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Sources who Leaked Trump’s Alleged Military Remarks Refuse to go on Record

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The mainstream media is making a big deal about President Trump’s alleged remarks about fallen American military members.  Anonymous sources supposedly leaked comments made by the president in which he called service members “losers” and “suckers”.  However, these sources did not go on the record, likely because they are mischaracterizing the president’s statements or possibly even telling bald-faced lies.

About the Supposed Comments

The Atlantic broke this story earlier in the week, highlighting the supposed disparaging remarks made by the president when speaking about dead American military members in a 2018 trip to Europe.  The sources who leaked the supposed comments fear a negative response on Twitter and beyond as the accusations are so severe.  However, critical thinkers will consider the possibility that the accusations are completely false. 

It is possible President Trump said nothing at all about the service members.  After all, this is a President who has been photographed hugging the American flag.  Furthermore, Trump has nothing to gain by denigrating American soldiers.  The story simply does not make sense.  This is precisely why those who have a strong allegiance to the truth and justice are questioning whether the entire story is a fabrication dreamed up by anti-Trump journalists.

Details About Trump’s Europe Trip

The supposed comments were allegedly made when Trump decided not to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery back in 2018.  The cemetery is located just outside of Paris.  It has been reported Trump skipped the trip as he supposedly did not want to get his hair wet.  Furthermore, it is alleged Trump did not want to honor the dead American soldiers buried in the cemetery as it as full of “losers and “suckers”. 

However, former officials of the Trump administration, many of whom have had heated disagreements with Trump, insist the story is completely inaccurate.  These officials insist the cemetery trip was called off due to the harsh weather conditions.

What About John Bolton’s Book?

Critical thinkers will look for evidence of the claim detailed above in all places and from all parties tied to the Trump administration including John Bolton.  Bolton, the former national security adviser, did not mention Trump’s supposed “losers” and “suckers” comments in his book.  If Trump actually made those statements, they would have been included in Bolton’s book as such sensational material would have helped sell that many more copies, lining Bolton’s pockets all the more.

Trump’s Response to the Accusation After the story was published, Trump responded with a tweet denying that he called the soldiers “losers”.  Trump went on to call our fallen soldiers “heroes”, insisting the damning allegations about his cancelled cemetery trip were complete fabrications.  Trump knows those around him might not stick with the administration through its entirety so it does not make sense for him to make controversial statements about fallen soldiers in their presence.  Furthermore, the alleged comments simply do not fit Trump’s character.  It appears as though this story is nothing but a lie, created by a leftist anonymous source with a vendetta against our patriotic president.

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