( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ political team hit back Friday night after Al Sharpton criticized the 2024 presidential hopeful during a eulogy for a man who died in the New York City subway system.

New York authorities said Jordan Neely, 30, died on May 1 from compression of the neck after he was placed in a chokehold by Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old Marine veteran, who is charged with one count of second-degree manslaughter.

DeSantis, also a veteran, praised Penny on Tuesday for taking action to protect others , saying, “I think to be able to step in as a good Samaritan and protect people — I think that that’s something that was the right thing to do. And I don’t think he should be prosecuted.”

Sharpton gave a eulogy for Neely at Harlem’s Mount Neboh Baptist Church Friday morning , slamming DeSantis for his comments.

“I know, Governor DeSantis, that you’re putting black history and LGBTQ and Latino out of the school, but I have a Bible to put in the governor’s office,” Sharpton said. “Because apparently, you don’t know what the Good Samaritan was. Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan.”

DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin slammed Sharpton for using his eulogy to attack the governor.

“Democrats never miss an opportunity to take a political jab and try to further divide our country — even at a funeral,” Griffin told Fox News Digital. “Save your breath, Rev. Sharpton. These attacks simply don’t work on Governor DeSantis. He is not afraid to speak the truth.”

Sharpton said during Neely’s funeral that “they put their arms around all of us.”

“We’re not in here because of natural causes, we’re here because of unnatural policies,” Sharpton said.

( – Vivek Ramaswamy, who is seeking the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, has made a bold promise to release Jeffrey Epstein’s “client list” if he becomes president. Ramaswamy took to Twitter on Friday to express his demand, responding to news of Deutsche Bank settling a lawsuit with Epstein’s alleged sexual abuse victims for $75 million.

“Jeffrey Epstein didn’t act alone. Where’s the client list?” Ramaswamy wrote Friday on Twitter in response to a news article about Deutsche Bank agreeing to pay $75 million to settle a lawsuit filed by alleged sexual abuse victims of Epstein.

“Release it now. I’ll do it as President,” he wrote.

Ramaswamy’s vow comes at a time when public curiosity about the identities of those associated with Epstein, the well-connected billionaire and convicted sex offender, has resurfaced. Epstein was charged with multiple counts of child sex trafficking before his death in 2019, ruled as suicide by hanging, in a Manhattan jail cell. He had maintained connections with numerous prominent figures and was known to operate within high-society circles.

The recent settlement of $75 million by Deutsche Bank resolves a class-action suit brought by two anonymous women who accused the bank of facilitating Epstein’s trafficking activities. The women claimed that the bank knowingly benefited from participating in Epstein’s sex-trafficking enterprise, obstructed enforcement of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, and negligently failed to prevent physical harm.

Upon approval of the settlement agreement by the judge, the $75 million will be made available to over 125 victims of Epstein, according to the attorneys representing the women involved in the case.

JPMorgan Chase is also facing a similar lawsuit filed by the government of the U.S. Virgin Islands, alleging that the bank turned a blind eye to Epstein’s crimes for over a decade due to the lucrative deals and clients he brought to the institution.

Recent reports by The Wall Street Journal have shed light on additional prominent individuals who had connections to Epstein. While these people did not appear in Epstein’s infamous black book or flight logs, they were mentioned in his private schedule. The schedule from September 8, 2014, suggests Epstein planned to meet with Bill Gates, Leon Black, Thomas Pritzker, and Mortimer Zuckerman on that day. Other documents obtained by the Journal indicate meetings between Epstein and CIA Director William Burns and former MIT professor Noam Chomsky.

Epstein’s private calendar adds fuel to the belief that he was a spy or operative that was amassing “blackmail material” on the world’s most powerful people. It is unclear why Epstein met with the CIA Director or with the former White House counsel.

The meetings occurred after Epstein had served jail time in 2008 for a sex crime involving a minor, according to the Wall Street Journal report.

