Biden’s Sister Thinks Meghan Markle Would Make A Good President…

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( – Valerie Biden Owens, the sister of President Joe Biden, was recently on Good Morning Britain. During her interview she invited Meghan Markle to join the Democratic Party, and said Meghan would “of course” make a good candidate for the US Presidency.

Valerie Biden Owens, 76, said that the Duchess of Sussex would be “welcome to come in and join the Democratic Party,” adding that it was key to have more women in politics.

The Biden family have had a close relationship with Prince Harry for the last 10 years.  Reports have claimed that Markle has been networking among senior Democrats with a view of building a campaign and starting a career in politics. 

Owens stated, “It’s wonderful to have women in politics. The more women we have the better our democratic system will work. We welcome her to come in and join the Democratic Party.”

When asked if she thought the Duchess would make a good potential candidate for President one day, Owens said, “Yes, perhaps. Of course she will.”

Owens, was also asked about her brother’s mental health as well as his future plans. They pointed out that Republicans have accused Biden of being mentally unfit for office following a series of verbal blunders, such as referring to his wife Jill as the Vice President and calling for regime change in Russia by saying Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

When asked about whether it makes her angry when Biden misspeaks and people put it down to him not being mentally fit for office, Owens said, “First of all, his gaffes are truths. He speaks the truth.”

Owens replied, “Is he capable? Watch him. Look at him. He speaks the truth. Sometimes it comes out in a different way and people call it a gaffe. He speaks the truth.”

Owens revealed she was not “enthusiastic” about Biden running against Donald Trump for the presidency in 2020 because she believed Trump was “committed to destroying my brother and my family.”

Owens, who has been in charge of Biden’s political campaigns for over 50 years.

“I was not enthusiastic about him running against the former president, because the former president I believe was committed to destroying my brother and my family,” Owens said.

Owens added, “Joe is the right person at the right time for the right job and there are lots of things still to do to carry on the agenda. There’s no daylight between the private person and the public man. The American people know what Joe is about.”

When asked if Biden will run for President in 2024, Owens confirmed, “Yes! We’ve got stuff to do. Absolutely!”

Owens was her brother’s campaign manager for all of his Senate campaigns and for his 2008 presidential bid, which he suspended only to be chosen as Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s running mate. She was a senior adviser on the president’s 2020 campaign.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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