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Professor put on Leave After Political Correctness Rears Its Ugly Head at USC

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We now have a new sign that the apocalypse is near.  USC students recently complained to university administrators that their professor’s pronunciation of a Chinese word negatively impacted their mental health.  The complaint led to the administration putting the instructor on leave.  The complaints were made by racial minorities at the university who insisted their professor is guilty of veiled racism.

Complaints of “Emotional Exhaustion”

A group of black USC students pursuing their MBA degrees notified the university’s administration that they would drop a class unless their professor was placed on leave.  The students claim the instructor’s pronunciation of a Chinese word caused them emotional exhaustion.  The students insist the instructor’s pronunciation of the word sounds similar to a racial slur.  The professor, Greg Patton, allegedly pronounced the Chinese word of “nei ge” in a manner that might have sounded similar to the “N word” used by racists. 

The supposedly emotionally distraught students emailed the university’s administration complaining that Patton used word upwards of half a dozen times in a single lesson, offending the black members of the group.  However, the truth of the matter is the Chinese word is spoken with a pause in between the two distinct syllables.  The word is in no way racially derogatory.  The USC students insist Patton’s pronunciation of the word constitutes negligence and a disregard for students’ emotional well-being. 

Cancel Culture Rears Its Ugly head

The students in question stated they would prefer not to take Patton’s course than subject themselves to the emotional exhaustion of listening to him.  The students insist Patton’s pronunciation of the word in question creates an environment that is not welcoming to racial minorities pursuing a MBA degree.  Furthermore, the student group insists the incident negatively impacted their ability to learn course material.  However, the students are overlooking the fact that they are overly sensitive.  What they hear as a racial slur is viewed as an awkward pronunciation of a Chinese word by others who are more objective. 

This is nothing but an example of cancel culture run amok.  It is a grave injustice that Patton will not be able to teach in the semesters ahead due to a simple misunderstanding.  USC administrators should not let off the hook for acting in a reactionary manner.  Rather, their knee-jerk reaction to student complaints should be highlighted as an example of our politically correct culture that favors the loud minority over utilitarianism. 

What Happens From Here? USC officials have stated Patton will take a “short pause” as the situation is reviewed in-depth.  Once a better understanding of the situation is obtained, the university will take the appropriate steps, be it a reinstatement of Patton or termination.  If our politically correct culture is any indication of how this situation will turn out, Patton will likely be terminated within months.  If Patton is reinstated, there will undoubtedly be protests on the USC campus assuming in-person learning resumes in the 2020 and 2021 academic years.

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