Peter Thiel also likely met with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein “several” times in 2014, according to a recent report from The New York Times.

Ramaswamy is not the only candidate making promises to release files of high public interest. Former President Donald Trump, the leading Republican and potential presidential candidate, recently stated that he would release all files related to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. During his presidency, Trump ordered the release of more than 2,800 uncensored documents to the National Archives website but retained several hundred, citing national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns.

Trump’s office justified the continued withholdings in 2018, stating that identifiable harm to national security, law enforcement, or foreign affairs outweighed the immediate public interest in disclosure. Trump now pledges to review those redactions over the next three years and release the remaining portion early in his potential future term.

When asked if there was anything the public should be concerned about in the JFK records, Trump declined to comment, stating that he did not want to discuss it. He did, however, emphasize his past releases of documents related to the assassination.

( – Republicans are making their push to oust Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) from his congressional seat.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) filed a resolution on Wednesday to expel Schiff from Congress, reports The Hill.

Schiff, who chaired the House Intelligence Committee, had access to just about every bit of information available regarding the Russian collusion narrative… and he purposely got it wrong.

You can forgive a lot of things, but you cannot forgive someone purposely lying to you time and again, solely to take power.

Schiff tried to con the American people, literally guaranteeing Russian collusion, and he was wrong.

In 2017, Schiff stated, “I don’t want to go into specifics, but I will say that there is evidence that is not circumstantial. But as I’ve said all along, there’s plenty of evidence of collusion,” reports Fox News.

There are no ifs about that… between the IG report and the Durham report, it has been unequivocally proven that Schiff went on TV, day after day, and lied to the American people.

To that point, Luna stated, “Adam Schiff lied to the American people. He used his position on House Intelligence to push a lie that cost American taxpayers millions of dollars and abused the trust placed in him as Chairman. He is a dishonor to the House of Representatives.”

She added, “The Durham report makes clear that the Russian collusion was a lie from day one and Schiff knowingly used his position in an attempt to divide our country.”

This was Schiff’s response…

He’s been caught, yet he still insists that he was telling the truth. He does not deserve his seat.

( – The FBI had at least four open investigations into Bill and Hillary Clinton that were suddenly dropped in the months before the 2016 presidential election, special counsel John Durham’s report shows.

Durham blasted Hillary Clinton personally in his report over her “plan to stir up a scandal against US Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee.”

The Durham Report says:  “Beginning in late 2014, before Clinton formally declared her presidential candidacy, the FBI learned from a well-placed [source] that a foreign government was planning to send an individual to contribute to Clinton’s anticipated presidential campaign, as a way to gain influence with Clinton should she win the presidency.

“Beginning in January 2016, three different FBI field offices, the New York Field Office (“NYFO*), the Washington Field Office (“WFO*), and the Little Rock Field Office (“LRFO**), opened investigations into possible criminal activity involving the Clinton Foundation.

“The IRFO case opening communication referred to an intelligence product and corroborating financial reporting that a particular commercial “industry likely engaged a federal public official in a flow of benefits scheme, namely, large monetary contributions were made to a non-profit, under both direct and indirect control of the federal public official, in exchange for favorable government action and/or influence.”

“The WFO investigation was opened as a preliminary investigation, because the Case Agent wanted to determine if he could develop additional information to corroborate the allegations in a recently-published book, Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, before seeking to convert the matter to a full investigation.

“Additionally, the LRFO and NYFO investigations included predication based on source reporting that identified foreign governments that had made, or offered to make, contributions to the Foundation in exchange for favorable or preferential treatment from Clinton.

“According to another agent, the application lingered because “everyone was ‘super more careful’” and “scared with the big name [Clinton]” involved. 321 

“[T]hey were pretty “tippy-toeing’ around HRC because there was a chance she would be the next President.”

The Department of Justice Public Integrity Section Chief, Ray Hulser, said FBI leadership held a joint meeting with the three field offices, FBI Headquarters, and appropriate United States Attorney’s offices.

