Steve Bannon Just Went OFF On Lying Democrats

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If anyone is intimately acquainted with dirty liberal tricks, it’s Steve Bannon. And he’s had enough of Democrats’ latest impeachment attempt — one that targets a private citizen who is no longer in the office from which they wish to “remove” him.

Recently, President Trump pardoned his former advisor, Steve Bannon. Bannon had become wrapped up in a leftist assault on the “We Build the Wall” nonprofit. The organization received millions of dollars in donations to construct border wall segments, and verifiably did what it said it would do. Nevertheless, Bannon was charged alongside founder and triple-amputee war veteran Brian Kolfage. In an attempt to silence the men, the SDNY charged them with fraud and other crimes. But President Trump threw a stick into Democrats’ spokes by removing Bannon — the big fish — from the equation entirely. Now Bannon is speaking out.

After Democrat Ted Lieu claimed that the National Guard — which Biden’s team forced to sleep in parking garages – is “in full body armor still patrol outside” because Trump, who has conceded that Joe Biden is the President now, won’t say the words “the election was not stolen.” President Trump is joined by 75 percent of Republicans in the belief that the facts show that the election was, indeed, stolen.

“Sir, you are a liar,” Bannon said on his podcast. “If that is the truth, then you have lied about why the troops are there.”

“Sir, let me make sure you understand something. Ted Lieu and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and every distributor and Twitter and all of it: We will never concede,” Bannon says. “We will never say this election was not stolen.”

“We will never ever ever ever concede. Do you understand that?” Bannon concluded. “And you know why? Because you stole this election and you bragged about it on the cover of TIME magazine.”

Watch it below:

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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