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Trump Blasts Biden for Fracking Flip-flop

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Fracking has been quite the controversial tactic for several decades.  Politicians have been forced to take a stance on fracking, back it up with evidence and stick to their position across posterity for consistency’s sake.  However, as President Trump recently pointed out, Joe Biden has done the exact opposite.  Trump recently highlighted Biden’s hypocrisy on fracking while campaigning in Pennsylvania.

Biden Backtracks on Fracking

Now that Joe Biden is running for President of the United States of America, he must back up his previous statements in regard to fracking as well as other controversial issues.  However, Biden is backtracking on his fracking take as he is realizing his prior stance was flat-out wrong.  As President Trump pointed out, Biden is now stating that fracking is an acceptable practice.  However, this is a different tune than Biden sang in the past when he was not running for the highest office in the land.

President Trump pointed out Biden’s hypocrisy when speaking at a rally in Pennsylvania last week.  Trump stated a ban on fracking would result in Pennsylvania losing upwards of nearly a million jobs.  This is an important point as a Biden presidency would likely spell doom for Pennsylvania’s economy.  After all, Biden stated in a summer debate that his administration would not permit fracking. 

Furthermore, Biden stated his administration frowns upon the use of fossil fuels and coal.  Biden went as far as stating fracking should be eliminated.  Biden is now insisting fracking should continue, likely because if cancel culture had its way and eliminated this means of obtaining natural gas, the economy would be devastated.  President Trump shrewdly pointed out that Biden is on the record stating he would sacrifice employment in the oil and gas industries in the effort to pivot toward a green economy. 

Biden’s VP is Also in Trumps’ Crosshairs

Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, also made the mistake of siding with anti-frackers.  Harris vowed to implement an all-encompassing ban on fracking throughout the entirety of the country.  However, Harris is now also backtracking in unison with Biden.  President Trump is smart to seize the opportunity to lambaste Biden and Harris for their inconsistencies.  Trump is shining the spotlight on Biden’s recent comments in which he stated he will not ban fracking.  This is a full 180 from where Biden stood merely a couple months ago when debating Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and others in the summer debates. 

If President Trump is re-elected for a second term, it is quite possible his pro-fracking stance that has proven consistent across the years will be responsible for the victory.  In fact, Trump successfully passes all fact-checks when boasting he ended the war against fracking – a war launched during President Obama’s time in office.  As is often said when discussing American politics, “It’s the economy!”  People typically vote for the candidate that benefits their pocketbooks.  Trump’s flawless economic record combined with his support for the fracking industry has set the stage for his re-election this fall.

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