But it was “poorly presented,” and the FBI saw “insufficient predication for at least one of the investigations.”

A spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation denied the non-profit has ever been involved in any illegal activity:

“The Durham report, the spokesperson said, emphasized what’s been clear for many years – there’s never been any wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation.

“None of the Clintons have ever taken any money from the Clinton Foundation — in fact, the Clintons themselves are major donors to the Clinton Foundation.”

( – The House Oversight Committee dealt a massive blow to President Joe Biden and has subpoenaed phone records for a secret phone belonging to President Joe Biden that Hunter Biden’s business paid for.

Peter Schweizer, Government Accountability Institute President, revealed the subpoena in a recent interview. The GOP discovered the secret phone by looking through Hunter’s scandalous laptop.

Schweizer said: “We obtained that phone number and we’ve shared it with individuals and the Oversight Committee in Congress is going to subpoena those phone records. 

“And what’s important here is that’s not a government phone, this is not Joe Biden’s private phone that he’s paying for himself. It’s actually [Hunter] Biden’s business that paid for it.

“I think it’s going to yield a lot of interesting information as to who Joe Biden was talking to on this phone that was being paid for by his son.”

“It’s very troubling — the pattern that we’re seeing here,” Schweizer said about the IRS whistleblowers getting taken off the Hunter Biden case.

“You have these whistleblower complaints filed by people in the IRS that were looking at Hunter Biden’s failure to pay taxes. 

“They issued whistleblower complaint to Congress — the report is that those individuals had been removed from the case, which is contrary to the Whistleblower Law — you’re not allowed to remove somebody from their position just because they filed a whistleblower complaint.

“What happened in 2018 was the IRS looked into the fact that Hunter Biden had taken in all this foreign income, we exposed it in Secret Empires in 2018. That sort of launched the grand jury and you had this IRS investigation.

“And they basically concluded that Hunter Biden had taken in millions of dollars from foreign sources, had not paid taxes on it. 

“You have this friend, this lawyer in Los Angeles that paid two million to the IRS to pay some of the back taxes, but the IRS was looking into charges of tax evasion.

“They went to congressional committees and complained that they believe there had been political interference from DOJ. I haven’t seen the details, but this was the claim. 

“And now lo and behold, the IRS says we’re going to remove the team from investigating Hunter Biden, who had been on it now for what, five years, and we’re going to start apparently gonna have to start the whole thing over, so what does that mean to the investigation? 

“What does that mean? I think it’s massive, but first of all.

“I think it’s illegal by the whistleblower statute. You cannot remove somebody from their position, simply because they made a whistleblower complaint.”

( – Whistleblower FBI agents who came forward claiming that “politicized rot” was destroying the agency from within have now been suspended and had their security clearances pulled, a development that House Republicans sought to put on display Thursday morning.

Steve Friend, one of the whistleblower agents, detailed his experience in front of the House Judiciary Committee. He claimed the FBI “closed rank and attacked the messenger” while preventing him from seeking another form of employment to support his family.

Friend’s opening statement drew praise from conservatives.

A second agent, Marcus Allen, had his security clearance revoked after investigating open-source materials related to the January 6, 2021 riots, according to a report by the House committee.

“Because these open-source articles questioned the FBI’s handling of the violence at the Capitol, the FBI suspended Allen for ‘conspiratorial views in regard to the events of January 6th,’” the report states, adding that Allen was likewise not permitted to seek outside employment during his unpaid suspension.

Garret O’Boyle testified that the FBI ruined his family life because he stood up for what he believed was right.

“Bad guys have begun running parts of the government, making it difficult to continue to serve this nation and protect the innocent.”

In a letter to House Republicans, the agency defended its punishment of both whistleblowers, arguing that Friend refused to follow an order to conduct a search-and-arrest of a suspect, performed unauthorized downloads of classified materials, and conducted media interviews without prior approval from the Office of Public Affairs (OPA). Allen was suspended for allegedly hindering investigations while espousing alternative views regarding the FBI’s involvement in the J6 riots, the letter states.

