China’s Plan To Invade Taiwan Leaked…

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( – There has been an unprecedented leak of a recording of a top-secret meeting of China’s People’s Liberation Army leadership. During the meeting, senior military and  the Communist Party of China  officials are heard discussing detailed plans to “smash” the military forces of Taiwan. There are also detailed discussions of logistical support for the invasion involving various companies that will provide needed supplies. Maintaining the security of key regions of mainland China from any sort of counterattacks is also discussed. The leaked audio raises several questions, including who would have carried out the leak and whether this is an actual plan or simply a preparatory exercise.

The first question to address is whether this meeting was a discussion of active plans for an invasion with a targeted date to attack or not. An attack on Taiwan from China is always possible, but they could also just be going over and refining their strategy in a preparatory exercise meant to intimidate.

The second question is who would have risked their lives to leak out the audio of this meeting. The Chinese are notoriously good at keeping their inside information secret and the penalties for any perceived disloyalty are harsh beyond belief. If this leak is real, there may be some dissent among the ranks going on, with someone being opposed to an invasion of Taiwan.

According to analysis from Jennifer Zeng, host of Inconvenient Truths, she said, “that audio they mentioned quite a few names of factories, trains, companies.” Zeng said she checked all the names that they mentioned in the audio and matched them with the public record and they all match. “A factory they mentioned really produced drones and that sort of machinery. They knew what they were talking about.”

A former senior Trump administration official said the audio was “meant to intimidate.”

Steve Yates, chair of the China Policy Initiative, told TheDCNF that it was “extremely unlikely” the video was an unauthorized leak, noting that Chinese authorities would “follow up” with the leaker.

“So we have to assume this content was meant to influence as much as inform,” Yates said. “The CCP is now saying the quiet part out loud. The challenge for the U.S. and allies is that there is no way to discern between exercises meant to influence versus actual mobilization to attack.”

The alleged leaked audio follows President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Asia and comes only weeks after China conducted a “rehearsal” for a Taiwan invasion between May 6-8.

Zeng said China is clearly in the process of decoupling from the West, citing the Chinese government forcing companies like Didi Chuxing to delist from the New York Stock Exchange. She also pointed to Xi Jinping’s stated goal of achieving “internal circulation of the economy” and China’s efforts to buy up crops from overseas as well as the recent “insane lockdown order” in Shanghai as evidence of China’s intention to decouple.

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