger.

Gabbard warned politicians about her concerns for Nuclear war, something the Democrats used to care a great deal about.

The Daily Beast was pouting over Gabbard’s anticipated anti-war speech on a highly elevated platform, as she will speak CPAC’s Regan Dinner.

“While it may seem unusual for a Democratic politician to headline such an event, Gabbard has long cultivated a conservative following by repeatedly railing against the Biden administration and elements of her own party’s agenda, particularly on foreign policy and culture-war matters.”

Newsweek pointed out that Gabbard is not the first Democrat to speak at CPAC:

“While it’s uncommon for a Democrat to speak at CPAC, Gabbard’s appearance isn’t a complete shock given her criticism of President Joe Biden, and at least three other Democrats have spoken at the conference.

Former Bill Clinton adviser Paul Begala spoke at CPAC in 2013. During a debate with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Begala expressed the hope that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would run for president and said she would be a “great” choice. had a mind on revenge against Gabbard- for dating to speak about not causing needless wars to promote political idols:

Former Democratic congresswoman and dark horse candidate for her party’s 2020 presidential nomination Tulsi Gabbard is poised to make her re-entry into politics next week with a much hyped appearance at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference — the annual who’s-who event for the wholly unhinged lunatic fringe of the Republican party to mingle with their more respectable (that is: less flamboyantly fascistic) right wing brethren.

( – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that certain coronavirus vaccine data has not been published yet because it could potentially lead to misinformation.

The CDC published new data on the effectiveness of boosters in adults earlier in February, but left out data for 18- to 49-year-olds, according to a story published Sunday by The New York Times. The CDC believes the data is not yet ready to be released because of potential misinterpretation, The New York Times reported.

“Basically, at the end of the day, it’s not yet ready for prime time,” CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund said, according to The New York Times. The agency’s “priority when gathering any data is to ensure that it’s accurate and actionable.”

The agency is also blaming outdated systems that are handling the large quantities of data.

“We want better, faster data that can lead to decision making and actions at all levels of public health, that can help us eliminate the lag in data that has held us back,” Dr. Daniel Jernigan, CDC’s deputy director for public health science and surveillance, said, according to The New York Times

Outside doctors must now rely on data from Israel to make recommendations on the COVID vaccine.

“There’s no reason that they should be better at collecting and putting forth data than we were,” adviser to the Food and Drug Administration Dr. Paul Offit said about Israel. “The CDC is the principal epidemiological agency in this country, and so you would like to think the data came from them.”

Some outside doctors say the data would help build public trust.

“We have been begging for that sort of granularity of data for two years,” epidemiologist for the former Covid Tracking Project Jessica Malaty Rivera said. A better analysis “builds public trust, and it paints a much clearer picture of what’s actually going on.”

“We are at a much greater risk of misinterpreting the data with data vacuums, than sharing the data with proper science, communication and caveats,” Rivera said, reported The New York Times.

( – If Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi – the leaders of the national Democratic Party – are inclined to imbibe after receiving bad news, they may have one heck of a hangover tomorrow morning.

As Rasmussen Reports has now indicated in a just-published piece about the latest polling figures for the generic congressional ballot, the Democrats are in deep water with the American electorate, and it may be impossible to return to high ground in time for the November midterm elections.

According to Rasmussen:

“The 2022 midterm elections are now 263 days away, and Republicans have a 13-point lead in their bid to recapture control of Congress.

“…if the elections for Congress were held today, 50% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for the Republican candidate, while 37% would vote for the Democrat. Just four percent (4%) would vote for some other candidate, but another nine percent (9%) are not sure.

“Republicans have added four points to their congressional advantage since January.”

Two more significant takeaways from the Rasmussen poll:

“The 13-point edge for Republicans in the latest poll is larger than Democrats enjoyed at any time during the 2018 midterm campaign

“While 89% of Republican voters say they would vote for their own party’s congressional candidate, only 77% of Democrats would vote for the Democratic candidate.” 

Any way you cut it, the Democrats are not resonating with the American people now that they are in charge of the House, the Senate, and the White House. Not only are the numbers bad for the Democrats, but they are also getting worse by the month.

( – A Fox News reporter badgered White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday regarding Russian sanctions regarding Ukraine, claiming that the Biden administration is “waiting for people to die” first.

Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich challenged Psaki on why President Joe Biden appears to be reluctant to impose sanctions on the Kremlin as Russian forces continue to surround Ukraine and move more military assets into regions on Ukraine’s border ahead of what many within the administration believe is an imminent attack.

“Heinrich asked why, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s continued posturing along Russia’s border with Ukraine and intelligence suggesting an imminent attack, the Biden Administration was still holding back on the threatened sanctions that were supposedly being used as a ‘deterrent,’” The Daily Wire reported.

“You guys have attributed this cyber attack to Russia and you’re warning that the prospect of war — or peace, rather, is pretty dim. So, at what point do you break away from the strategy, say it’s not working, and do something else, imposing these sanctions now?” Heinrich asked after noting that proposed sanctions did not apply to various avenues in order to minimize the collateral damage to other nations.

Psaki pushed back, however, and said the administration looks at the proposed sanctions as deterrents and added that the White House believes that the threat of sanctions gives leverage rather than actually imposing them.

“If you put all of the sanctions in place now, what is stopping them from invading?” Psaki asked.

“Are they working?” Heinrich asked in response.

“Well … I think that’s our assessment from the national security team and, you know, we will continue to implement that strategy,” Psaki replied.

That didn’t satisfy Heinrich, however.

“You’re waiting for people to die before implementing them in that case,” Heinrich pressed once more.

“I think, Jacqui, that’s in no way a fair statement or accusation, I guess, if that’s what that is,” Psaki responded.

“What we have done, what the president has done is unite hundreds — countries around the world on a strong package that will be crippling to the Russian economy and we have done that in a way where we have stood up for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and stood with our NATO partners and allies,” she said.

“It has always been up to President Putin and Russia to determine which path they were going to take, that has not changed,” Psaki continued. “But that leadership on the world stage is what has led to a united front and united opposition to these actions.”

The press secretary also said that Putin had thus far failed to achieve one of his long-held objectives, the permanent division of NATO as well as undermining relations between alliance countries.

Last month, Secretary of State Antony Blinken got the same line of questioning from CNN’s Dana Bash and he gave nearly the same response that Psaki gave Heinrich.

“Ukrainian President Zelensky is calling for the U.S. and others, Europeans, to put sanctions in place now, to do it proactively, not reactively. He said, quote, ‘Today our partners are saying that war may start tomorrow if there was a powerful escalation on the Russian side and then there will be powerful sanctions applied.’ The question is why are you not introducing sanctions now rather than waiting until after the escalation. What’s your answer to that?” Bash asked.

“First of all, Dana, as I said, we are not waiting. We are doing a lot right now,” Blinken insisted, saying that the United States was “taking the lead” on coordinating what he said would be “massive consequences” that would be implemented if Russia were to make a move against Ukraine in the coming days or weeks.

“In Ukraine we’re providing — and last year alone provided more military assistance to Ukraine than any year in the past. We’ve been going against those inside Ukraine trying to destabilize the government. We’re taking concrete action,” Blinken added.

“But you’re not imposing the sanctions?” pressure Bash.

“When it comes to sanctions, the purpose of those sanctions is to deter Russian aggression. So if they’re triggered now, you lose the deterrent effect,” Blinken argued, noting that coordination between the U.S. and European countries was “designed to factor into President Putin’s calculus and deter and dissuade them from taking aggressive action even as we pursue diplomacy at the same time.”

( – Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt celebrated with the state’s success challenging the Biden administration’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) vaccine mandate, saying it was a “major win” for state’s rights.

During an interview on Fox News, the Republican AG declared that Joe Biden “doesn’t respect the rule of law” after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Biden administration’s directive that businesses with 100 or more employees must either get vaccinated or tested weekly.

“It’s a big win for workers. It’s a big win for the Constitution. It’s a big win for the rule of law and individual freedom. I mean, people should be able to make these decisions themselves without being fired. OSHA was created to make sure forklifts beep when they back up, not force a medical procedure on 80-plus million Americans,” Schmitt said.

“And so that’s a big win. And I also think it stands for a much larger proposition of, these agencies, we can’t let them run wild here. You can’t try to fit an elephant into a mouse hole, as one of the justices said,” he said.

“We can’t cede this much authority of the federal government. America has been the freest country in the history of the world. We believe in individual rights. And we believe that we spread out this power among the branches to protect individual freedom. And for those reasons, I think it’s a big win last week from the court,” he added.