In recent weeks, a coalition of veteran FBI agents have come forward to defend the actions of the whistleblowers and call for reform at the agency, saying in a public letter that politicization which began under former Director James Comey has continued to the present day and continues to benefit President Joe Biden.

( Biden-appointed Massachusetts US Attorney Rachael Rollins resigned after a Justice Department watchdog investigation into ethics issues.

Rachael Rollins, a Soros-backed radical leftist, submitted her resignation letter to Joe Biden and her last day will be Friday at the close of business.

Rollins attended a Democrat fundraiser featuring Jill Biden in July 2022 without required Department approval and contrary to ethics advice she received, according to DOJ IG Michael Horowitz.

Of course US Attorney General Merrick Garland declined to prosecute Rollins.

“On December 26, 2022, pursuant to the Inspector General Act…. the OIG referred the false statements allegation to the Department for a prosecutive decision. On January 6, 2023, the Department informed the OIG that it declined prosecution,” the IG report stated.

AP reported:

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins will resign following a months long investigation by the Justice Department’s inspector general into her appearance at a political fundraiser and other potential ethics issues, her attorney said Tuesday.

The Justice Department’s watchdog has yet to release its report detailing the findings of its investigation, but an attorney for Rollins told The Associated Press that she will be submitting a letter of resignation to President Joe Biden by close of business Friday.

Recall, Rachael Rollins completely melted down when 25 investigates confronted her in 2021.

( – Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggested removing Dem Rep Adam Schiff from Congress over the lies he told that John Durham’s final report exposed.

Kevin said: “It raises the question about Adam Schiff. Remember when Adam told the American public he had proof? Remember when he said he didn’t know the whistleblower? What he put America through when he openly lied to us. It raises questions about his character and whether he should be in Congress.

Jonathan Turley wrote earlier about Schiff’s weird behavior: “In a bizarre exchange this week with former State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was confronted with his relentless promoting of the now debunked Steele dossier in prior years.

 “Schiff surprisingly declared “First of all, whoever lied to the FBI or Christopher Steele should be prosecuted, and they are.” (It is actually not a crime to lie to Christopher Steele under 18 U.S.C. 1001. 

“It is a crime to lie to federal investigators). It was a curious statement from someone who attacked the appointment of the Special Counsel and, with other leading Democrats, did his level best to kill the investigation.

“Schiff previously claimed that he had direct evidence of collusion in his Committee despite Mueller finding no such evidence to support criminal charges.  Schiff however has never produced that evidence.

“Durham has now shown how Clinton associates engineered the scandal and may have even been the true sources for the most salacious details in the dossier. In 2017, American intelligence said that it believed that the dossier may have been used by Russian intelligence to spread disinformation.

“Schiff opposed Durham while insisting that Mueller should be allowed to continue his own investigation. Judging from the three indictments by Durham, it is now clear why Democrats sought to kill the investigation.

“Schiff told MSNBC that ongoing investigations would constitute “tearing down our democracy” and would serve as a way to “delegitimize” a president.  This also included any continued investigation of the Hunter Biden scandal. 

“Schiff denounced the Durham investigation as a “politically motivated” effort despite the fact that Durham suspended any public actions before the election to avoid even the appearance of political manipulation.  

“He resisted demands from Trump to issue a report before the election.

“Schiff raised the termination of the Durham investigation by Attorney General Garland before Durham could issue any indictments or reports.  

“He added “The appointment is not consistent with the language of the statute that he’s relying on and can be rescinded, I think, by the next attorney general. I would presume the next attorney general will look to see if there is any merit to the work that John Durham is doing.”

( – Townhall editor Julio Rosas unleashed on U.S. Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) after the congressman attacked his credentials and attempted to downplay the level of violence at BLM protests and riots in 2020.

