CNN Reporter Robbed While Doing A Story On Crime…

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( – A CNN reporter freaked out on Twitter after she and her crew were robbed in San Francisco while they were reporting on a story about the rampant crime in the city.

“Got robbed. Again. @jasonkCNN& I were at city hall in San Francisco to do an interview for @CNN. We had security to watch our rental car + crew car. Thieves did this in under 4 seconds. Security stopped the jerks from stealing other bags. But seriously- this is ridiculous,” CNN national correspondent Kyung Lah said.

“Our hired security guard tried to grab the crooks (I’m glad he didn’t get hurt!) but he got this picture of the getaway car. To the jerks who stole our stuff— I hope someone on this site sees your plate and you get caught,” the agitated reporter said.

“Thank you to @SFPD’s Ofcs Gala & Mac for responding and your kindness,” she said with a photo of, presumably, one of the responding officers.

“San Francisco is a beautiful city. This is our 3rd day here and I’ve loved my time here. But if you do visit this city, know that even with hired security watching your car, it is not enough,” the reporter said.

“Now I’m about to try and get an @SouthwestAir flight back to Los Angeles without ID or passport since they were both stolen. I’ll let you know how that goes…,” she said before explaining why she was in San Francisco.

“BTW; @jasonkCNN and I are in San Francisco doing a story about voter discontent bc of rampant street crime #irony,” she said.

“Bc so many people get their cars broken into and their bags stolen, @SouthwestAir was very used to my lack-of-ID problem and smoothly gave me my ticket after a brief security check. Off to TSA now,” she said.

.@TSA officer Boongaling at Oakland is really helping me out today. Thank you to her! Also, if you fly out of Oakland, know the gas stations are being hit around the airport. Teams here in Oakland say passengers show up crying bc their bags are all stolen, all in seconds, the reporter said.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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