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Liberal Professor Admits She Pretended to be Black

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President Trump often refers to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” as she claims to be Native American in an effort to benefit from affirmative action.  It appears as though Elizabeth Warren is not the only liberal who poses as a racial minority in an attempt to bolster their career.  An African History professor at George Washington University, Jessica Krug, also known as Jess lam Bombera, recently admitted she lied about her race.  The admission was revealed in a post published to Medium earlier this week.

Liberal Lies Rear Their Ugly Heads

Krug admitted she posed as a black woman in an attempt to advance her career, make money and expand her professional network.  Krug stated all of her professional relationships are rooted in the soil of lies.  The truth is Krug is actually a white Jewish woman.  Krug assumed various identities in an attempt to benefit from affirmative action and boost her career arc. 

At first, Krug identified as North African black.  She then pivoted to blackness with roots in the United States and eventually considered herself to be Caribbean “Bronx Black”.  This is quite the epic streak of lies yet those who understand the liberal mindset should not be surprised by the fibs.  It seems as though lying is a pathology consistent with the liberal movement.  Instead of working hard, telling the truth and living a God-fearing life, many liberals take shortcuts by lying and cheating as evidenced by Krug’s admissions.

Krug Went as far as Faking Black Dialect

It is hard to believe Krug stooped to the level of faking an accent to be perceived as black.  However, that is exactly what she did when testifying in front of New York City’s city council this past summer.  Krug had quite the gumption using fake black dialect to criticize city council members, insisting they were “posing” for “sound bites” when that is exactly what Krug was doing herself – posing as an African when she is actually a white Jew from the heart of America.  The irony of the situation is astounding.

Why did Krug do It?

Krug explained her sins in the Medium piece as stemming from her own mental health problems.  She states several mental health experts convinced her that her false identification with blackness is the result of the trauma she endured during her childhood and teenage years.  However, it is particularly interesting that Krug noted her mental health issues do not justify or excuse her pathetic actions.

The Fallout of Krug’s Admission

It took merely a couple hours for Krug’s admission of posing as a black woman to go viral on social media.  The mainstream media, including Drudge Report, also picked up on Krug’s admission.  Some insist Krug is revealing the truth at this point in time in order to profit from the lies.  It is possible Krug will use her newfound fame to write a tell-all book that rakes in the cash.  It would be quite the egregious injustice if Krug were to make millions of dollars after posing as a black woman.  However, that just might be the end result of this twisted story.

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