Rosas testified at the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability’s hearing on Tuesday. As an on-the-ground reporter, he covered violent protests in riots in major cities such as Portland, Minneapolis and New York City in the months following the death of George Floyd.

During the hearing, Rep. Goldman accused the reporter of attempting to “gaslight” the committee on left-wing violence and claimed that Antifa does not exist. “As if Antifa, which Mr. Rosas, apparently the expert now in organized expert activity, has overruled the FBI director who says, there’s a headline ‘Antifa is an ideology not an organization,’” Goldman ranted. “No, no, no, let’s not listen to the FBI Director, let’s listen to… I’m sorry, what’s your title? Senior writer at Townhall,” he continued, denigrating Rosas’ title while failing to mention he served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Goldman quoted a 2021 statement from FBI Director Wray in which he claimed that Antifa was an ideology, not an organized group. Wray has since corrected the record and admitted that Antifa is organized at the regional level, something Goldman did not include in his statement Tuesday.

Goldman did not give Rosas a chance to respond, though U.S. Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) eventually allowed the reporter to address Goldman’s comments.

“It’s funny to be lectured by an heir to the Levi Strauss Corporation and that’s probably why he doesn’t consider property damage as a big of a deal because, not only does he have that, but he also has what some people would describe as an impossibly good stock portfolio,” Rosas said.

Goldman has repeatedly drawn criticism over his stock portfolio after it was revealed that he made over 520 trades during his first few months in office. He recently sold up to $15,000 worth of stock in First Republic bank on March 15, three weeks before the stock plummeted following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) introduced articles of impeachment against FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday.

Greene’s move to impeach Wray comes in the wake of special counsel John Durham’s final report on his investigation into the FBI’s inquiry into the alleged ties between former President Donald Trump and Russia.

Greene claimed that the FBI has “intimidated, harassed, and entrapped” people under Wray’s watch and that he has turned the FBI into President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland’s “personal police force,” according to a statement from Greene.

“Not only has Director Wray persecuted political opponents in an unprecedented and partisan way, but he has also overseen his agency take actions to shield and protect the current President and his family,” the statement read. “A senior FBI official left the agency under a cloud of accusations that he shielded a laptop belonging to the President’s son, Robert Hunter Biden, from a criminal probe.”

Greene specified several times the FBI had targeted people “deemed enemies of the Biden regime,” including how FBI whistleblower Garret O’Boyle told congressional investigators the agency had created a terrorist threat tag in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s overturning. In a raid performed by the FBI last September, armed agents raided the home of Mark Houck, an anti-abortion Catholic and father of seven young children, in response to his obstructing access to an abortion clinic.

The Georgia congresswoman also mentioned the raid the FBI performed on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence last August to recover classified documents the former president had in his possession. Shortly after, classified documents were also found to be in Biden’s Delaware home and in his office at the Penn-Biden Center.

“It is unacceptable for the Director of the FBI or any civil officer to exercise his power in a way that targets one political class while doing favors for the other,” Greene’s statement read. “Therefore, by the powers vested in Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene as a duly elected Member of the House of Representatives, she is officially introducing Articles of Impeachment against the corrupt FBI Director Christopher Wray.”

In addition to Wray, Greene has also introduced articles of impeachment against U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves. Greene said under Graves’s time as attorney for Washington D.C., he “has totally subverted the justice system of the United States.”

Durham’s 306-page report on his investigation into the Trump-Russia report stated that the FBI and Department of Justice had no proper basis for launching the investigation and cast doubt on the idea that the FBI should have ever even launched its investigation into allegations of collusion between Trump and the Russian government during the 2016 election.

Trump claimed the public had been “scammed” by people trying to undermine the country in a post written on Truth Social. Likewise, Trump’s rivals in the 2024 race, including former South Carolina GOP Gov. Nikki Haley, former Arkansas GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson, and business entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, criticized the agency in the wake of the report.