“And the senator told us that he thought that Joe Biden knew that it was unconstitutional, but he just figured he would put it out there and force companies’ hand while it was adjudicated. And now you have got the Biden administration encouraging businesses to ignore this judgment and enforce the vaccine mandate anyway. What does that say about this lawlessness that we are watching every day out of this administration?” he asked.

“Well, it should come as no surprise, which is why A.G.s like me and others across the country have fought so hard to protect people’s individual rights from a president that just wants to bulldoze the separation of powers and doesn’t respect the rule of law,” Schmitt declared.

“By the way, Maria, this is the same administration that is siccing the FBI on parents who are showing up to school board meetings in this country. This is about power and control. It always has been. It’s not about data or science. It’s about power and control, command-and-control,” he added.

“The left wants to make sure that they have an administrative state that issues these edicts, and people have to follow it. But, thankfully, we live in a country where the rule of law still matters, a system of federalism where the states created the federal government to be a government of limited powers,” he said.

“And we’re going to continue to fight back and push back against this president, who just doesn’t respect the rule of law,” Schmitt concluded.

( – GOP leader Kevin McCarthy promised to launch an investigation into the bombshell findings from Special Counsel John Durham if the GOP takes back the House after the 2022 midterms.

Durham’s latest filing puts probe close to Hillary Clinton as she promoted a false story tied to the DNS monitoring. Durham also put the scandal at the feet of President Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Sullivan also promoted the false story about Alfa Bank communicating with the Trump organization that came from the DNS monitoring if Republicans take back the House in November. 

Durham also made it known that Joe Biden and Barack Obama were informed of intel around Hillary’s plot. Kevin said: “Special Counsel John Durham’s continued investigation into the Russia hoax is essential to getting to the truth and protecting our democracy, and because he has already uncovered several troubling findings.

“It’s clear that Congress must exercise its oversight responsibilities as well.

“Democrats and legacy media may want to sweep this alarming report under the rug.

“But if House Republicans earn the majority, we will use our oversight tools to determine whether federal funds were used.

“Whether federal office-holders abused their power.

“And investigate other disturbing elements of this spying scheme to ensure nothing like it ever happens again.

Republican Study Committee Chair Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana said:

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and if the involvement of the Biden campaign, his national security advisor Jake Sullivan, and others in the secret surveillance of President Trump is as it appears, this is a five-alarm blaze..

“Nixon spied on a political committee; Democrats spied on the duly-elected President.

“They aren’t in the same ballpark and Congress needs to act accordingly.”

Marsha Blackburn said:

“And we are continuing to look at what further information there may be around this.

“I do think that when you look at and the connect the dots on this, you know, Sussman and what he had then, of course, Marc Elias, Jake Sullivan. So we’ll wait until we get more information.”

Rep. Michael Turner ​(R-Ohio), the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said:

“We have to get to the truth. I mean, this is a threat to our democracy itself. It doesn’t matter really which political campaign this is or which political party this is. 

“This is so wrong and allegations of such level of illegal activity that goes directly to our faith in our own government that the truth must be found.

“Durham is doing a great job. I appreciate that he’s got this in the court system and is trying to bring this to light.

“But we have to, to get the bottom of this. 

“We will certainly use every tool that we have on the Intelligence Committee, and I think certainly Jim Jordan on the Judiciary Committee and others, we will make certain that we use every aspect of congressional power to get to the bottom of this.”

( – Some of us are old enough to remember that Democrats have tried bail reform and soft-on-crime policies numerous times in the past, and those reforms and policies have consistently failed because a significant percentage of criminals are so dangerous the only way to protect society is to keep them locked up.

Today, we have just such an example of what has now happened – repeatedly – because New York City’s bleeding heart Democrats have made it so that extremely dangerous thugs aren’t kept behind bars while awaiting trial.

If you watch one video today, watch the video a bit further down this post from NBC News documenting how a beautiful innocent woman in New York City was stalked and murdered – stabbed 40 times in her apartment – by a thug with eight previous arrests and who was out on bail because of New York’s soft-on-crime, bail reform policies that were instituted by Democrats.

The murder of this woman who had her whole life ahead of her is not only horrific, it was completely preventable had New York City officials kept the alleged killer behind bars where he belongs instead of putting him back on the streets to continue committing crimes.

But they did put him back on the street and now a beautiful young woman is dead after suffering through 40 stab wounds.

