Biden Waited Six Days To Call Texas About Snow Emergency

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Normally, Presidents respond to emergencies quickly and call the governor of affected states to ask what they can do to help. But what if the governor of the state is a Republican, and what if you’re Joe Biden? Then contacting the governor isn’t exactly a priority.

On day six of the winter storms that have left Texas in disarray with rolling blackouts and weather conditions not usually encountered in the Lone Star State, Biden finally took a break from Mario Kart to call Governor Greg Abbott.

“President Biden conveyed his support to the people of Texas in this trying time,” the White House says. “He reiterated that the federal government will continue to work hand-in-hand with state and local authorities in Texas to bring relief and address the critical needs of the families affected.” Then, Biden tweeted about his decision to finally call Texas — complete with a photo of him finally taking an interest:

Biden announced on the same day that warming centers would finally open through the state to help those who are without power because of the storm. Once again, this happened six days into the storm.

President* Biden also says that he now intends to be receptive to the needs to Texas and other states that are impacted by this unprecedented and dangerous storm:

Joe Biden promised to be a President for all Americans, but last time we checked, Texans are Americans — and Biden let them suffer for days while he jetted off to Camp David to play Mario Kart. Liberals, naturally have been silent on his decision to prioritize video games over the lives of the people of Texas. Joe Biden is not a uniter. He views conservatives as second-class citizens at best. And this is just one piece of evidence that proves it. If he wanted to unite America, he would have made Texas a priority on day one of the storm.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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