CNN Host Calls Trump Supporters ‘Selfish’ For Thinking High Taxes Are Bad

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CNN’s Don Lemon has never exactly been a friend to conservatives, but on Tuesday night he decided to take another stab at completely misrepresenting an entire group in a clumsy effort to attack the President. But ultimately, he just made himself seem more terrible than his negative reputation would lead one to believe. Lemon decided, for some reason, to insinuate that all Trump supporters are “rich” and “selfish” because they don’t want Joe Biden to raise their taxes.

As he was handing off his show to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother Chris, Lemon said something shocking. “Those people have no economic anxiety,” he said of Trump supporters to Cuomo. “They’re rich.” Cuomo replied, “Well, they have economic anxiety; they don’t want to give more money away to taxes.”

At this point, Lemon went off the rails:

You like to go boating and fishing. But just be honest about what your intentions and what you think and stop pretending that it is something else. And stop ignoring the elephant in the room. It’s not really economic anxiety. It’s actually, I think, it is selfishness because listen, I do well. I don’t mind paying more taxes for people who are not doing well to help other people out. This is America. I will be okay. How much do I need?”

“As Americans, as people, especially if you believe in the Christian values that you espouse, you’re supposed to do unto others and help others,” Lemon says. And apparently “Christian values” means giving all your money to the government to the CNN anchor. ” No one likes to pay a lot of taxes, but we do it because we can, and not everybody can. So, maybe you buy one less dune buggy, maybe you guy one less fancy car, maybe you buy one less boat, maybe you buy one less yacht, maybe you buy one less apartment, one less mansion.”

Most Americans, especially Trump supporters, don’t care about buying dune buggies or mansions. They want to put food on the table and keep the bills paid. But if someone can afford a boat, Lemon thinks that they shouldn’t be rewarded for their hard work. “How much money do you really need?” Lemon asks. “That’s all I got to say.””

That sort of thinking might work under Communism or socialism, but it doesn’t work in America.

Watch it below:

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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