( – Teachers in Indiana are predicting a mass exodus from the profession if a state bill restricting how educators teach critical race theory-related lessons is passed. 

“I cannot imagine that we’re going to have anything other than a huge exodus of teachers if this legislation goes through,” Jim Lang, a journalism teacher at Floyd Central High School, told the Indy Star. “And I think the problem is going to be, you’re not going to have enough people to fill the positions, or some of the folks you’re going to bring in aren’t going to be qualified.”

The bill passed largely along party lines in the state House last month and was referred to the Senate Education and Career Development Committee to progress. 

House Bill 1134 would prohibit educators from promoting “certain concepts as part of a course of instruction” that “compel a school employee or student to adhere to certain tenets relating to the individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, or political affiliation.” 

The Star described the bill as one that would ban educators from teaching that any sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin or political affiliation is superior or inferior to another, or that any individual should feel psychological distress due to their sex, race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin or political affiliation. 

It would also prohibit schools from requiring students to participate in surveys that reveal or attempt ‘to affect the student’s attitudes, habits, traits, opinions, beliefs, or feelings without parental consent.” 

The bill was inspired by the national debate on critical race theory and would give more power to parents via parent-centered curriculum review committees.

If the bill is passed, parents could file complaints if teachers break any of the restrictions, which in some cases could lead to lawsuits against schools. Additionally, the bill would allow the state’s secretary of education to suspend or revoke teaching licenses if educators “willfully or wantonly” violate its provisions around promoting divisive concepts, according to the Star. 

“It opens the door for parents to be able to come after you for anything,” Suzanne Holcomb, an elementary school teacher in northern Indiana, told the Star. 

The bill’s author, Republican state Rep. Tony Cook, said it would give more transparency and power to parents. 

“The overriding intent of this bill is to provide curricular transparency,” Cook, who is a former teacher and superintendent, said. “As well as to empower parents by returning them the opportunity to participate in the curriculum process of selecting and approving instructional materials to be used by teachers in the classroom.”

Hundreds of teachers gathered outside the Indianapolis Capitol last week to protest the bill. Others are warning that the state will see a mass exodus of educators if the bill is signed into law. 

“I will have to quit, or I will have to ignore it,” Lang told the Star. “I will not comply. I can’t. It’s that bad.”

The state is coping with an ongoing staffing shortage among full-time teachers and substitutes, and the state’s Department of Education shows more than 800 job listings, the Indiana outlet reported. 

“It’s the last nail in the coffin,” Suzanne Holcomb, an elementary school teacher in northern Indiana, told the Star. “I don’t know how we would move forward from this. It would just make teaching impossible.” 

Holcomb added that the bill “feels like an attack on education,” “an attack on our integrity,” and “Quite frankly, it’s insulting.”

“As long as I still enjoy the job, feel effective at the job, I see no reason to leave,” another teacher, Sandy James, said. “This bill could change that for me.”

The bill also has students training to be teachers rethinking their career paths. 

“Anyone I know, within the last semester, has said out loud ‘I’m not sure if I’m able to do this,'” said Abby Martin, a junior at Indiana University Bloomington studying to be a high school teacher. “It’s alarming.”

Democrats and activists argue that critical race theory isn’t actually being taught in schools. But to parents reviewing their children’s lessons, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

School board meetings were inundated across the country over the last year with parents outraged with the education system for keeping racism “on life support” with CRT.  

One Indiana mom, Monica Hutton, is fighting back against the lessons her ninth grade son is receiving within the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville. 

“If we don’t get in charge, it’s communism,” Hutton told the Star. “It’s here.” 

And though some claim that CRT isn’t being taught in schools, the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville said officials have identified areas of concern with some of its own curricula. 

“The MSD of Martinsville does not support the teaching of critical race theory,” Suzie Lipps, a city council member and the superintendent’s assistant for curriculum, instruction and human resources, said at a recent school board speech. “Together, we’ve identified a few areas that present concerns and are proactively planning to ensure that all curriculum is politically neutral and balanced.” 

As HB 1134 works its way through the state Capitol, Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb is watching “very closely.” 

“The governor is grateful for educators in our state and the enormous role they play in preparing students for their and our state’s future,” Erin Murphy, the governor’s press secretary, told the Star. “He’s always sensitive to adding any additional burdens that will make their job more difficult.”